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Dash Cam Footage Clears Driver Against Wrongful Allegations

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Just how important is having a dashcam? Viral footage from a YouTube user known as “TheBeardDontLie” showed just how useful the devices can be in a recent upload where he shares his tale of another driver falsely accusing him of causing an accident.

The video shows TheBeardDontLie pulling driving his truck and pulling behind a small silver car at a traffic light. At the time, both vehicles are waiting to make a turn and the silver car in front has their brake lights on. As the truck stops though, the silver car in front lets off their brakes and the car begins to roll backwards.

The truck honks its horn repeatedly, but the silver car continued to roll, eventually colliding with the truck. What seemed like a non-issue quickly escalates though as the driver in front starts shaking her fist at the truck’s driver, accusing them of hitting her.

As the driver of the truck exited his vehicle to talk, the woman in front claimed it was impossible for her car to even roll backwards as it was an automatic. TheBeardDontLie explains to the woman that he has dash cam footage, but she sticks to her story, now pointing out dents in her car that the truck allegedly couldn’t have made.

Once the truck’s driver pulls into a parking lot and shows the dash cam footage to the woman though, her story changed, and she admitted it was her fault. Since there was no damage to the truck, the drivers agreed to part.

The story doesn’t end there though, as while the truck’s driver was in a nearby Walgreens, another patron informed him that a lady (assumed to be the car’s driver) was taking pictures of the truck and its license plate.

A quick call to his insurance company though, allayed any wory. As long as he has his dash cam footage, they assured him, the other driver wouldn’t be able to pursue damages.

It’s been proven time and time again that a dash cam is worth the purchase. If you’re interested in picking one up, you can take a look at our picks for 2018’s best dash cams here.

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