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DoorDash Ice Cream Delivery: How It Works and Where It’s Available

Want to order DoorDash ice cream delivery? You can! Here's how to get delicious treats, how they keep your food safe, and more.

Imagine this: you’re sitting at home, nursing an overwhelming sweet tooth.

You deeply desire the glorious relief of a pint of Cookies and Cream ice cream, but you don’t have the time to (or feel like) hopping in the car to get some.

And so you wonder to yourself: can I DoorDash ice cream?

You might think ice cream too fragile a good for a food delivery service—surely it would melt!

But is ice cream too great a challenge for the food delivery driver?

We have good news for you.

DoorDash does indeed deliver ice cream, and they have the means to ensure that your delicious dessert stays as intact as possible on its journeys to you.

Here, we’ll walk you through all the different ways you can get DoorDash ice cream, how they protect it and ensure it remains cold, and how you can navigate any problems in the ordering process.

Does DoorDash Deliver Ice Cream?

It does indeed! You can order all kinds of different ice cream and frozen desserts through DoorDash.

Whether it’s fresh soft serve from a local ice cream shop or an artisanal pint with unique flavors, this app has you covered.

Where Does DoorDash Deliver Ice Cream From?

If you’re a frequent DoorDash user, you may have noticed that the company has recently expanded its operation.

They used to be limited to delivering items from local restaurants.

These days they also offer convenience store goods.

You can purchase ice cream through the app via existing convenience store partners, restaurant partners, or DoorDash’s convenience delivery service DashMart.


In August 2020, DoorDash took a stride towards expansion in the United States.

Taking a cue from vendors like GoPuff, Instacart, and Amazon Fresh, it established its own convenience store called DashMart.

That would allow customers to purchase various convenience goods without going through one of their existing partners.

The availability of specific products varies from area to area, so we can’t guarantee that an item you desire will be available through DashMart in, say, New York or San Francisco.

But they often offer items like Snickers ice cream bars, M&M ice cream sandwiches, half-gallons of ice cream, and pints from multiple brands (Ben & Jerry’s, Häagen-Dazs, Talenti, Halo Top, etc).


There are two types of non-DashMart ways to purchase ice cream through DoorDash: proper restaurants and other convenience stores.

There are several traditional restaurants that both serve ice cream on their traditional menus and have it available for delivery orders.

Some of these are ice cream-focused venues (typically local outlets whose core competency is dessert foods).

Others have a broad profile of different menu items but also serve ice cream.

Especially in the latter category, it’s important to note that they may not offer every dessert for delivery that they have on their eat-in or takeout menus.

Not all restaurants have the capacity to provide ice cream in a delivery-safe context.

You can also find DoorDash ice cream outside of traditional restaurants and within the context of the app’s convenience store partners like CVS or 7-Eleven.

That works much in the same way as ordering from DashMart, just with the extra middleman of the store partner itself.

How Does DoorDash Keep Ice Cream Cold?

We’ve talked a big game about DoorDash’s capacity to keep your delicious sweet treat from melting while it’s traveling from the vendor to you—but how do they do it?

The safety of your food does ultimately depend on the caution of your delivery person (called Dashers by the company).

For example, you face a slightly greater risk if your Dasher is using a bike to travel to you than if your Dasher is in a car.

And there is never a guarantee that your ice cream will arrive at you in a perfect state.

However, if disaster strikes and you receive a melted item there are refund options available to you that we will explore shortly.

At the end of the day, local stores that specialize in ice cream and other cold desserts will likely be the safest possible vendors to choose from here.

Those stores are the most likely to provide their own measures in addition to DoorDash’s protections.

Insulated Bags

No matter what means of travel your Dasher uses, DoorDash requires all its delivery staff to use an insulated bag.

You may have seen these bags throughout your area on the backs of cyclists and delivery personnel of all kinds.

They’re large and work consistently to keep warm things warm and cold things cold.

Every Dasher is supposed to use these bags, and their high quality ensures the safety and integrity of your order.

What to Do If DoorDash Ice Cream Melted

vector graphic showing an illustration of doordash ice cream

Despite the many safeguards that exist between your ice cream and the varying temperatures of the world around, catastrophe is always possible.

Whether that looks like an irresponsible Dasher, an accidental opening in the bag, or some kind of unintentional spill in the delivery process, DoorDash does not want you to suffer such a hurt without recompense.

Should you open up your ice cream to find a sea of creamy liquid in place of the fluffy, cold delight you ordered, you can request a refund through the app or by otherwise reaching out to their customer support.

If you go through the app, start by selecting the order in question from the “Orders” tab, then click the “Help” button in the top-right corner.

Click on “Poor food quality” in the “Order Issues” section.

Then, select the ice cream that melted and explain in detail what happened to it.

Should you request it on the website, you will need to follow the same steps as above, with one key difference.

Here, you need to first click on the three-line button in the top left, then you will see an “Orders” option.

From that point, the rest of the process is the same as in the app.

In both cases, once you select the item in the “Poor food quality” section, you will be given a menu of options to choose from to identify the precise problem.

There isn’t one for melted ice cream, but we would recommend selecting “Food handled poorly” there.

That identifies the problem as primarily on DoorDash and not on the restaurant.

If these instructions didn’t fully satisfy your curiosity, visit this page to look through the company’s walkthrough.

How to Contact DoorDash Customer Service

Customer support will likely direct you to go through the refund request process we discussed above.

But if you find that your situation requires some kind of special consideration, it’s worth reaching out to them to feel out their perspective.

Chat in App

To access in-app support, first, click on the “Help” button—on iPhone, this is the text “Help,” while on Android it’s a question mark.

Either way, it’s in the top right of the app home screen.

Click on “Something Else,” then “Start Chat.”

That will connect you with a support agent to whom you can explain your troubles in more detail.


As far as we can tell, DoorDash does not have email support.

If you want to use text-based support, you’ll need to use the web-based chat platform available on their website.


If you prefer talking to a person via voice, you can call DoorDash support at 855-431-0459.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, ordering DoorDash ice cream can be a wonderful experience.

And even though they can’t guarantee that your food will keep perfectly cold from place to place, you can always try to get a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the icy deliciousness at your door.

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