Why You Need A Dash Cam For Your Rideshare Vehicle

The number of car owners installing a dash cam has been increasing over the past few years, especially among rideshare drivers working for companies like Uber and Lyft.

Why? It’s simply because of the many benefits offered by these devices, as well as the reduction in liability a dash cam provides.

Dash cams not only record a trip, they can also be used for a variety of reasons, one of which is for legal protection against lawsuits and insurance fraud.

Here are good reasons why having a dash cam is a must have, especially if you drive for any of the rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft.

Why Every Rideshare Driver Should Have a Dash Cam

1. Evidence of a Car Accident

One of the worst things that could happen to anyone is getting into an accident. The primary reason why a number of car owners install a dash cam is to find out who is responsible for the collision.

Your dash cam will provide investigators or insurance companies real-time and efficient proof in the event of an accident. After all, video evidence is practically indisputable and offers drivers an accurate account of events that occurred.

Should there be any trial, the liable party will likely be blatantly shown in the video captured by the dash cam. Just imagine all the emotional and financial stress battling with an insurance company without the recorded evidence a dash cam provides.

2. Way out of a Ticket

Being stopped by a law enforcer on the road and accused of a traffic violation can easily ruin someone’s day. However, tot all of these incidents are driver errors, therefore, installing a dash cam in the car can help the driver contest a ticket.

Moreover, installing a dash cam in your vehicle will save the driver from unnecessary heated arguments with an officer, if you were pulled over for something that wasn’t your fault. If this happens to you, the video evidence will get to even things out by proving him wrong.

More often than not, moving traffic violations will give you points on your driving record and strike you with high car insurance charges.

Thanks to this piece of car equipment, beating a ticket will prevent the motorist from paying a huge insurance surcharge if they are accused of something they didn’t do.

3. Deter Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is continuously becoming a problem for honest drivers. On one hand, there are drivers who intentionally cause car accidents and put the blame on others just to extort money. Also, they fake injuries so they can collect a large amount of insurance money from their insurance companies.

On the other hand, there are those people who will purposely run into an oncoming traffic. They don’t care if they will acquire a broken arm as long as they can get a fat insurance settlement.

Having a dash cam can record these scenarios and will help you and authorities catch the one who staged the “crash for cash” scheme. This will deter scammers from doing their thing by cheating good people out of their hard-earned money.

Don’t believe me? It happens more often than you would think:

4. Watch your Unattended Vehicle

Cars in a quiet parking lot or driveway could still be at risk for an accident, even if you think you’re parked in a safe place. Some vehicles are victimized by vandalism or get scraped by the car next to them, especially when you park in public places on the weekends.

A dash cam can record the incident and help find out who the culprit is. There are dash cams that can be set throughout the entire time without leaving the engine on, and can be activated by motion, and some models even have a G-Force sensor that can detect sudden changes including impacts with other vehicles.

Having a dash cam allows you to sleep well at night knowing your vehicle is being watched, even though you’re not there.

5. Solution for Road Bullies

Solution for Road Bullies | Eyes On The Road | Why You Need A Dash Cam For Your Vehicle
There will be instances when bad drivers hit the road forcing their way through busy traffic without a care.

These drivers are reckless, irresponsible, and can put lives in danger. Reckless maneuvering is a thing of concern for everyone and has to be dealt with immediately.

Dash cams installed on vehicles can help report these drivers to the authorities and have them pay for their wrongdoings. Report drunk drivers and incidents of road rage to make roads a safer place for everybody.

6. Have Useful Features

Nowadays, most dash cams do not only come with recording capabilities, but there’s a plethora of features and functions that can help the driver while out on the road.

There are cams that have a GPS Logger feature, which records the precise position, time, and speed of the car throughout the journey. Also, drivers can register their destinations onto a log file, so they can manage their trip without any trouble.

Others have motion sensors that can detect any movement going on around the vehicle and a night vision functionality for recording footage even under low lighting conditions. Some models also have wide angle lenses capable of 180 degrees field of view, which is pretty amazing.

The competition in the market will just drive companies to think of crazy features to add to their product.

7. Capture the Unexpected

There are a lot of things that can happen when you’re out on the road. Although the main reason for installing a dash cam is for your safety and legal protection, you can also capture countless surprising things. You may catch accidents involving other cars due to a whitetail darting out on the road or because of a sudden landslide.

There was this one incident where a Russian driver’s dash cam caught a meteor entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The video went viral and ended up having millions of views on Youtube. It’s like a CCTV camera that doesn’t stay in one place and has way better video quality.

My Take

We can’t restrict the importance of having dash cam to just capturing daily events on the road. It is a tool that can defend you against false insurance claims, reduce liablity and other legal disputes.

You can also catch road bullies, vandals, and be the key to their apprehension or perhaps, catch some footage of nail-biting and stunning phenomena that will make netizens hit the replay button over and over again.

There’s a myriad of reasons that make a dash cam a worthy investment for your vehicle. So what are you waiting for? Install one in your rideshare vehicle now!

Do you already own a dash cam? How is it working for you? Share your experiences or even your videos in the comments below! 

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