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DoorDash Bag: An Important Piece of Your Driver Gear

As a Dasher, you need to protect the food you’re delivering. You’ll need a DoorDash bag to maintain the food at the right temperature during delivery.

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As a delivery person driving for DoorDash, your job is to pick up food orders and bring them promptly to the customer.

Because you’re handling food, there are a few rules new Dashers need to become familiar with and follow for safety reasons, including storing the food in a DoorDash bag.

Read on to learn more about using an insulated food delivery bag for your DoorDash deliveries.

Why Is It Important to Use a DoorDash Bag?

One of the main reasons why you need a DoorDash bag is to handle food safely.

When the internal temperature of the food reaches 40°F to 140°F, bacteria can grow quickly and result in foodborne illnesses.

For cooked food, you need to maintain an internal temperature of at least 140°F for the food to be safe.

If you’re delivering cold or frozen food, the food temperature shouldn’t exceed 40°F.

Merchants who use DoorDash can require you to have a hot bag when you grab an order at pickup.

They can refuse to hand you the order if you don’t have an insulated bag since improper handling of food could be dangerous for the customer.

Plus, seeing that you’re delivering food in an insulated bag will make customers feel safer.

DoorDash has some additional policies to follow during COVID-19 that emphasize that Dashers shouldn’t open food containers or tamper with the food.

Seeing the food stored in a zipped and insulated bag will make customers feel safer.

It’s one of the things that can contribute to getting a five-star rating.

Using a hot bag is also convenient because it helps protect the food in transit.

You can easily store the food flat inside of the bag and can secure the hot bag with a seatbelt in your vehicle.

Types of DoorDash Bags

Your DoorDash customers do not want cold food.

A DoorDash bag is a way to avoid this and get better cash tips.

DoorDash bags, or hot bags, are insulated bags.

These types of bags are pretty standard in the industry, and are what Uber Eats bags are as well.

You can use any hot bag you want as long as it protects the food.

There are different types of insulated bags you can use for delivering food with DoorDash:

  • Insulated tote bags. These bags are ideal for novice Dashers since they’re inexpensive. You can get started with Dashing without investing in more expensive gear and decide if the gig is right for you before investing in a more durable insulated bag.
  • Pizza bag. Because of their size and shape, pizza boxes don’t always fit into traditional insulated bags. Pizza bags are a convenient option since they can fit large pizza boxes and keep pizzas flat while you drive. Plus, you can fit multiple pizza boxes in the same bag to carry large orders easily.
  • Biker bag. If you’re delivering food on a bike, you’ll need a special insulated bag that you can either carry on your back or secure to your bike.
  • Catering bag. You can invest in large insulated bags to easily carry large catering orders.
    Insulated grocery bags. These large rectangular bags usually have features like reinforced sides. They’re affordable and versatile.

How to Use a DoorDash Bag for Food Transportation

As a Dasher, your job duties include making sure that the food reaches its destination safely.

Using a DoorDash bag properly will help you protect the food during the delivery process.

Here is how you should use your insulated bag:

  • Bring your DoorDash bag with you when you pick up food from a restaurant.
  • Either hold the bag open for the restaurant employee to place the order inside or immediately put the order inside of the insulated bag.
  • Zip up your insulated bag.
  • Place it in the passenger seat of your vehicle and use the seatbelt to secure it. If you’re dashing on a bike, attach the insulated bag to your bike or carry it on your back.
  • Don’t open the insulated bag until you’re ready to deliver the food to the customer. Open the bag in front of the customer and hand them the food.
  • Keep paper towels in your vehicle so you can wipe the inside of your insulated bag since condensation can build up inside the bag.
  • Use a household cleaner to wipe the inside and outside of the bag at the end of your shift.

The Best Places to Buy DoorDash Bags

You can purchase insulated bags from DoorDash via the DoorDash Store.

Carrying an insulated bag with the DoorDash logo on it will make a professional impression, but keep in mind that you don’t have to use branded insulated bags.

You can shop around for insulated bags and purchase one on Amazon.

You’ll find a wide selection of food delivery bags and can shop around to compare prices.

Restaurant supply stores are another option to consider.

These stores carry high-quality insulated bags for food delivery, and you can invest in durable gear if you’re serious about Dashing.

The Three Best DoorDash Bags on the Market Today

These three food delivery bags are ideal for keeping food at the right temperature and protecting your pick-up orders.

Read on to find more about features, pros, and cons to decide if one of these might be the right bag for you.

1. Himal Outdoors Insulated Food Delivery Bag

himal insulated doordash bag

We recommend this insulated food delivery bag because you’ll get plenty of room, thanks to the 23x15x40” dimensions.

The bag features an internal 600D liner.

This liner is water-repellent and waterproof to prevent leaks.

It does an excellent job of keeping food hot or cold for hours, which is ideal for Dashers who work in busy cities and often get stuck in traffic.

You can collapse this bag to save room when you’re not transporting food.

We like the sturdy zipper and durable stitches.

You’ll find some carrying handles and reinforced panels for transporting heavy items.


  • Affordable insulated bag
  • Waterproof 600D lining
  • Reliable zipper and stitches
  • Collapsible design


  • Might be too large for small orders
  • Not easy to fit pizza boxes due to the shape of the bag

2. Thermal Food Delivery Backpack

thermal food delivery backpack doordash bag

This food delivery backpack is one of the most versatile options available.

You can carry this backpack while riding your bike or secure it in your vehicle with a seatbelt.

There is even a reflective strip to keep you safe while riding your bike.

The large capacity of 36 liters allows you to transport any DoorDash order.

There is a large rectangular compartment where you can stack food containers and two side pockets that can fit 32 oz cups.

The side compartments are a nice touch for coffee orders!

The construction of this backpack makes it an excellent investment.

There is a durable 600D fabric exterior, a layer of foam insulation, and an aluminum foil foam liner inside the backpack.


  • Versatile food delivery bag
  • Several layers of insulation
  • Side compartments for cups
  • Comfortable straps


  • Can be challenging to keep food flat since you have to stack containers in the backpack
  • Carrying this large backpack on your back can feel awkward

3. YUOIOYU Insulated Food Delivery Bag

YUOIOYU DoorDash Bag

This sturdy food delivery bag has an impressive capacity of up to 80 liters.

You can use it to carry 50 lbs of food so it will easily handle larger orders.

This bag fits pizza boxes, and you’ll have plenty of room to fit more food on top of the pizza boxes.

We like the reinforced straps with durable stitching and the soft plastic handles.

The exterior of the bag uses 600D Oxford cloth to make the bag waterproof.

You’ll find a layer of EPE and aluminum foil for insulation inside the bag.

This insulated bag truly shines when it comes to delivering coffee or drinks because there are four cup holders on the side.


  • 80-liter capacity
  • Reinforced straps
  • EPE and aluminum insulation
  • Four cup holders


  • Cup holders get in the way of collapsing the bag completely

Wrapping Up

A DoorDash bag is an essential item you should have when delivering food.

Using an insulated bag is the best way to prevent foodborne illnesses.

Besides, it helps you protect the food while you transport it and provide food that is still hot, which is ideal for your DoorDash rating.

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