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Divvy Bikes Chicago: 2023 Guide For Riders

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Have you been dying to visit Chicago?

We don’t blame you!

Head here in the summer to go for a walk, visit the sights, and rent a Divvy bike to cruise around one of the many parks.

What Are Divvy Bikes?

Divvy Bikes is a fast and reliable bikeshare company that offers bike rental in Chicago, Illinois.

Offering low-priced bikes that make it easy for you to quickly get to work or go sightseeing for the whole day, this fast and cheap bike rental method adds to user convenience.

Plus, Divvy Bikes make it possible to save money!

Avoid paying a hefty fee to purchase a high-quality racing bike from the local store or paying the exorbitant taxi fares.

Instead, this company can help Divvy bike riders save dozens of dollars per month.

Lastly, riding a bike is fun and great exercise.

Instead of sitting in a car on a beautiful sunny day, rent a Divvy bike to get around the city.

Is Divvy a legitimate company?

Divvy is a legitimate business that helps tourists and locals find the best way to see a different side of the city without worrying about purchasing their own bike, driving around in traffic, or walking on foot.

How does it work?

Divvy Bikes is an easy bike rental company similar to ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber.

By renting a bicycle, you can get from Point To Point B without worrying about fuel consumption, buying your own bike, or locking up the bike with your own equipment.

This new bike share system contains hundreds of bike stations across the city and in the surrounding area.

By providing a convenient – and healthy! – way to get around the city, you can see a new side of the city.

All you have to do is become an Annual Member or buy a day Pass from the Divvy kiosk or by downloading the Divvy App.

Next, unlock the bike using the QR code or member number from your Annual membership.

Ride the bike for as long as you want during the pass’ period.

Lastly, return the bike to any Divvy station.

What Cities Is A Divvy Bike Available?

Divvy is available in Chicago and Evanston, providing fun and reliable transportation.

Furthermore, Divvy works with Lyft to provide more bike sharing opportunities in other cities.

Lyft works with all of the largest bike-share systems in the U.S., operating in cities like Boston, New York City, Jersey City, Chicago, Columbus, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, and Portland, Oregon.

Divvy Bikes In Chicago

The Chicago Department of Transportation created divvy Bikes to encourage residents to get outside, cycle, and be healthy.

The funding came from governmental programs designed to reduce road traffic, lessen pollution, and simultaneously improve air quality.

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Where can I find Divvy Bikes in Chicago?

Divvy offers numerous stations throughout Chicago and Evanston in the local suburbs.

Users can click on ‘Find a Bike’ to see the local areas where Divvy stations and bikes are available to rent.

Users can enter a bike station name, street name, or address to see the available bikes and where they can dock a bike.

How much is a Divvy bike in Chicago?

Divvy Bike offers various pricing options, such as the Annual Membership, Day Pass, and Single Ride.

The annual membership is $9 per month for unlimited 45-minute rides, with the $108 billed upfront.

The Day Pass is $15 per day for unlimited 3-hour rides for 24 hours.

The Single Rie is $3.30 per trip for one trip up to 30 minutes long.

How much per minute?

If a user takes a single trip that costs $3.30 for up to 30 minutes, this breaks down to approximately $0.11 per minute.

The day pass of $15 for 3-hour rides for 24 hours breaks down to approximately $0.83 per minute for the 3-hour rides.

What Are The Perks Of Riding Divvy Bikes In Chicago?

There are numerous perks of riding Divvy Bikes in Chicago, not just for your mental, physical, and emotional health, but also for the environment.

Riding bikes can help society as a whole and help you reach a higher level of physical health that is otherwise hard with busy schedules, late nights at work, and early morning meetings.

The main perks of using Divvy Bikes include:

Less traffic 

Who wants to sit in traffic during morning rush hour?

No one!

Riding a Divvy bike to work instead of sitting in your car can help reduce traffic, making you on time for work, reducing road rage, and reducing road congestion.

Less pollution 

Sitting on the road in traffic means fumes are piling out of your car and into the environment.

Chicago can reduce pollution by reducing the number of cars on the road through Divvy Bikes, helping lessen the poisonous gasses emitted by constant idling.

Health is wealth 

The third benefit of using Divvy Bikes includes improving your mental and physical health.

Biking just for 10-15 minutes per day will help you get some cardiovascular workout and make you feel more energized throughout the day, but exercising can help your mental health by releasing serotonin and dopamine – ALL good things!

Save money 

Paying for public transportation or gas in your car tank every single day can add up quickly over time.

Instead of spending all of your hard-earned income just getting from Point A to Point B, the low-priced daily and Annual Membership of Divvy Bikes is extremely cost-effective.

Divvy for Everyone 

The last selling point of Divvy BIkes for Chicago residents is the Divvy For Everyone plan.

It doesn’t matter if you are making minimum wage or if you are a billionaire working in high-rise buildings – Divvy For Everyone makes it possible to pay for an annual membership for just around $5 for unlimited rides.

Fun places to ride an e-bike in Chicago

Fortunately for you, Divvy Bikes has numerous nations around Chicago and Evanston, making it possible to go on short or extremely-long Sunday morning rides.

Some of the best places to ride electric bikes in Chicago range from the city center’s winding streets or the more relaxing park trails scattered throughout one of the many green spaces in this metropolis.

We recommend the following places to ride an e-bike in Chicago:

  • North Branch Trail – Gompers Park is home to this 15.9-mile trail that follows the Chicago River, with most of the trail perfectly suitable for e-bike tires!
  • Major Taylor Trail – The Major Taylor Trail follows an on-street bike lane through the Ashburn neighborhood of Chicago.
  • Cal-Sag Trail – Winding along the Calumet River, the Cal-Sag Trail is a great trail for cyclists who want to enjoy a paved trail through the Whistler Woods Forest Preserve and Metra Heritage Corridor.

What’s the best app for travel in Chicago

There are numerous travel apps for Chicago, Illinois, that make being a tourist in this city a breeze.

If you are new to the Windy City or have been here before and have been dying to return, understanding the best apps can make it a fun and stress-free holiday.


Ventra is an excellent app for Chicago public transportation.

If you have been using Divvy Bikes during your holiday, but it is currently snow storming, using Ventra helps you find public transportation alternatives for your trip.

This app offers ticket prices, route options, and account balances to make buying and managing your tickets easy.


Lyft is one of the best rideshare services across the United States – and this holds true in Chicago.

Since Lyft is also a partner with Divvy BIkes, using this app is the most effective way to get from Point A to Point B by using a rideshare service or an electric bike.

SpotAngels – Have you rented a car for the day?

Find the cheapest parking spot possible using SpotAngels.

Why is traffic in Chicago so much worse in summer

Chicago is one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the entire country – and for a good reason!

During the summer months, kids are off school, and parents can take some time off work.

It’s no surprise that between the months of June and August, the tourism in The Windy City goes through the roof!

But why is Chicago so popular?

We can’t stress this enough – there is SO much to do here.

In Chicago, the best things to do include the Art Institute of Chicago, 350 Chicago Observation Deck, Oak Park, Lincoln Park, Lakefront Trail, North Lawndale, Hyde Park, Cloud Gate, Millennium Park, North Avenue Beach, Maggie Daley Park, and much more!

Since all of these are outdoor activities, summer is the best time to visit Chicago to enjoy a nice walk in the busy city, ride a Divvy bike in the park, and relax outside.

Why do people prefer biking in Chicago?

Bike riding in Chicago is sometimes the fastest and most enjoyable way to get to your destination.

Instead of sitting in traffic with all of the other tourists, you can cruise along on one of the many bike trails or bike lanes to have an enjoyable, fun, and stress-free way to get around without an accident.

Not sold yet on visiting Chicago?

Use Divvy Bikes to avoid traffic, get in some vacation exercise, and help the environment.

Not only will Divvy riders feel good physically, but they will feel good mentally.

Plus, Divvy Bike stations are everywhere, providing an affordable and convenient way to get around the Chicago Park District.

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