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Didi Discounts: 5 Promo Codes and How To Claim Them

Need a DiDi discount code? Our guide talks about the promos the Chinese rideshare company puts out and how you can use them.

In the urban sprawls across the world, rideshare companies want to become a worthy option for getting around town.

Over in China, DiDi hopes to do more than just offer rideshares.

With the growing reach of this company, new and existing users want to find ways to make their rides cheaper with the service.

That’s why DiDi has put out so many offers and promo codes lately.

So, let’s look at what discount codes DiDi offers and how you can apply them to a new or existing account.

Does DiDi Offer Discounts?

DiDi has several ways they offer discounts for both a new user and an existing user.

Most of these discounts come in the form of a DiDi coupon code that the user applies to certain rides.

These codes also work on account-wide things, such as the next however many rides.

DiDi currently only operates in South Africa, Egypt, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and parts of Australia.

Unfortunately, places like New York and the rest of the United States won’t have access to these deals.

How Much Can You Save With a DiDi Discount?

Not all promo codes from DiDi are the same.

For example, one discount code could give small savings to a single ride, while other coupon codes will let you save massive amounts.

Here are some of the current categories you’ll see for the promo codes out there right now:

$50 Off

One of the big promos DiDi tends to run is releasing these large savings codes for rides in certain areas.

This code applies to both new and existing users for an area who, after entering the code, can save $50 on their next DiDi rideshare order.

25% Discounts

This code goes out for new users.

With this promo code, a new user can get 25% off their first five rides with DiDi.

However, this code only works once per account, and the user has to enter it when they set up their DiDi account.

$5 Off

This type of offer is the most common you’ll see from DiDi.

This promo comes in two forms: a redeemable $5 gift card for select brands when you book a ride or a $5 for a ride.

The second promo code usually goes out to new users, while anyone can claim the first promo.

DiDi Current Promo Codes

DiDi users can find DiDi discount codes all over the place.

However, here are some of the popular ones currently available:

  • FINDERDiDi: Once entered, this code gives four $5 credits to a rider in Australia
  • DiDiNINE: Another new customer code, this one provides $50 off the first ten rides.
  • RENMIN1: New users can also use this code to get a $5 coupon on their next ride.
  • TRYDiDi: Once again, for new users, this code gives 25% off the first five rides you order on DiDi.
  • Various Australian codes: There are codes for new users in Australian cities like Melbourne and Perth to receive $50 towards their account when they sign up for DiDi.

How to Apply a DiDi Promo Code

How you use a DiDi promo depends on the coupon code you get for the platform.

For example, promo codes for first-time users will have to be entered when you set up the account, while discount codes for rides are used when you book the rideshare.

However, if you want to use a code for an existing account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the DiDi app and look for the icon of three lines inside a white circle.
  2. Tap this icon, which is the Menu button, and look for the Promotions option.
  3. Tap the Promotions option.
  4. Enter the promo code inside the text field that comes up and press Enter.

Once done, you will add the coupon code to your account if it is valid.

Ensure that you enter the promo code as you see it, including any spaces or capital letters!

promo codes are case-sensitive, meaning that missing even one thing from the code will kick back an error instead of your savings.

Sites Where You Can Find DiDi Discounts

There are a lot of coupon sites out there that aggregate coupon codes together for folks.

However, some of these sites can be sketchy or harmful to your device.

So, we recommend you try out these sites to browse for DiDi promo codes:

Nine Coupons

Nine Coupons is the coupons section for the Nine.com website.

The website is partnered with the Global Savings Group, an organization dedicated to helping folks save money on digital purchases through their coupon aggregator service.

Nine Coupons focuses on the Australian market, making it a great place to search for codes for big cities like Melbourne and Perth.


To bring buyers and businesses together, CupoNation has programs they run that help businesses manage promotions for their services.

Then, CupoNation hosts those promos on their website and mobile app, making it easy for folks to find deals on the services they want to use.


As one of the classic coupon aggregators, HotDeals has a huge reach and offers a wide range of coupons for many brands.

Because it hosts many different coupon codes, HotDeals makes it an easy first stop for most online shoppers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions out there about DiDi and its promo codes:

Is DiDi free on Saturdays?

While it’s a common misconception, DiDi isn’t free on Saturdays.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, DiDi ran promo campaigns offering discounts on rideshares for Saturdays.

However, these promos usually partner with a local business or eatery.

Or, the promos applied to a single city instead of all their customers.

Is DiDi cheaper than Uber?

Overall, DiDi is cheaper than Uber, especially when you factor in promo codes for new users.

The standard fare for their rideshare orders runs lower than what Uber charges but doesn’t have the range of services and vehicle options that Uber is known to have.

Wrapping Up

Promo codes are how DiDi attracts new users and helps them get into using the service by heavily discounting the first few rides.

So while DiDi doesn’t have the range of service options older rideshare companies have, DiDi has a cheaper fare to make trekking across the city easier on your wallet.

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