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DoorDash Background Check 2023: Exactly What To Expect

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Do you wonder about everything involved with the DoorDash background check?

While you go through the required steps to gain Dasher status, it’s common to worry about the screening process.

It’s not often that you have anyone dig into all aspects of your background.

However, we’ll demystify all of it so you can go into the procedure feeling confident in your ability to earn money with the DoorDash delivery company.

What is a DoorDash Background Check?

A DoorDash background check is a screening process that looks into your background to find out if red flags pop up regarding your criminal history or driving record.

This is common of most delivery apps, and the DoorDash background check is nearly identical to a Postmates background check or a Lyft background check.

If you don’t have any major issues in those two areas, then you shouldn’t have any problems becoming a Dasher.

We say that because the only other requirements say that you must:

  • Own an Android or iPhone smartphone
  • Be 18 years old or above
  • Have a valid driver’s license

DoorDash takes the background of its independent contractors seriously.

They base their hiring decision on whether you can clear the check or not.

The company uses a third-party company called Checkr to conduct secure background checks into each potential delivery driver.

Checkr will ask you to provide legal consent so they can check your background.

If they don’t find any adverse issues, then you shouldn’t have any problems moving into the next phase of the hiring process.

They’ll notify you if any negative information shows up in the background check.

You can request a copy of your background report and check into why something from your past might prevent you from delivering food for DashDash.

What Does the Background Check Look For?

doordash background check illustration - hand holding a magnifying glass and looking at doordash driver applications on a clipboard

The screening procedure looks at the county and national criminal records system to see if major crimes exist in your past.

Checkr runs your name through the National Sex-Offender Registry, as well.

Any adverse action will show up inside the check even if you no longer live in the county or state where it happened.

The check also looks at the motor vehicle records database to check for items like DUI offenses.

They’re also checking for:

  • Stoplight tickets
  • Drug-related traffic violations
  • Accidents
  • Driving without insurance
  • Speeding tickets

Keep in mind that DoorDash periodically checks the background of all Dashers.

You must keep your record clean in all of these areas after you’re hired and working for the DoorDash app.

What Can Disqualify You During a Background Check?

Hopefully, your criminal and driving records come back clean so you can get to work.

These issues may disqualify you from driving for DoorDash:

  • A past DUI
  • Sexual offenses
  • Criminal history, such as felony convictions
  • Three or more moving violations
  • Drug or alcohol issues

Don’t forget that you can’t let any of these factors become problems after you’re hired.

Those moving violations might trip up some drivers if they’re not careful while driving for DoorDash.

How Far Back Does the Background Check Go?

Criminal record systems don’t limit how far back checks can go in the same way that credit reports do.

Criminal acts will show up even if they occurred decades ago.

DoorDash does limit the criminal background check to only seven years.

A felony conviction is an exception to this time limit.

They’re concerned about what that type of history might say about how safe it is to let you drive for the platform.

The DMV database checks go back only three years.

The exceptions to this are DUIs and drug-related offenses.

They go back seven years in these cases.

Completing a Background Check

There are two main aspects that pertain to getting the background check completed: providing the required documents and giving permission to have your history looked into.

Here’s all they need to complete the check:

  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • Full name

Once you give them this information and consent, the process begins.

How Long Does a DoorDash Background Check Take?

Make sure you fill out your DoorDash application correctly so that you’re set up for the fastest possible process.

Provide your full legal name as opposed to shortened versions of it.

Otherwise, you’re already asking for a longer wait on your application approval.

Typically, you should get an answer back within 3-10 business days.

Every situation is different.

For example, it might take longer if you have multiple addresses in your history.

Checkr must run different county searches and it takes more time to bring that data in.

The criminal history check sometimes takes a long time based on where you want to work as a DoorDash driver.

Different counties operate at varying speeds when it comes to handling background checks.

If you have a few items in criminal history, then the procedure slows down as well.

The speed at which the DMV check takes also varies based on which state you live in.

Some states speed through their motor vehicle database checks while others take longer than a week to produce results.

Pro tip: If you get put on the DoorDash waitlist, don’t panic.

This is normal, and simply means that either DoorDash is not currently accepting new drivers in your area, or they need additional time to approve your application.

Background Check Status

OK, you’ve filled out your application and you’re waiting anxiously waiting for an answer.

What follows are the various statuses your application goes through.

doordash background check status email screenshot

1.Complete Status

The first step is the complete status.

This might sound counterintuitive because you’d think that a “complete” mark would indicate a finished procedure.

However, Checkr uses the “complete” status as the indicator for when they receive the list of counties needed to check your criminal history.

2. Pending Status

Pending status indicates that the check is almost finished.

Checkr is waiting on the last pieces of information to come through that provide a yes or no on your application.

3. Clear Status

This status checkpoint is the positive news you’ve been waiting for.

It indicates your application approval and moves you into “live” Dasher account status.

The next step is to start driving and earn money.

4. Consider Status

This means your report came back with violations that indicate red flags to DoorDash.

You may have traffic issues from the DMV report that DoorDash needs to look into.

They’re considering your status and will decide to either approve you or reject your ability to work as a DoorDash driver.

5. Dispute Status

You can get your background check and look it over in detail during this status checkpoint.

DoorDash gives you 30 days to dispute any red flag information that you think came back in error.

How to Check Status of Your Background Check

This is simple. Checkr provides you what they call an Applicant Checkr Portal when you’re a United States resident.

It lets you enter your Social Security number, email address, phone number, and date of birth.

Click “Get status” and you’ll have your answer.

If you live in Canada, simply email Checkr at canadasuppor[email protected] and they’ll respond with your current status.

Alternatively, you can contact DoorDash customer service, but they likely won’t be of help due to the fact that they outsource the entire process to Checkr.

What Happens If I Get Disqualified?

screenshot of checkr portal for doordash background check

You’ll receive a copy of your background check along with the disqualification letter.

Check the information from the report immediately and look for errors.

Contact DoorDash if you find errors and start the dispute process to see if you can get the decision reversed.

Taking some preemptive action is one of the best ways to avoid getting disqualified during the DoorDash application process.

Here are some ideas to help you.

Remove Points from Your Driving Record

Most folks don’t know this is possible.

If you think you might have too many moving violations to get approved by DoorDash, then you can ask your DMV if you’re eligible to have points taken off your driving record.

They might have you go to one of their approved driver improvement schools and then remove points for you after completing the class.

Expunge a Past DUI from Your Driving Record

Contact the local DMV or your attorney and ask about the DUI expungement process.

Every situation is different and several factors play into whether this becomes a viable option for you.

However, you might get the DUI eliminated from your driving record before applying for DoorDash and easily pass the application check.

Check Your Background Independently First

Do you have doubts about whether past transgressions might stop you from passing DoorDash’s checks into your history?

Go ahead and do a little digging yourself and find out if those arrests, convictions, or traffic violations still show up in your records.

Pay a small fee and run your name through one of the online background services.

You might want to request records from corrections departments or courts, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s deal with a few FAQs that come up often around the DoorDash application process.

Can Felons Work for DoorDash?

It’s possible to drive for DoorDash with a felony in your past.

However, it’s something DoorDash looks at on a case-by-case basis.

If they spot a felony in your history, then your application goes into the “consider” status.

During this time, DoorDash will make a decision on whether to hire you based on the specifics, the time lapse since your conviction, and whether they can determine if they deem you reformed.

Can I do DoorDash Without a License?

Yes, you can.

Some cities allow you to work for DoorDash by walking or using a bike to make deliveries.

How do You Know if You Get Deactivated From DoorDash?

DoorDash notifies you by sending an email and showing an in-app notification if you’re ever deactivated from the platform.

These messages will state the reason for deactivation, along with instructions for how to appeal their decision.

How Can I Clear my Background Check?

The easiest way to clear the check is to have a DMV and criminal history devoid of red flags.

These red flags include felony convictions, sexual offenses, DUI convictions, drug and alcohol problems, or more than three moving violations.

Are you clear of these issues?

If so, then you shouldn’t have any trouble getting approved by DoorDash.

Does DoorDash do Random Background Checks After I Get Approved to Drive?

Yes, the company randomly checks the background of its drivers.

This means you need to stay clear of felony, DMV, drug and alcohol, domestic violence, or traffic violations if you want to continue delivering for the platform.

Wrapping Up


You’re now fully educated about the DoorDash background check process and what it takes to get approved on the platform.

Do you think your past is clear of any violations that might get your application denied?

If so, then start the application process immediately.

Have patience during the application check and get your vehicle an oil change so you’re ready to hit the ground running upon getting accepted.

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll hit “clear” status and see DoorDash’s welcome message and activation kit show up.

From there, enjoy making money as DoorDash’s next food delivery service driver!

5 thoughts on “DoorDash Background Check 2023: Exactly What To Expect”

  1. I thought you could walk and ride your bike to be a dash deliverer. How can I do that if I can’t get passed the the background check without a driver’s license which I don’t have… I have an ID that shows my age but I don’t have a valid driver’s license number. Also why isn’t there an option to walk or bike when they ask vehicle choice. This is frustrating and I hope someone could help. I was excited because this job seemed perfect and the add I saw said you can walk and deliver depending on the state.

  2. Today I was deactivated from DoorDash due to my background check but I have been delivering for them for over a year. I have a 4.97 customer rating. I have a 100% completion percentage. I have a 95% on-time delivery percentage. My background check has traffic violations from 2016. Today I have a clean driving record with no citations or cases open. What can I do?

  3. Criminal records not limited to 7 yrs and dmv records are not limited to last 3 years. The pulled a misdemeanor from more than 15 yrs ago and dmv 5+ yrs.

  4. Ya it’s crazy I have simple misdemeanors 2008 an owi 8 years ago an nothing since no criminal no driving violation one accident that was on me some hit me smh but can’t drive for door dash. But can background can pass any Federal an state to carry an to buy. Can work government jobs ya just wish door dash was more open to what they except an don’t expect cuz just down loading the app gives them permission to access your phone share data an so 200 trackers when I just download the app an good if I’m getting the job but if not you have all this information you can make money off of an I don’t have anything not a fair trade off. Just wish more companies and apps would be upfront an honest an 3 weeks of dealing with door dash an still don’t know if I got a job.


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