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DoorDash Customer Ratings: Critical Information For Drivers

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Are you a DoorDash driver?

Do you want to get the essential benefits of being a Top Dasher?

Do you want greater access to high-value orders you can deliver quickly?

Do you want to perform food delivery services anytime you want without needing to stick to a schedule?

If so, getting great DoorDash customer ratings is vital to participating in the Top Dasher program.

You’ll need to get at least 4.7 out of 5 points to maintain this status or reach it for a month of deliveries.

In this overview, you will learn all about the DoorDash driver ratings, including the minimum amount required, the outcomes of good and bad reviews, and how to improve your customer service.

Now, let’s get started!

What Are DoorDash Customer Ratings?

A DoorDash customer rating shows the performance of a food delivery driver.

These ratings often place more emphasis on recent deliveries than ones performed a long time ago.

Customers rate the work you do as a food delivery driver from 1 to 5.

DoorDash bases the ratings on the latest 100 deliveries and ratings that customers have submitted.

Essentially, new Dashers can replace their old scores by gaining more experience and improving their customer service.

When Do You Get DoorDash Customer Ratings?

A DoorDash review or rating is posted once the customer leaves the review.

Usually, this happens soon after a customer receives their food delivery.

However, sometimes, a customer may take several hours or days before leaving a rating for a DoorDash Dasher.

Customers usually receive a prompt from the DoorDash food delivery app to leave a review about 15 minutes after getting their meal.

Make sure your customer ratings are at least 4.2 to maintain your status and continue working on the DoorDash platform.

What’s the Minimum DoorDash Customer Rating?

Customer ratings range from 1 to 5 on DoorDash.

As such, the lowest rating you can get on DoorDash as a delivery driver is 1.

However, DoorDash does remove customer reviews below 5 points in certain circumstances that are beyond the control of the DoorDash delivery driver.

These circumstances include:

  • Wait times beyond 10 minutes at restaurants
  • Missing items with sealed food delivery bags
  • When delivery is already expected to be 15 minutes late once the delivery worker accepted
  • Weather conditions making delivery difficult
  • System-wide outages on the DoorDash delivery app

Minimum Required

The minimum DoorDash customer rating that a delivery driver needs to maintain to stay active on the platform is 4.2 out of 5 points.

Any Dashers whose consumer rating falls below 4.2 or whose delivery completion rate dips below 80 percent may get deactivated from the DoorDash platform once they’ve completed at least 20 orders.

What Happens When You Get Good Ratings?

The top ratings among Dashers on the food delivery service platform can provide them with specific benefits.

For example, the Top Dasher program provides a delivery person with the ability to deliver food whenever they want to without sticking to a certain work schedule.

If you’re not a top-rated Dasher, then you may have to work specific hours, such as 5 PM to 10 PM in the evenings without the ability to take a significant break.

Top Dasher Program

To participate in the Top Dasher program, you will need to have some of the best customer ratings with an average score of 4.7 or higher out of 5 points.

You also need an acceptance rate of 70 percent or more as well as a completion rate of at least 95 percent.

You also need to complete 100 deliveries in the past month and at least 200 deliveries from the moment you started working as a Dasher.

The main advantages of participating in the Top Dasher program include:

  • Delivering food anytime you want and anywhere you want
  • Receiving priority over other Dashers
  • First dibs for high-value or more expensive orders
  • Having a badge next to your name to appear better than other Dashers (boosts standing among consumers)

What Happens When You Get Bad Ratings?

vector graphic showing an illustration of doordash customer ratings

If you get a few bad ratings, you can overcome them with more great ratings.

Your overall DoorDash customer ratings depend on the last 100 deliveries you’ve made.

So, if you had some bad ratings early on, then you can get rid of them if you do a better job on the next 100 orders.

You should also realize that DoorDash will remove some ratings below 5 stars as long as they are out of your control.

So, if a snowstorm made it impossible for you to deliver on time, DoorDash will remove the low rating.


If you have delivered at least 20 orders on the DoorDash platform and your consumer rating is below 4.2 or the completion rate drops below 80 percent, you may end up getting deactivated on the DoorDash platform.

When you get deactivated, you will get an email and an app alert. You can try to appeal a deactivation.

Otherwise, it will remain permanent.

Can You Fight DoorDash Customer Ratings?

DoorDash customer ratings won’t always be as high as you’d like.

Imagine what happens when a customer is starving, orders food on the app, and ends up waiting more than an hour for their food.

The customer won’t just be hungry but will get angry and upset. This can lead to a poor rating.

However, if you aren’t responsible for late delivery, such as if the restaurant took too long to give you the order, then you can fight the negative customer rating.

How to Fight Unfair DoorDash Ratings

You can contact customer service through DoorDash or get in touch with the human resources department for the company.

If you also received poor ratings that led your account to become deactivated, then you can appeal the process.

You’ll want to add photography or video to make your appeal more successful.

Complete the appeal form as soon as you can while you still remember everything.

How to Check Your DoorDash Customer Ratings

You can also check your DoorDash customer reviews on the food delivery app.

The DoorDash app is available on iOS and Android devices through the app stores.

It’s really easy to view your customer ratings.

Follow the four simple steps below.

vector graphic showing a hand holding a phone and in the process of leaving doordash customer ratings

Step by Step Instructions

To check your customer ratings on DoorDash, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the DoorDash driver app on your smartphone or iPad device
  2. Now, click the “Review” or “Ratings” option
  3. View the customer feedback and detailed figures about your delivery statistics
  4. Check out tips from other Dashers and certain customer feedback information to improve your customer ratings in the future

How to Improve Your DoorDash Customer Ratings

There are numerous ways to boost your DoorDash customer ratings, such as remaining professional and maintaining a presentable outfit.

You should also communicate politely with customers.

Also, check the order to make sure the restaurant workers included everything.

Some other tips include:

  • Being on time
  • Maintaining a friendly demeanor
  • Taking good care of the food items
  • Following delivery instructions

Be on Time

When delivering food to customers, make sure the items get to the destination on time.

Customers give better reviews and ratings when you deliver the food on time or early.

As such, you might want to avoid taking orders that are already running late.


You’ll need to communicate politely with the customers when you have a question about their location or to let them know when you left the restaurant.

You’ll need to communicate carefully to ensure you never unintentionally offend a customer.

Be Friendly

Maintain a friendly demeanor both in your app messages, calls, and upon making the final food delivery.

Ask if the restaurant added everything the customer ordered.

Furthermore, if the customer asked for a no-contact delivery, make sure to only communicate through the app and not in person.

Take Care of the Items

When delivering food through DoorDash, make sure to take good care of the items.

If you’re delivering a drink, ensure that nothing spills.

Avoid long-distance deliveries, so that the food doesn’t get cold during the drive.

You also don’t want milkshakes or ice cream to melt, so keep your car air-conditioned on hot summer days.

Follow Delivery Instructions

You’ll need to pay attention to the delivery instructions customers leave in the DoorDash app.

The customers may tell you exactly where to leave the food or how to drive into a gated community.

By following these directions, you should deliver the order on time.

Before You Go

Now that you’ve read through the information above, you should know exactly where to keep your DoorDash customer ratings to maintain good standing and even reach the Top Dasher status.

If your ratings have declined, follow these tips to improve your customer reviews.

Before you know it, you will gain the benefits of Top Dasher and get first dibs on high-value orders.

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