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What Is The DoorDash Address And Office?

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DoorDash is one of the most well-known food delivery services on the market.

If you’re a customer, you’ll love it because it’s a convenient way to get food from your favorite local restaurants.

If you’re a DoorDash driver, known as a Dasher, you will also love it because it provides flexible work that can pay well.

That being said, there are occasions where you may find yourself needing to get the DoorDash address or contact the corporate office address directly.

We have gathered all of the information that you may need before getting the proper service that you deserve, so keep reading to learn more.

Does DoorDash Have an Office?

DoorDash has more than just one corporate office, simply because it is such a large company that serves people all around the globe.

In total, they have 148 office addresses in 9 countries: the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and India.

Where are the DoorDash Headquarters Located?

The main DoorDash Headquarters corporate office is located in San Francisco, California.

stock image showing the Golden Gate Bridge for the DoorDash address headquarters post on

It was originally started in Palo Alto, California, in 2013 by CEO Tony Xu along with co-founders and Stanford classmates Andy Fang and Stanley Tang.

Ever since then, the company has continued to expand.

Now, after nearly a decade, they have regional offices all over the world and are still growing as the food delivery industry continues to gain popularity.

What is the DoorDash Address?

Depending on your location and situation, you may only need to contact your local DoorDash corporate office instead of the main location in San Francisco.

There are over 100 DoorDash addresses worldwide, so there is almost always going to be one close to you.

If you’re in an area that DoorDash delivers to, you will also have access to an office with the resources to help resolve any potential issues.

What is the DoorDash Mailing Address?

The main DoorDash address belongs to the main headquarters in San Francisco.

The full mailing address is listed below.

Main DoorDash Address:

303 2nd St, Suite 800

San Francisco, CA 94107

The DoorDash address for the main Canadian corporate office is in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Their full mailing address is also listed below.

Vancouver DoorDash Address:

849 Beatty Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 2M6 

How to Find the Nearest DoorDash Office

If you require immediate customer, Dasher, or merchant service, the quickest way to contact an office directly would be to find the one that is in your area.

Thankfully, there are plenty of offices that should be able to easily accommodate your needs.

Keep reading below to find a list of all of the main US cities that have DoorDash corporate offices.

How Many DoorDash Offices Are There?

There are 148 DoorDash office locations, spread out across 9 countries.

DoorDash is globally recognized as a high-quality food delivery service app.

List of Main Cities in the US With DoorDash Offices

As mentioned above, San Francisco is the city where the main headquarters office is located.

However, there are also offices in each of the following US cities:

View all addresses

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Alexandria, Virginia
  • Arlington, Texas
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Aurora, Colorado
  • Austin, Texas
  • Avondale, Arizona
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
  • Bloomfield Township, Michigan
  • Bloomington, Minnesota
  • Boca Raton, Florida
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Broomfield, Colorado
  • Carlsbad, California
  • Carlstadt, New Jersey
  • Carrollton, Texas,
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Clovis, California
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Concord, California
  • Crestwood, Illinois
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Dayton, Ohio
  • Decatur, Georgia
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Downers Grove, Illinois
  • Draper, Utah
  • Edison, New Jersey
  • El Paso, Texas
  • Fairfield, Ohio
  • Fair Lawn, New Jersey
  • Federal Way, Washington
  • Ferndale, Michigan
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Fremont, California
  • Garden City, Idaho
  • Garland, Texas
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Hayward, California
  • Henrico, Virginia
  • Houston, Texas
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Irving, Texas
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Lenexa, Kansas
  • Lexington, Kentucky
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Los Gatos, California
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Mesa, Arizona
  • Miami, Florida
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Miramar, Florida
  • Mishawaka, Indiana
  • Mountain View, California
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Newport News, Virginia
  • New York City, New York
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • North Olmsted, Ohio
  • North Richland Hills, Texas
  • Orem, Utah
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Peoria, Arizona
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Plano, Texas
  • Pomona, California
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Providence, Rhode Island
  • Redwood City, California
  • Rochester, New York
  • Roseville, Michigan
  • Sacramento, California
  • Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • San Bernardino, California
  • San Carlos, California
  • San Diego, California
  • San Francisco, California
  • San Jose, California
  • Santa Fe Springs, California
  • Santa Monica, California
  • Schaumburg, Illinois
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania
  • Spring, Texas
  • Sterling Heights, Michigan
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Tacoma, Washington
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Tempe, Arizona
  • Torrance, California
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Tukwila, Washington
  • Urbandale, Iowa
  • Washington, District of Columbia
  • Webster, Texas
  • West Babylon, New York
  • West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Wichita, Kansas
  • Wyoming, Michigan

Why Get in Touch with DoorDash?

While using DoorDash is typically a user-friendly experience, issues may arise on occasion and may require more assistance than what can be done over the phone or internet.

If this is the case, then you need to find your area’s closest DoorDash address and contact them directly so that they can resolve any issues.

If your order is unable to be fulfilled, was delivered to the wrong address, or simply wasn’t delivered at all, DoorDash Support is always available to help.

vector graphic of a man holding a cell phone talking to a DoorDash customer support rep after calling the DoorDash phone number

List of DoorDash Office Services

Once you’ve found the contact information you need, you will need to let them know everything about your order and the issue.

Be sure to record your order number, restaurant name, and Dasher name (if given).

From there, they will investigate and find out what happened to cause the issue.

A refund or discount may be credited to your account if needed.

Contact Information for DoorDash

Thankfully, most situations aren’t as complicated as ones that require direct contact with a DoorDash corporate office.

Most issues can be resolved without contacting your nearest DoorDash corporate office.

Here are some alternative ways to contact DoorDash customer service.

Phone Number

Because DoorDash has offices all over the world, they also have multiple support lines.

The line for the United States is (855) 973-1040.

Canada has two support lines: (647) 957-7219 for English speakers and (855) 643-8439 for French speakers.

The Australian line is 1800-958-316.

The number for Germany is 032 2122 49120, and 81120-610-257 is the number for Japan.

How to Get in Touch with DoorDash

DoorDash has multiple ways to reach them, making it simple for those who need to resolve an issue.

The quickest and most efficient way to get support is through their help site.

Their online FAQ and chat feature can solve most simple problems without escalation.

They are also available to answer any questions via email at [email protected].

Wrapping Up

We hope that by reading this, you have found all of the information that you may need to solve your issues with DoorDash.

By having the DoorDash address ahead of time, you will be well equipped to get all of the help and support you may need while utilizing one of the world’s best food delivery service apps.

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  1. I wanted to get in contact with door dash management because 45,62 was took off my account and I was given the run around by a door dash representative claiming that the pending process was cancelled and that it was at fault with my bank when the refund process was never filed at all. So the funds was untraceable and not reflecting on my account and the representative was rude and lying to me about the whole process I definitely need someone to speak with about how they are keeping customers refunds and it’s not showing up on the bank statements at all I was placed on hold for almost an hour for the representative to come back and tell me that it was on my bank

  2. I have a suggestion for you. I have to print out Doordash receipts for tax purposes. It takes 2 sheets of paper because the amount charged is on the second page. You could save a lot of paper if you put the amount charged on page 1 or your receipts.


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