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Delaware Launches New More Secure Driver’s Licenses

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In an attempt to combat identity theft and attempts at forgery, the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles has unveiled a new, more secure driver’s license design for Delaware drivers.

The new driver’s license is part of an ongoing effort by state DMV officials to provide drivers with the latest technology in identification card security in order to deter would-be identity thieves or forgers.

Aside from the federally-mandated REAL ID gold star, the new design features the state’s Legislative Hall on the front of the license.

The building was built in 1933 across from the Old State House and serves as the state capital building.

The back includes a blue hen, the mascot for the University of Delaware and a symbol dating back to the fact that Delaware soldiers carried the birds with them to be used in cockfights for entertainment during the Revolutionary War.

Perfect for an official state document.

Secretary of Transportation Jennifer Cohan told the Dover Post that blue hens aside, the new driver’s license not only is a more secure form of identification but is also meant to instill pride in The First State:

This new card design contains state of the art security features that continue to make Delaware a leader in secure credential issuance. The new card design also contains features that are near and dear to the hearts of Delawareans like the First State flag and state seal. I am proud of and excited to launch the new card design and would like to thank the DMV team for all their hard work on its development.

Delaware Governor John Carney, meanwhile, says the new licenses “will ensure that our citizens are protected from fraud and replications of their identification cards in the future.”

The new card design goes into effect on June 4, while current card designs will remain valid until 2026.

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