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Ever thought the video material from your dashcam is not there just because your dashcam ran out of power?

Luckily, there are batteries that can make your dashcams work on an external power source!

A separate power source from your car’s battery can be provided by an external dash cam battery pack. 

The parking mode features on a car camera are the key reason why anyone would want to use a power bank.

Parking mode is intended for use when your car is stopped and switched off, since you won’t have access to a direct power source as you would if it were running.

We’ve checked, rated, and ranked all of the best Dash Cam Batteries, you’ll find the best choice in the following guide.

The Best Dash Cam Battery Packs On the Market

We prepared a list of the best dash cam batteries on today’s market.

Each one thoroughly described, we included their pros and cons and what to expect when you get a new dashcam battery.

1. Cellink NEO

Cellink NEO
  • INTEGRATED SMARTPHONE APP - Via Bluetooth, quickly see overall battery percentage, whether it’s charging or discharging, remaining battery life, and the time to fully charge
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE - 76.8Wh capacity to provide 24-48 hours of continuous power to your camera with a quick 45-minute to fully charge this battery (with hardwire connection)
  • COMPATIBLE WITH THINKWARE DASH CAMS - Specially made for compatibility with Thinkware dashcams to enable parking mode with motion detection
  • 2 INPUT OPTIONS - Choose whether you'd like to hardwire or charge using the cigarette adapter
  • BONUSES INCLUDED - Add-a-Fuses included for a cleaner installation (1x Mini, 1x ATO, 1x Micro2)

The Cellink NEO battery pack comes with a smartphone app that provides you with up-to-the-minute data, including how much energy your dash cam is drawing and how much power remains on the battery.

In addition, the Cellink NEO has bumped up its power supply over previous models.

It can now run a 1 channel dash cam for approximately 45 hours when fully charged.

It will record for about 25 hours if you add a rear cam.

VIOFO, Garmin, Rexing, APEMAN, Anker ROAV, KDLINKS, AUKEY, Vantrue, Street Guardian, and other dashcam brands use this battery bank.

The NEO can power your dash cam for up to 48 hours and takes about 45 minutes to fully charge.

If 48 hours isn’t enough, you can buy additional expansion battery packs that connect to the main NEO battery pack to significantly extend your dash cam’s parking mode time.

You can plug the power bank into your car’s cigarette adapter plug, which on most cars turns off when you turn your car off, and this will automatically charge the battery pack when your car is running. 

Alternatively, you can hardwire the Cellink NEO battery bank into your vehicle using the included hardwire kit.

This is actually quite simple, as all you’re doing is plugging a couple of wires into your fuse box and connecting a grounding wire to a metal screw.

Both installation methods will enable the battery pack to be self-sufficient and automatically recharge itself while your vehicle is running.


Charging Voltage/Current



6 in. x 6.7 in. x 1.5 in.

Charging Time

45 minutes (hardwire) or 80 minutes (cigarette plug)

Battery Capacity

76.8 Wh


2.8 pounds

Price $330


  • Long battery life.
  • Integrated smartphone app.
  • Excellent customer service and frequent updates
  • It provides a 32GB microSD card.


  • Expensive.
  • To use the LTE auto-upload, you must have an active data connection.

2. Blackvue B-124X Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack

Blackvue B-124X Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack
  • Extended Parking Mode - With the B124X, you get extended Parking Mode surveillance without ever drawing power from your vehicle's battery. The B124X is the best solution to get up to 20 hours of parking mode runtime, doubling the runtime of the previous-generations of BlackVue battery packs.
  • Fast Charging - The B124X charges when your engine is running and can reach a full charge in approximately 40 minutes when hardwired, (80 mins if connected to the cigarette lighter socket)
  • Free Bluetooth Battery Manager App - The B124X supports Bluetooth for compatibility with the free dedicated BlackVue Battery App, available on both iOS and Android. The app displays real-time battery stats like charge level, charge rate, discharge rate, etc.
  • Simple Plug-and-play or Hardwire - The B124X supports 2 chargings modes, including a simple plug-and-play via the car's cigarette lighter socket to give you the option to power your dash cam for parking mode without hardwiring it to the car battery.
  • BONUS - Circuit Tester included for FREE

This unit protects your car battery life while still giving you 24-hour motion detection, including night vision, every day.

It’s fast charging and compatible with trucks and cars.

You can eliminate the need to wire any unit into your fuse box by attaching the Power Magic Ultra or the Power Magic Pro to your dash cam and cigarette lighter.

BlackVue engineers created a smartphone app to provide details on how well your unit performs.

BlackVue dashcams such as the DR900S, DR750S, and DR590 have the best battery pack setup.

The B-124X is compatible with virtually any dash camera that has a cigarette adapter plugin, or you can use a cigarette to USB adapter.

With the B-124X’s built-in Bluetooth, you can view the latest charging status and see how much dashcam life you have on your smartphone.

You’ll need to download the free BlackVue Battery app for your iOS or Android phone or tablet t use this feature. 

The app will show you how charged the battery is, how long it will take to fully charge it, how long the dashcam will actually operate, and even the battery temperature.

As with any battery bank, make sure it’s located in a place where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight.

It’s also a safe idea to keep it secret from possible robbers’ eyes.

You can either plug the BlackVue battery pack into your car’s cigarette adapter socket to keep it charged, or you can hardwire it directly to your car’s fuse box.

When your car is running, both will charge the battery.


Charging Voltage/Current



6.1 in. x 6.7 in. x 1.55 in.

Charging Time

60 minutes (hardwire) or 100 minutes (cigarette plug)

Battery Capacity

84.5 Wh


3 pounds

Price $330


  • Simple or Hardwired installation.
  • Expanded capacity with optional Expansion Batteries.
  • USB Powered Output.


  • Weak durability.
  • Requires large capacity SD card.

3. BlackVue B-112 Power Magic Battery Pack

BlackVue B-112 Power Magic Battery Pack
  • Battery Pack for Parking Mode
  • 1-hour charge/12-hour operation
  • Capacity 3000mA/12.8V
  • Input 12V-24V Cigarette Lighter. Output 12V/1A, 2 USB
  • Operating Temperature: Charging Temperature: 0°C–45°C, Discharging Temperature: -20°C–60°C and Storage Temperature: -20°C–60°C

The best dash cam battery pack on a budget.

Not only can you power or charge your dashcam with its car cigarette adapter input, but you can also power or charge other electronics like your phone or GoPro.

This external dash cam battery does not need hardwiring into your vehicle.

Simply plug it into your car’s cigarette adapter, and it will automatically recharge the B-112 battery pack when your car is driving, ensuring that it is ready for when you park.

If you want to do it that way, you can use a hardwire kit to hardwire it into your car.

When you start your car, both of us have automatic charging.

It takes about an hour to fully charge this 3000mAH battery pack, and it gives your dashcam enough power to run for up to 12 hours.

Since each dashcam’s energy requirements differ, this estimate is based on the power consumption of the BlackVue DR650S-1CH dashcam.

The Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery in the BlackVue Power Magic has LED lights that signify charging status.

The device is charging when the red LED is lit, and it is completely charged when the green LED is lit.

White LEDs illuminate the battery meter.

Overall, this is a decent budget battery bank from a reputable dash cam company that can run almost any dashcam in parking mode to provide 24/7 video protection for your vehicle.


  • 1-hour charge/12-hour operation
  • Decent price.
  • Good operating temperatures.


  • Low durability.
  • Poor quality.

4. BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8

The PowerCell 8 is a little more expensive than others on our list, but we think the extra money may be worth it.

It gives about 25% more dash cam power than its competitors, yet it takes about 10 fewer minutes to charge.

Engineers designed a slimmer model than either the BlackVue or the Cellink so you can hide it underneath your car seat more easily.


Charging Voltage/Current



5.9 in. x 8 in. x 1.3 in.

Charging Time

50 minutes (hardwire) or 80 minutes (cigarette plug)

Battery Capacity

96 Wh


2.9 pounds

Price $400

All these models can power various dash cam units, including the Garmin dash cam mini and any Thinkware dash cams.

Another choice is the iVolt Mini battery pack – it just falls outside our top three.

What Are Dash Cam Battery Packs?

In this case, the question almost answers itself.

A dash cam battery pack is a standalone battery unit used to charge a dash cam.

Instead of wiring the dash cam to your car battery, a battery pack provides a dedicated, continuous power bank specifically to your dash cam – and nothing else.

They are built of lithium iron phosphate, a low-voltage rechargeable battery that provides a lot of safety and long life for a relatively small price.

Dash cam battery packs are particularly helpful for smaller cars or any with a small battery.

Small car batteries provide less power to a dash cam when the engine stops running.

This means the advanced parking mode setting will stop working after only an hour or two.

If your car is hit-and-run while parked on the street or someone tries to steal it, your fused dash cam may not get the video you need for protection.

A dash cam battery pack will continue recording for almost two days to provide the evidence you need should something happen to your vehicle.

How Do Dash Cam Battery Packs Work?

Dash cam battery packs are miniature power banks.

They store power during their charging phase, then release the stored energy into your dash cam when it is used.

Battery packs use an adapter to plug into a wall charger for a set time to activate the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) molecules.

Then, the charger is ready for use in your car.

Sophisticated electronic circuitry manages the charging and releasing phases.

Batteries are enclosed in a casing that allows a vehicles battery to use its natural heat to provide the charge to the dash cam without overheating the unit on either end.

Use the cord provided and plug one end into the dash cam and the other into the battery pack to bring your dash cam to life.

Plug the second cord into the external battery pack and cigarette lighter.

This provides a constant flow of energy between the dash cam and the dash cam battery pack while the engine is running.

This cycle happens again and again as the LiFePO4 battery is recharged.  

When Should You Use a Dash Cam Battery Pack?

We think you should consider replacing a hardwired dash cam with a battery pack for three reasons.

They are the extended use of parking mode recording, the extended use of your dash cam battery, and the ability to eliminate wear and tear on your car’s external battery.

Parking Mode

Without a doubt, the most important reason we believe you should transition to a dash cam battery pack is that it will provide your dash cam with enough power for up to 72 hours of video when your car Is parked.

When away for the weekend, this can be of great help.

Fused dash cams only provide about six to eight hours of recording in the advanced parking mode.

That may be fine when your car is in the parking lot at work or for overnight use.

But it won’t deliver the protection you need when away from your car for an extended period.

Extend Dash Cam Battery Life

The internal battery in your dash cam is protected longer with a dash cam battery pack.

This is because of the ability to plug it into the cigarette lighter.

While driving, the dash cam uses no energy because the flow of positive and negative electrons is in a constant cycle.

But when the vehicle battery stops, the cigarette lighter also stops working, and the external battery pack provides its stored energy for almost three days.

Save Wear and Tear on Car Battery

Likewise, a dash cam battery pack eliminates tapping into your car battery.

Any battery drain, even the trickle of a dash cam, can lessen its overall performance and life.

You don’t want a dead battery when you return after an extended absence.

Don’t tap into your fuse box and force your car’s external battery to run the car.

You should use a dash cam battery pack and eliminate any chance of your vehicles battery running low or dying altogether.

Dash Cam Battery Pack FAQs

Here are some of the most often asked questions concerning dash cam battery packs.

Do You Need a Battery Pack for a Dash Cam?

Most dash cams come with the ability to hardwire them into your vehicle’s battery.

So, from a practical standpoint, the answer is no.

We think fused dash cams come with a few quirks that battery packs solve.

These include more continuous power, less vehicle battery drain, longer dash cam internal battery lifespan, and parking mode efficiency.

How Long Do Dash Cam Battery Packs Last?

There are two ways to answer this question.

First, most battery packs are well equipped to last for at least 48 hours of parking footage on a full charge.

Some with extended battery packs can work without external power for up to 72 hours.

The second answer is the length of your battery pack’s lifespan.

Because of the LiFePO4 cells in the battery, we believe your dashcam battery pack will last for several years before replacement.

Do You Need a Dash Cam Battery Pack?

We think you do.

A dash cam battery pack provides a constant energy source to your dash cam while driving, plus up to 72 hours of recording when your vehicle is parked.

That is far superior to any hardwired dash cam battery park.

In addition, taking the dash cam off your car’s battery will extend its life as well.

It’s a win-win for your car and your dash cam.

Wrapping Up

Battery packs are becoming the go-to power source for dash cams.

They don’t drain your car’s battery or your dash cam’s internal battery. They also allow your dash cam to record for almost five times the amount of hardwired dash cams.

Any of the three dash cam battery packs we mention above will provide you with hours of video in case your vehicle is involved in an accident or burglary.

So, why not ditch your fused dash cam and buy a battery pack instead? We think it’s a worthy investment considering how important your car is to you.

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