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Do Dash Cam Warning Stickers Work?

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If you own a dashcam, you have to be aware that it comes with its own legal requirements such as displaying a dashcam warning sticker.

However, you may be wondering “Do dash cam warning stickers work?” 

Most often dash cams are used to film a short movie, or for insurance reasons.

But, how much of that is legal, and can a warning sticker protect you from unwanted charges?

Here are some things worth knowing.

General Knowledge

Official information on the subject is somewhat difficult to come by with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) giving no direct information relating to dashcam warning stickers.

However, there is little doubt that the rules of CCTV apply to the use of data obtained by vehicle-mounted camera systems in the same way as those mounted to buildings and mobile devices.


The first distinction to make is that filmed footage must be recorded. 

Footage that is simply used as a maneuvering aid or reversing camera system which doesn’t record is not affected by the Data Protection Act (DPA).

In The Eyes Of The Law

Dashcams and dashcam systems whose footage is recorded using SD cards, hard disks, or the cloud are classed as CCTV systems in the eyes of the law.

The ICO states that images of people are covered by the Data Protection Act, and so is information about people which is derived from images – for example, vehicle registration numbers. 

Dashcam warning stickers are most often used by organizations and businesses that have multiple cameras and/or use sophisticated equipment.

The full plate dashcam warning stickers highlight to other drivers that you are recording them.

Dashcam warning stickers and law

Beware of dashcam warning stickers vehicle-mounted cameras do record video footage of people and vehicles and therefore are covered by the DPA but what does an operator need to do to ensure they comply with the act.

Warning stickers are covered in a separate section of the ICO site and are the easiest and most cost-effective method of compliance.

Why should you put a dashcam warning sticker?

Do dash cam warning stickers work: Warning Sticker

The ICO website says ‘The CCTV operator must let people know they are being recorded.

The signs must be visible and readable from all angles and should include the details of the organization operating the system if not obvious.

So, the ICO warns you to put a sign on your dashcam that says ‘This vehicle is equipped with a CCTV system’ and they mean it.

Operators should be aware that any footage or images recorded on a dashcam can be used against them. 

To avoid unintentional legal issues, it is best to review the rules regarding data sharing before publishing dashcam-related content online.

If your dashcam footage contains identifying details, you may be facing a potential lawsuit.

The penalties for not displaying stickers are unclear with no legal precedence available online. 

Some commentators state that footage recorded by cameras without the correct stickers could render the footage inadmissible which could lead to a police investigation and prosecution.

Our warning stickers let you state that where footage clearly shows a party is to blame for an incident the evidence will be admissible but the operator could be vulnerable to claims for infringing the Data Protection Act.

Dashcam warning stickers

Make sure to inform law enforcement that your vehicle is equipped with a dashcam by proudly displaying this sticker.

The dashcam warning stickers are just like normal stickers, and even there are some new see-through types of stickers.

With stickers, you have the opportunity to join the cause and be a part of the solution. 

When you let other (dangerous) drivers know you’re recording from your car with one of our clear stickers, they will not only be more aware of your surroundings but will also be more likely to slow down and drive carefully around you or park somewhere safe.

Types of stickers

The only difference is which side contains the adhesive:

  • Internal version: adhesive on top of text 
  • External version: adhesive on the bottom of the sticker

How to use

Dashcam warning stickers should be selected that have the sticky side on the top, so the sticker can be applied to the inside of your window for an extra clean look. 

These stickers are designed to face outward, through the glass, in a way that can be read by someone outside of your vehicle.

The external version can be mounted outside of the window and be readable by someone outside of the vehicle, or it can be mounted inside the window to be readable by someone inside the vehicle.


Installation is easy! 

Just don’t forget to clean the glass surface completely and let it dry before sticking it on your new dashcam warning sticker. 

The sticker has a backing that peels off in two halves, making the process simple. 

Using a credit card or other straight edge may be helpful to ensure you get a good seal when applying the sticker.

Do dash cam warning stickers work – Conclusion

The warning stickers are a great investment if you own a dashcam.

They can protect you from the law and probably save you a lot more money than they cost.

If you want to be protected and let your dashcam record all day then purchase a dashcam warning sticker for external or internal use.

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