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Does DoorDash Deliver To A Hotel Room?

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If you’re a DoorDash customer wondering to yourself, “Does DoorDash deliver to a hotel room?”, the answer is yes – but there are some things you need to know before placing your order.

In this article, we’ll explain what hotels are eligible for DoorDash delivery, and how to place an order with the service.

We’ll also touch on some of the limitations of using DoorDash at a hotel.

So whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, keep reading to learn more about using DoorDash at a hotel!

Ordering From DoorDash

Every day it becomes easier to get food delivered directly to you through DoorDash.

The company continues to expand and form partnerships with all kinds of restaurants, and it is increasingly popular to order food from DoorDash, no matter if you’re at home or out of town.

Will DoorDash Deliver to a Hotel Room?

As previously explained, DoorDash does deliver food items to hotels.

When making an order, just remember to include your hotel name and room number to eliminate the possibility of any complications.

There are also the additional options of meeting the driver in the lobby or having the driver drop your food off at the receptionist.

Is it Weird to Have Food Delivered to a Hotel?

Do not think that ordering food to your hotel is a weird occurrence.

There are many reasons to get food delivered to a hotel.

For example, sometimes the hotel’s dining room isn’t open during late hours when someone may be hungry, or you simply rather have something other than what the hotel offers.

On a large scale, ordering pizza to hotels, homes, businesses, etc., is quite normal.

Food is a vital part of the traveling experience for people on vacation.

This platform allows travelers to sample local restaurants and food items right from the comfort of their hotel room.

How Do I Know if DoorDash Can Deliver Food to My Hotel?

Knowing what the hotel provides its guests will help you discern the answer to this question.

Generally speaking, if a hotel offers room service or a dining facility, they typically don’t support ordering food from a third party.

You’ll find that some hotels will agree to deliveries, and others will allow deliveries if they have time or menu limitations in their dining facility.

In these situations, hotels won’t mind ordering from an outside source; inquire at the front desk.

Will DoorDash Delivery Anywhere?

DoorDash is an entity that operates in over 7,000 across the United States, Canada, Japan, and Australia.

To figure out if DoorDash is available in your area, open the app and enter the address you want the food delivered to in the search bar and choose “find restaurants.”

How DoorDash Hotel Room Delivery Works

The first step to complete when you’re looking to get food delivered directly to your hotel room is to check for restaurants that are nearby on DoorDash’s mobile app or official website.

Be sure to speak to the receptionist when checking in about food delivery.

You may have to get your order from the receptionist if they won’t allow the driver to deliver directly to your room. They should iron this beforehand.

Below is a guide to help you get food delivered to your hotel room seamlessly.

  • Open your app for DoorDash and choose a restaurant. Note: DoorDash customers get free delivery (no delivery fee) if you have a promo code or you become a DashPass member.
  • Choose the food you want and enter delivery details
  • Make the payment and click the order button

Please share the delivery ID with the bellboy or the people at the front desk as they won’t let just anyone enter, for safety purposes.

Keep in touch with the driver through the built-in messaging service to discuss specific details until the order is in your hands.

This is critical because sometimes the built-in GPS doesn’t function properly, so ensure that you have written the exact hotel name and address to alleviate any doubt about where the driver is going.

Therefore, if you come to meet them in the lobby or right outside, give the driver an indication about what you’re wearing so they can spot you quickly as they arrive.

It’s Hard Work for the Driver

Remember that food delivery isn’t an easy task, especially when delivering to a hotel.

It can be challenging to try to drive and look around simultaneously since they aren’t going to a house.

If you’re in an area that’s busy or has multiple hotels in one section, the driver has to find that hotel, look for a place to park and locate the customers.

This can be taxing and time-consuming, especially if it’s a busy night for the delivery driver.

Best Option: Meet Your Driver Outside

If you have already alerted the driver to what you’re wearing and you’re standing outside waiting, it makes their job much more manageable.

They won’t have to find a space to park, which could be far away because they can probably just stop at the curb to make the exchange.

It’s the difference between an interaction that might require a few minutes compared to much more time if they have to park and walk in to find you.

And in the instance that your hotel allows them to bring the food to your door, please tip the driver well for their patience and diligence.

If you can leave the hotel, another option is DoorDash pickup, which allows you to simply place an order ahead of time and then drive to the restaurant without having to wait for a delivery driver.

Food Delivery and Hotel Policies

Various hotels may have differing policies on outside food delivery, depending on where you are.

Below are some of the more prestigious institutions and their policies on receiving deliveries.

Can You Order Food to a Hilton Hotel?

Though the delivery drivers are not permitted to go to the guest’s rooms, you can go down to the lobby of the Hilton hotel to receive your food.

Can You Order Food to a Marriott Hotel?

Yes, Marriott hotels allow this as long as you meet the delivery driver in the lobby, you can order outside food and store it in the in-room refrigerator.

Can You Order Food to a Hotel in Vegas?

DoorDash is available in Las Vegas, and there are more than 65 restaurants in the Henderson, Nevada, and Las Vegas strip that service local hotels.

Can You Order Food to a Hotel at Disney Resorts?

DoorDash does have a delivery service available to Disney resorts.

The only stipulation is that you must meet the driver at the entrance.

There are numerous fast-food restaurants such as Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Popeyes, Chipotle, and more that you can order from at any time.

You can also get deliveries from fine dining establishments in the area.

Can You Order Outside Food to a 5-Star Hotel?

You can order food from external sources and get it delivered to five-star hotels, as long as you meet the delivery driver at the door or in the lobby.

They are almost certainly forbidden from entering the hotel floors if they are not guests.

However, policies can vary from hotel to hotel, so always check directly with the receptionist.

Tips for Having DoorDash Delivery To Your Hotel

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the best ways to treat your DoorDash delivery person.

vector graphic showing a DoorDash driver at the front desk of a hotel for the post does doordash deliver to a hotel

1. Consider the Driver

They try to keep themselves protected after many interactions every day, and we, in turn, receive a semblance of the luxuries we had before 2020.

Keep this in mind when you are asking will DoorDash deliver to hotel room.

Making things as smooth for the driver as possible is essential.

2. Tip Well

Drivers have tons of orders daily, and they have to go into many different types of areas to perform their job.

If the driver arrives promptly, it’s good to tip them well, as these types of jobs are dependent on tips.

The base pay is not that high, and thus, the tips can really make or break a long day of work for a DoorDash driver.

Be kind. Tip well.

3. Rate Well

High ratings are very beneficial to the driver, especially if they did an outstanding job with your order.

The ratings you leave for your experience help the driver keep their job (whether they’re eligible to continue dashing).

It also allows them to qualify for incentives and other special programs.

Final Thoughts

During this pandemic, a lot has changed for everyone.

The food delivery service from DoorDash is in high demand as everyone tries to adhere to the social distancing protocols.

Many hotels and other institutions have revised their policies on allowing food delivery to their place of business.

Please keep this in mind when you order food to your hotel so that you can make it easier for the driver and have a smooth transaction.

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