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Does GrubHub Take Cash? An Easy Guide to GrubHub Cash Payments

Does GrubHub take cash? Find out if you can pay with cash when you use this popular food delivery service, along with the payment types GrubHub accepts.

Modern technology has afforded us many great conveniences.

One of those is food delivery services.

These things once were restricted to limited areas, usually only large cities, but now thanks to companies like Grubhub, people all over, even in rural areas, can benefit.

It is incredibly wonderful to be able to use food delivery apps to make a quick order from a local restaurant and have the food brought to your home.

It can often be the saving grace at the end of a long day when the idea of cooking dinner exhausts you.

GrubHub is one of the top food delivery companies that can take away the hassle of getting food straight to your home.

If you are using the GrubHub app, you may see payment options, including credit cards, Paypal, and Apple Pay, but you may wonder, does GrubHub take cash?

Overview: Does Grubhub Take Cash?

According to the GrubHub website, the service does take cash payments in certain situations.

Select restaurant accounts may take cash, but it is up to the individual restaurant. GrubHub’s system can handle cash payment options if the business opts in for that service.

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How to Pay Cash with GrubHub

Paying with cash when you order food from GrubHub is pretty easy.

You will go through all the normal steps to place the food you want in your cart and check out.

On the screen where you choose your payment method, you should see “pay with cash” at the bottom if it is an available option for your selected restaurant.

If the option isn’t there, then the cash payment option isn’t available.

The payment screen is the only place that notes whether a place takes cash.

You will learn over time which restaurants, if any, in your zip code will accept cash.

Tips for Paying Cash on GrubHub

If you don’t want to mess with the trial and error of choosing food and checking out to see if a restaurant takes cash, then you can try reading the reviews for the restaurant.

Many times customers will say something about whether or not the place will take cash through GrubHub.

You probably won’t get very far if you ask a driver does GrubHub take cash because they likely do not know.

It isn’t a popular option.

It is also important to understand if the restaurant is not set up to take cash, your driver cannot pay for your order and let you reimburse them.

This is against GrubHub’s policies, so please do not request this from a driver.

First Quarter Finance explains you will usually have the best chance of finding cash-accepting places by looking at local businesses.

Most chain restaurants will not accept cash.

This includes popular fast-food options, such as McDonald’s.

If you wish to pay cash because you do not feel comfortable loading your credit or debit card information into the app, then you may consider using a GrubHub gift card instead of relying on finding a cash payment option.

Tipping in Cash

One thing to note is that you can always tip in cash.

You would just need to set the tip in the app to zero.

Be aware that doing this may delay your delivery order because the delivery driver can see the tip before picking it up.

Some GrubHub drivers will not pick up a low or zero tip order.

The majority of their earnings is the tips they receive.

There is no guarantee you will be able to get a driver to pick up an order with no tip showing.

There is no way to let them know you are giving a cash tip, so unless you are a regular customer, it could cause you issues getting your order.

Why Do Most Delivery Apps Not Take Cash?

vector graphic of food delivery services making deliveries like doordash, grubhub, and uber eats

If you check out other food popular food delivery services, you will likely not find cash as an acceptable form of payment.

Uber does not take cash, DoorDash does not take cash, nor does ridesharing services like Lyft take cash as payment.

Uber Eats, Postmates, or Doordash, which are also popular food delivery services, you will not likely find cash as an acceptable form of payment.

The reason why most of these services do not accept cash is because of the restaurants.

Restaurants do not want to deal with cash because there is a risk of people canceling the orders or scamming the restaurant that doesn’t come with other forms of payment.

It also complicates the transaction.

This is one of the major Grubhub complaints from customers.

If you pay with a credit card, it all happens on the app.

With cash, the driver has to collect the money, and then the delivery service has to figure out how to pay the restaurant and set up policies for how drivers should manage the cash payments.

In addition, carrying cash is dangerous for drivers.

If they were accepting a lot of cash orders, they would have to carry enough money to make change.

They would also be carrying around the money they collect.

In short, cash payments are a liability nobody wants to take on.

That is why most of these services will not accept cash.

You will find this is true even of other types of delivery services, such as Instagram.

Related: Food delivery that accepts cash – 8 services that allow this payment.

Other Forms of Payment Accepted by Grubhub

Keep in mind, when you place an order, the payment includes a variety of costs.

It not only pays for the food, but it also covers delivery fees and other fees GrubHub assesses.

If you pay cash, it could also impact your ability to get a discount, use promotions, or access other GrubHub offers.

So, it is a good idea to think of an alternative payment option besides cash.

The delivery service also accepts:

  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • GrubHub egift cards
  • Major credit cards
  • Debit cards

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some additional information related to the question: does GrubHub take cash?

These things may apply to your situation.

What other food delivery apps take cash as payment?

Doordash is the only other company that may take cash orders in the U.S.

It is not common, and it is only available in select locations.

You may also need to schedule it differently than other types of orders.

Uber Eats accepts cash, but only in a few foreign countries.

How does GrubHub cash value work?

Bustle explains cash value is part of the Perks program.

It is the total value of the savings available through the program.

It is not actual cash you have to spend.

The Perks program can help you to save money on various restaurants.

How does GrubHub cashback work?

Cashback through the platform is similar to cash value.

It is not money you actually get back.

However, unlike cash value, it is money you can spend on GrubHub.

Your cashback amount is money you earn from placing orders on the app.

You receive credits based on the amount you spend at $5 per every $50 spent.

You can use the credit on your next order.

Do be aware that these credits expire.

If you don’t use the money, you will lose it.

Wrapping Up

If you want a burger or a delicious meal but don’t want to drive to go get it, then GrubHub can be a great service for you.

You can have access to the best food in your area through this easy-to-use app.

While most people will pay with a credit card, such as American Express, or another pay service, such as Venmo, you may find some restaurants that will accept cash orders.

The process to pay with cash is as seamless as the other payment methods.

However, you should note it is not common to find the cash payment option on the app.

It only applies when a restaurant approves it.

You may need to ask does GrubHub take cash for this specific restaurant every time you go to place an order.

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