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DoorDash Driver Customer Service: 3 Fast Ways To Get Help

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If you’re a DoorDash driver or ‘Dasher’, you probably know about the DoorDash driver customer service.

But if you don’t, this is your time to learn!

Like DoorDash customers, sometimes DoorDash drivers need help.

The best way to get help is to contact the company support team.

They can answer your questions and help you complete deliveries from restaurants.

For more information on DoorDash driver customer service and how to contact them, check out the detailed sections below that will guide you.

Does DoorDash Have Separate Customer Service for Drivers?

DoorDash has a separate customer service and support team for their drivers.

Sometimes drivers run into issues with orders, local businesses, their paychecks, and more.

For these instances, there are ways you can contact a company customer service representative designated to help drivers, not the customers ordering food.

If drivers had to call or contact the main customer service number or email, they would have to wait much longer for a response from the business.

But with DoorDash driver customer service, the response times are shorter, so they can support their delivery team.

If you’re a DoorDash driver, it’s a good idea to know the different methods of getting in touch with a service agent who can help you with a delivery.

Continue reading to learn the reasons why you would contact DoorDash customer service for delivery and the different ways you can do so.

How to Contact DoorDash Driver Customer Service

There are a few different ways to contact DoorDash customer service if you’re a driver that needs help with a food order.

Have your store name, customer name, and delivery partner ID ready in advance to help streamline the process.

Below are three fast ways to get help as a DoorDash worker.

So save these phone numbers, emails, and links so you can get in touch with a service agent ASAP when something goes wrong.

vector graphic showing a doordash driver looking confused and on the phone with doordash driver customer service

Online Chat

DoorDash offers 24/7 driver support via their online chat feature.

To find this chat feature, go to their driver support page, and open the chat box in the bottom right corner of your screen.

You can do this from your phone or computer.

Enter your account and personal information so the representative can help determine the order you need help with.

Then, you can type your problem into the messaging box and receive a speedy reply.


You can get driver customer service or assistance by emailing their designated inbox for helping drivers.

The email is [email protected].

The email is best used for non-urgent matters, as they may not get back to you for up to 24 hours.

Although their response time is usually much better than that, getting back to you within three hours, calling the phone number below, or utilizing the chat feature that is on demand will likely get you help faster.

If you’re a driver delivering a massive fulfillment order or catering delivery service, you should reach out to  [email protected] for assistance.

Phone Number

DoorDash has three phone numbers for drivers that need assistance.

The main one is for non-urgent matters.

The number is (855) 431-0459.

You may have to wait longer to get on the phone with an agent, but this line is open 24/7.

You may call (855) 973-1040 if you need help with an order or customer issue immediately.

DoorDash does have a phone number for its drivers that need immediate help.

They suggest you only call the phone number for urgent matters about restaurants, companies, or deliveries.

If you deliver catering orders or large fulfillments and have urgent and immediate issues, you can call DoorDash for help and information at (855) 811-7299.

This line is designated for catering or large fulfillment orders and will not be able to help drivers deliver standard orders.

What Can You Contact DoorDash Driver Customer Service About?

Before you call the DoorDash driver customer service number, you should know what kind of problems they can help you with.

Below are the four most common reasons drivers call the customer service line.

So if you experience any of these problems, you should contact Doordash driver customer service.

Keep in mind that there are other rare reasons to contact them, but you will likely need help with one of these four issues.

1. Application Questions

If you are filling out your driver application and have some confusion on the terms and money involved, you can reach out to the driver’s customer service agents or a DoorDash spokesperson to help you finish the application.

Sometimes these questions revolve around your vehicle, transportation method, or driver fees.

Many potential drivers will have questions about the payments or tips they receive from DoorDash or the kind of background check they should expect.

Or you may have questions about how to send the application and how long you may have to wait for an answer.

2. Account Issues

If you have issues logging into your account or something is wrong with your DoorDash account, you can contact the delivery driver helpline to remedy the problem on the DoorDash platform.

They can usually reset your account or send you an email that will help you reset your account.

Or they can let you know if you have any strikes against you that have caused your account to be locked.

3. Order Issues

Order issues are typically the most urgent problem that the service representatives address.

Specifically, if you have issues with a catering or large fulfillment order, they can help you sort out the problem and complete the delivery service.

Order issues can be several things, but usually, drivers struggle to find an address.

4. Paycheck Issues

Lastly, if you have issues with your payments, a delivery driver help agent may be able to help you.

Sometimes there is a glitch in the app that causes this, but the service people can typically fix this problem for you quickly.

This includes if you believe your payments were smaller than it should be.

How Long Does it Take to Reach a DoorDash Driver Customer Service Agent?

The answer to this question is not straightforward.

The answer depends on several factors, including the communication method you choose, the issue you need help with, and the day of the week or time of day.

The average response time is only an hour, but it can take up to 24 hours if agents are very busy and your problem is not urgent.

Issues like application questions will take longer to receive an answer because it isn’t a DoorDash emergency.

Issues with deliveries, a pickup, or payments will be taken more seriously and answered quicker.

On weekdays before 5, it is usually easier to get a hold of a customer service agent in the United States as these times are less busy.

But evenings and nights and Thursday-Sunday, are busier times, and you may have to wait slightly longer to speak with a representative.

Places like California and specifically San Francisco can be extra busy, especially in July.

But drivers generally report that DoorDash driver customer service is prompt and helpful most of the time.


In summary, there are three efficient ways for DoorDash drivers to get customer service for any delivery or account problems they have.

If you’re a driver, don’t make the mistake of calling the main customer service line and waiting on hold for a while.

Go straight to driver help resources so you can get help as quickly as possible and not waste any time.

Whether you call, email, or chat, one of the hundreds of DoorDash agents are waiting to help you with whatever you need while making deliveries for the company!

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