DoorDash Review: What Is This Food Delivery App? How Does It Work?

If you haven’t heard of DoorDash, in brief, it’s an app that lets anyone order food from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered within an hour. Similar to other food delivery services like Postmates, Grubhub, and Uber Eats, DoorDash provides customers with a slick interface, low prices, and fast deliveries.

Whether you want to deliver or you just want to dine, the app is available for both iPhone and Android. Simply download it and you’re ready to go. The app is also a great way to make money if you want to work as an independent contractor making deliveries.

In this DoorDash review, we’ll cover everything a delivery driver needs to know about the service, including:

Let’s dive right in.

How Does DoorDash Delivery Work?

DoorDash is a real-time logistics company where people can order the best food in town. Once a customer orders something in the app, the restaurant prepares the food, and the “Dasher” picks it up and delivers it to the customer. Dashers may also increase the quality of their customer service by voluntarily unpacking the order for the recipient.

Where Is DoorDash Available?

DoorDash is available in cities across the United States and Canada. Here are just a few of the places that customers can access the app:

  1. Chicago
  2. Dallas-Fort Worth
  3. San Francisco
  4. Boston
  5. Los Angeles
  6. Washington, D.C.
  7. San Diego
  8. Minneapolis
  9. Houston
  10. Denver

This is just a small selection of the cities where DoorDash is available. To see a full list, visit the DoorDash website.

Placing an Order Through the App

Download the app from the App Store, or Google Play for Android users. Once the app is launched, the home screen shows a long alphabetical list of restaurants.

DoorDash has multiple partnerships across the United States and Canada. If you have a specific place in mind, you can scroll to the restaurant name or simply use the search feature to locate it. Your restaurant of choice will provide a menu to choose from as well as specified quantities. After entering an order and checking out, the app will confirm the exact delivery address. It will also tell the customer how long it will take for the order to arrive.

Because the customer information is sourced directly from the restaurant, it’s vital that the customer enter the name, phone, and address accurately into the account. Clarity from the start will help eliminate problems later on and reduce instances where DoorDash can’t locate the customer.

Potential Delivery Earnings

On the delivery side, the driver app shows the minimum amount a delivery person will earn on an order. The entire tip goes to the Dasher, so there is always a potential for more earnings. However, in cases wherein the base pay plus the tip falls short of the minimum amount displayed on the app, DoorDash will cover the shortage. Either way, the Dasher gets the guaranteed minimum amount.

Drive Order Pick Up and Delivery

DoorDash Review: What Is This Food Delivery App? How Does It Work?

Once a Dasher wants to begin working, they can check their app for orders they can then claim. After a Dasher has claimed an order, the restaurant will prepare the order for the Dasher to pick up and deliver to the customer’s address.

For delivery issues, such as being unable to contact the customer, the driver should try to get in touch with the business administrator. If this alternative fails, the Dasher should contact DoorDash Support for further instructions.

How Are Dashers Paid for Deliveries?

Every order is an opportunity for Doordash and their Dashers to earn money. A percentage of the total amount of the order is charged to the restaurant for a fee, and a portion of that is the delivery fee, which is entirely given to the Dashers.

Dashers need to look into every aspect of the delivery like customer ratings, completion ratings, and acceptance ratings. Each of these is significant to boost the Dasher’s earnings and more importantly, to keep his job.

Customer satisfaction carries a major weight in every company. Dashers are the front liners in this delivery service, so they have to think as customers do. What would make the customer give higher ratings? Well, nobody wants their food to take too long to be delivered. That’s the worst. If there’s one thing Dashers should focus on to boost their tips and ratings, it’s speed of delivery.

Failing to complete a delivery is non-negotiable except for certain circumstances. Dashers must make sure deliveries are completed or this could mean their job. Completion rating has to be 100% or closer.

As for acceptance ratings, Dashers may sometimes choose the jobs they take for earning reasons. But they must see to it that there’s not too much difference on the deliveries they accept in relation to the number of jobs Doordash offers.

On-the-Job Expenses

All businesses need investments to be able to operate. In the case of Dashers, they need to set aside a budget for fuel, vehicle insurance, and car maintenance.

In order to determine how much Dashers are earning weekly or on a monthly basis, they need to keep track of expenditures too. This will let them know if they’re racking up more money than they’re spending for fuel and maintenance, or if it’s the other way around.

Expense tracking is also helpful for tax purposes. There are numerous apps for iOS and Android to help keep track of mileage and other expenses. Some of the best are MileIQ, Everlance, and Fuel Buddy.

Potential Earnings for Dashers

Learning the tricks of the trade may take some time for rookies. Dashers have a guarantee of $10 per hour. But as soon as they are able to manage more than two trips in an hour with an average of $5 per delivery plus tips, Dashers can maximize their earnings. That’s when they reach an hourly rate of $15 to $25.

Doordash Earning Tips

  • Take orders when it’s time for people to eat. Food orders are at its peak around one to two hours before lunchtime and dinnertime.
  • Know exactly where the customer’s address is before moving. This will minimize the risk of going the wrong route, which will take so much of the Dasher’s time, especially when caught in traffic.
  • Be picky when accepting orders and choose the large ones. The amount of the tip customers will give depends on how big the order is. However, do try to ease up a bit on being selective with the orders so as not to compromise the acceptance rate.

DoorDash Driver Requirements

1. 18 Years or Older and Access to a Vehicle

Just like most delivery and rideshare drivers, potential Dashers have to be 18 years or older to drive for DoorDash. Luckily, the restrictions stop there. Unlike other rideshare and delivery services, DoorDash has no vehicle requirements. If it’s a working vehicle, it qualifies. Car inspections are also unnecessary. Additionally, DoorDash also allows the use of motorcycles and scooters, and some cities even allow Dashers to use bicycles.

2. Driver Must Own a Smartphone (iPhone or Android)

DoorDash Review

While there are no vehicle requirements, drivers do need a smartphone and the DoorDash app to begin working. Doordash drivers have control of their own schedule and start each shift within their geographical area of assignment.

Once they begin working, drivers have the ability to communicate with the customer if a certain order is not available. They can also get in touch with the restaurant for alternative orders to offer the customer, making the entire process easy and transparent.

3. Valid Auto Insurance

In order for DoorDash coverage to apply, Dashers must have their own car insurance. The rule is any damage incurred by the driver’s vehicle in the event of a delivery is still the responsibility of his own car insurance company. Any insurance DoorDash provides only applies when the Dasher is in the line of duty and has already dealt with their own car insurance policy.

4. Social Security Number for Background Check and Driving Record

DoorDash will ask for a person’s Social Security number in application. The company wants to make sure their Dashers have a clean record, so a third party company looks into each applicant’s records. During this background check, they look for a history of reckless driving, DUI, theft, felonies, and violent crimes.

5. Completion of Orientation

Like any other company, it’s imperative for DoorDash drivers to undergo orientation before they start work. Depending on the city, Dashers will either have to complete an online or in-person orientation.

During this orientation, Dashers are familiarized with the app and possible work scenarios that may come up. The orientation also discusses the payment system and how to get support when needed. Insulated bags for food transport will be given after the one-hour session — then Dashers are good to go!

Here’s a video by LasVegasJay featuring his DoorDash review about his orientation day:

DoorDash In Sum

The bottom line is that DoorDash is a great app for both customers and drivers. With the app, customers can satisfy their cravings and order online from the comfort of their own homes.

At the same time, Dashers can get extra cash delivering food to customers. The mutual need for a unique quality service and job availability makes DoorDash perfect for both the customer and driver. Check out how to become a DoorDash driver in our complete guide.

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