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Does Instacart Check ID? How It Works For Customers

Your thinking about ordering some wine through Instacart and are wondering, “Does Instacart check ID?” Read our article to find out.

Does Instacart check ID?

While most Instacart orders don’t require an ID, some do, including alcohol and prescription deliveries.

I’ve noticed a lot of confusion around this issue, including what qualifies as an ID and how to prove your identity, which is why I put together this quick guide.

Can You Order Alcohol Through Instacart?

First things first: Does Instacart deliver alcohol?

The answer is yes, you can order alcohol on Instacart, but it does depend on which city you are in and from which retailer you are ordering.

Where Can You Get Alcohol Delivered With Instacart?

The easiest way to check if alcohol delivery is available in your area is to open the Instacart app or log into the website, enter your address, and see whether an alcohol category shows up.

You may also enter search terms like “beer” or “whiskey.”

Instacart offers alcohol delivery in at least 26 states and Washington, DC, reaching three out of four Americans, according to a press release.

Those states include:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • New York
  • Georgia
  • New Jersey
  • California
  • And many others

Alcohol delivery from Instacart was first available in 2013.

It eventually expanded those services to more states, especially as lawmakers relaxed alcohol delivery laws during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Does Instacart Check ID?

Yes. Wherever alcohol delivery is available, Instacart requires the customer to present a valid ID upon delivery.

The Instacart delivery driver must check the customer’s ID to verify their age.

As per US law, customers under the age of 21 can not purchase alcohol.

How Does Instacart Verify Age for Alcohol?

Instacart uses a two-step process to verify the age of customers ordering alcohol.

It’s a streamlined process that is easy to figure out.

Enter Birth Date at Check Out

When you check out, Instacart may require you to enter your birth date if there are alcoholic beverages in your order.

Simply select your date of birth, including the year, month, and day.

Make sure it matches the ID you will use upon delivery.

ID Check

If there are alcoholic beverages in your order, the delivery driver can not simply leave the products at your doorstep.

Instead, you must be present for the delivery and present a valid ID, which the delivery driver will scan or check manually.

What Does Instacart Check ID For?

Alcohol isn’t the only thing Instacart checks IDs for.

Prescription orders and over-the-counter medicine orders also require a valid ID.


Regardless of your state, you can not order alcohol unless you are 21 or older, and you must have a valid ID to accept the order.

That includes beer, wine, whiskey, vodka, spirits, gin, and other alcoholic beverages.


Prescription refills are available in select markets.

If it’s available in your area, you must present a valid ID upon delivery.

If you order OTC drugs, you must also provide an ID.

You need to be at least 18 years old.

Do Instacart Shoppers Scan Your ID?

Yes. In most states, Instacart shoppers will scan your ID upon delivery to confirm your age.

Sometimes, the shopper can also manually enter your ID details into the app.

How Does Instacart Scan IDs?

Instacart shoppers will scan your ID upon delivery using the Instacart app.

All they need to do is scan the front and back of your ID.

Once the app accepts the scan and the shopper confirms that your face and names match, they can hand over your alcohol.

In some cases, except in California and for Costco and Walmart deliveries in any state, your Instacart shopper may be able to manually enter the details from your ID.

Will Instacart Accept Expired IDs?

In most cases, no.

However, Instacart will accept an expired ID if:

  • You live in Illinois; AND:
  • You are at least 35 years old, and your ID expired on or after March 1, 2020; OR
  • You are at least 65 years old, regardless of expiration date or state

This exception is a temporary measure, according to Instacart.

What Does Instacart Do If You Don’t Have an ID?

What if you don’t have an ID?

Let’s say you can’t find your ID or left it at a friend’s house.

Can you still order alcohol?

Deliver Anyway in the Select States

Regardless of your state, Instacart will never deliver alcohol unless you present a valid ID.

Unfortunately, Instacart can’t break any laws, and the law requires you to show an ID to purchase alcohol.

Deliver to 65 or Older

Even if you are over the age of 65 and obviously over 21 years old, Instacart can’t give you alcohol unless you have an ID (or at least an expired one, as mentioned above).

The Instacart app requires the shopper to scan your ID before it allows them to finish the order.

Won’t Sell It to You

In most cases, if you don’t present an ID, Instacart will cancel the alcohol part of the order and give you a refund.

The shopper will take the alcohol back to the store.

You will usually still have to pay the delivery fee and other fees (like the bottle deposit fee).

Does Instacart Take Passports?

Yes. Driver’s licenses and state-issued IDs are not the only forms of identification that Instacart accepts.

You can use your passport, but it must be a US passport.

Keep in mind that passports may be more difficult to scan than licenses.

You also can’t usually use a passport in California, though, and you can’t use it for Costco or Walmart orders in any state.

You can also use a military ID.

What if you only have a green card?

You can use it except:

  • For orders from Costco
  • For orders from Walmart
  • If you live in Missouri, Minnesota, Washington, or California

Can You Instacart Alcohol Underage?

No. If you are not 21 years or older, you can not order alcohol on Instacart.

Unfortunately, there is no way around that unless you get an older adult to make your order.

However, it wouldn’t be legal for an older adult to supply you with alcohol if you are a minor.

Can You Get Alcohol on Instacart With a Fake ID?

No. Since Instacart shoppers must scan your ID before dropping off the alcohol, fake IDs won’t usually work, as they won’t pass this verification test.

Some high-quality fakes may pass, but it’s not worth taking those chances.

Besides, using a fake ID to purchase alcohol is illegal and can land you in serious trouble.

Can I Use Someone Else’s License for Instacart?

The ID should match the name of the person placing the order.

In addition, the shopper must verify that the ID belongs to you, which they do by looking at the picture on the ID and verifying that it matches your face.

Therefore, using an ID that belongs to someone else won’t work.

Technically, someone else can make an order on their Instacart account for you if they are above 21 and have a valid ID to prove that.

The Instacart shopper will have no way of knowing they are buying it for you.

However, it is illegal in all states to supply alcohol to minors, and penalties can vary.

Wrapping It Up: Does Instacart Check ID?

Buying alcohol on Instacart is one of the best ways to enjoy a few beers at home or buy some wine for your stay-in date.

However, you must provide a valid ID for alcohol or prescription deliveries; if you don’t have the proper ID, you won’t be able to get your order.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!

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