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Does Uber Round Trip For Riders In 2023?

Are Uber round trip rides available for riders? Learn how to make a single request that includes a return trip and how much these unique rides cost.

Key Takeaways

  • Uber offers the ability for riders to add up to three stops for a round trip; not available with UberPool.
  • Drivers wait up to three minutes at each stop during a round trip, with extra waiting time incurring additional fees.
  • Round trip costs are the sum of individual segments, factoring in time, distance, and surge pricing.
  • This type of ride is suitable for quick errands, but less ideal for longer tasks due to waiting time limits.

Can You Order a Round Trip on Uber?

Yes, you can order a round trip on Uber by scheduling a multi-stop trip. Uber allows riders to add up to three stops, including the final destination, making a round trip possible.

However, this option requires at least UberX or UberXL, and UberPool does not accommodate multiple stops. Drivers are only required to wait three minutes at each stop, and additional waiting time incurs extra fees.

For short stops like package drop-offs, this is a practical solution, but it may not be ideal for longer errands like shopping. Riders can also add stops during the trip if needed.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

If you’re taking a round-trip Uber ride, I suggest immediately calling or messaging the driver after you’re matched to let them know you’d like to do so.

Some drivers may take the ride without an issue, but others might not be willing to wait. Be prepared for the possibility that the driver might decline the trip.

It is important to understand that drivers are paid very little for waiting time compared to driving time.

If a driver agrees to wait, it’s not because they make a lot more. They’re likely just being nice.

Oftentimes, drivers are on tight margins. Time is money for them, so don’t take it personally fi they decline. Just be polite and request another ride.

I’ve had good luck with round-trip rides by offering a cash tip upfront. I’ll let the driver know of my desire to take a round-trip ride, but that I’ll tip them to make it worth their while.

When the drier arrives, I’ll hand them the cash. They are usually very appreciative and are a bit more understanding because I’m also considering their needs – not just mine.

Make sure to keep your stop as brief as possible. Long wait times can be frustrating for drivers and may affect their willingness to accommodate such requests in the future.

How Much Does Uber Round Trip Cost?

The cost of an Uber round trip is determined by adding the fares for each leg of the journey.

To estimate the cost, input each segment of your round trip into Uber’s price estimator and sum them up.

Uber’s fare calculation considers the time and distance of the trip, along with any booking fees and potential surge pricing.

Multi-stop rides are priced similarly to one-way trips, factoring in the total estimated time and distance, along with any surge pricing.

Is a Round Trip Uber Cheaper Than a One-Way Or Multi-Stop Trip?

Booking separate one-way Uber rides is generally cheaper than a multi-stop trip, including a round trip.

This is because, in a multi-stop ride, you are charged for the time spent at each stop, typically limited to a three-minute wait per stop. If the wait time exceeds this, you incur additional charges.

For example, a round trip to pick up a package 10 minutes away would be two 10-minute rides (20 minutes total) if booked separately, but 23 minutes if booked as a multi-stop ride.

Therefore, riders must decide if the convenience of a multi-stop trip outweighs the potential extra cost compared to separate one-way trips.

How to Set up an Uber Round Trip

Uber makes it easy for riders to set up a multiple stop trip, no matter if you’re ready to go right now, planning ahead, or even already on the road. So let’s look at it step by step for every situation.

vector graphic showing a hand holding a phone running the uber app and the screen displaying an uber estimate

On-Demand: Before the Ride Starts

This option will probably be the most common.

Setting up a multi-stop trip is just a couple of extra clicks from reserving a typical Uber ride!

  1. Open your Uber app on your phone or another device.
  2. Tap the words “Where to?”
  3. Enter your first stop.
  4. Click the “+” sign next to your first stop to open a new line for your second stop.
  5. Enter your second stop. If needed, repeat step 4 to enter your third destination. Remember that Uber limits riders to three destinations in a single ride.
  6. Uber will calculate your estimated fare. Once everything is ready, go ahead and reserve!

Remember that you will need to set your final destination as your start point if you’re trying to set up a round trip.

The Uber app will not do that automatically, and neither will your driver.

During the Ride

You might run into a situation where you meant to schedule a trip with multiple stops but only put in your first destination.

If that happens to you, don’t worry!

You can still add stops to your Uber trip, even while you’re in the car.

The first thing you’ll want to do is confirm with your Uber driver that they’re okay with you adding a stop.

Most will be accommodating, but keep in mind that you’re adding extra time to their trip as well.

From there, it’s straightforward to add stops.

  1. Open your Uber app and go to your active ride.
  2. Look below your driver details to see another box with many options. The part you’re looking for is your current end destination.
  3. Click on “Add or Change.”
  4. You’ll see your end destination. If you need to add a destination, click on “+” and enter the new stop or stops. Remember, you can only have three total!
  5. Look at the ride and make sure that your stops are in the correct order. You can drag them around if not.
  6. Confirm the ride. The updates will be sent to your driver on their driver app. But, of course, it never hurts to let them know you’ve updated as well!

Remember that adding stops will lengthen the ride and make it more expensive.

The Uber app should give you updated costs before you confirm your changes.

Scheduling in Advance

If you’re someone who likes to plan ahead, Uber allows riders to schedule rides – including those with multiple stops – up to 30 days in advance.

  1. Open your Uber app.
  2. Tap on “Schedule” next to “Where to?” You might also see the word “Now.” You can click on that.
  3. Tap on “Set Pickup Time.” That will allow you to select your preferred date and 10-minute pickup window.
  4. Select your pickup destination. By default, Uber will select your current location. If you’re scheduling your pickup for somewhere else, enter that information.
  5. Enter your first stop.
  6. Click the “+” sign next to your first stop to open a new line for your second stop.
  7. Enter your second stop. If needed, repeat step 4 to enter your third destination. Remember that Uber limits riders to three destinations in a single ride.
  8. Uber will calculate your estimated fare. Once everything is ready, go ahead and reserve!

If you need to edit or cancel your future trip, go into the “Your Trips” menu.

Pros and Cons of Uber Round Trip

An Uber round trip can be beneficial, but it also has some drawbacks that you’ll want to consider.

Pros of Uber Round Trips

More convenient to schedule a single ride

Avoid waiting for a new Uber after each leg of your trip

Can add stops during your ride (up to three total)

Cons of Uber Round Trips

More expensive than booking new rides for each leg of your trip

You can’t use it with the Uber Pool option

Each stop needs to be three minutes, or you could either lose your driver or pay extra fees

Do Other Rideshare Apps Offer Round Trips?

vector graphic showing a lyft round trip in progress

Other rideshare apps, like Lyft, also offer round trips. Lyft’s approach to round trips is similar to Uber’s multi-stop trips but with some key differences.

Lyft drivers are instructed to wait up to 10 minutes at each stop, providing more flexibility. However, Lyft limits the number of stops to two per ride, compared to Uber’s three.

Additionally, many traditional taxi services offer round trips, though they may be more costly and lack the convenience of an app-based booking system like Uber’s.

Wrapping Up

While Uber doesn’t have a dedicated round trip option, its ability to book multiple stops on a single ride gives riders the same functionality.

Even though riders are limited a bit by short stop times and a limited number of stops, the ability to book the same driver for multiple stops definitely has its appeal.

Each situation will probably be a bit different for each rider.

If you just have one quick errand to do, booking a round trip with Uber will work well.

However, if you’re going out for the day, have multiple errands, or one longer-term thing to do, public transportation or separate Uber rides are a better option.

For riders, though, the flexibility Uber provides is excellent!

If you’re doing an Uber round trip for work and want to make sure you get reimbursed, learn how to find your Uber receipt for any trip in our guide.

5 thoughts on “Does Uber Round Trip For Riders In 2023?”

  1. For a round trip ride that only allows a 3 Minutes in and out can’t be done when your going to get a flu shot are for anything else 3 minutes can’t be done. You should re evaluate the 3 minutes and add a more reasonable time for a in and out round trip. For a customer’s are not able to drive due to partial blindness or other handicapped reasons. Thank you.

    • Why should your Uber driver have to sit there and wait for you though? That’s time that could be spent making money. 3 minutes is reasonable to me, otherwise you should be charged for using up somebody else’s time. It’s called being considerate.

    • That is right.
      Even if there is ab option to pay extra for waiting time,this round trip will be very convenient.
      I had to be picked up from hospital and driver left us there since it took little more then 3 min.
      Please UBER add this option to your trips.

  2. It would be far more convenient, and timely, if the UBER APP would be programed with a MENU when it opens. Subsequent to opening, the greeting and MENU would appear. This MENU would quickly list the functions/options availabilities … such as “ONE WAY” and “ROUND TRIP” for example. Once the rider has selected one of the two options, each subsequent page would open with quick ,and very easy, entries inputs. (Just a “follow the yellow brick road” procedure.) THE APP NEEDS REVISING for ultimate simplicity and understanding such that there would be no need for “studying” the app – and its’ functions – and any applicable appendages to any various function(s). Absolutely no need for a “Trial and Error” approach. In short, there should be absolutely no need for any confusions, and especially guessing, for the app, in general, or its various functions and options. Uber management needs to be far more aware of what a brand-new user – and rider … or driver – must know and do far prior to using any software. Anything else is an absurd waste of time and only creates options for app users resulting in frustrations and anger. This, of course, results in the potential Uber rider, or a new potential driver. to move to another means of operations/facility and transportations which are keenly more direct and simplified. Uber Operations needs to get right on this matter.

  3. Most drivers hate when you add a stop during the ride without asking them first, for many reasons:
    • They may be on their last ride of the day.
    • They may have accepted the ride based on wanting to do something close to your drop off location
    • They may have a scheduled ride coming up
    • They may have an appointment or obligation after your drop off
    • It may be a dangerous area to wait
    • There may be parking challenges while waiting, or require the driver to “circle the block” costing more in fuel, etc.
    • If they’ve accepted another ride already, that may be more profitable (for example a surge that began after your pickup but applied to the ride scheduled for after yours) or it may be a longer ride) when you add a stop, that scheduled ride is sent to another driver. If you add a stop on the way home for a quick pack of smokes or to pick up coffee on the way to work, your driver may accommodate your request without adding the stop in the app so they won’t lose the next trip.


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