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With over 18 million users, 1 million dashers, and 390,000 restaurants a part of its community, DoorDash aggressively expanded operations in 2021.

It went from last to first in the very competitive market of food order delivery service.

DoorDash also rolled out a way for customers, dashers, and merchants to get immediate support.

Whether you are a customer who needs support regarding a recent order, a merchant who wants to update your store details, or an interested potential DoorDash partner or applicant, getting the correct DoorDash phone number is important in order to address your specific concerns.

DoorDash is an on-demand technology company for food delivery service which connects customers with the best restaurants in their cities.

It allows them to order food and drinks from restaurants in their area while supporting local restaurants and making new ways for dashers to earn an income.

Not only does DoorDash provide excellent delivery service, but they also stay true to their vision and mission of providing exceptional customer care by letting people contact them via phone or chat for customer support.

DoorDash Phone Number 2023

Whether you are a customer, a dasher, or a merchant, you can call customer support at 855-431-0459.

Customer Phone Number

Customers can get help in managing their DoorDash account (such as cancelling DashPass or deleting your DoorDash account), getting the latest promos, payments, troubleshooting, or alcohol orders.

How the customer support number works

If you are still getting started with DoorDash, some of the primary topics of interest include:

If you have a problem with your order, you may also call the DoorDash contact number if you encounter any of the following issues:

Alternative: Customer chat

If you don’t have access to a phone, you may request support via customer chat.

Get fast resolutions to your concerns with their automated help system.

Dasher Phone Number

Contact the DoorDash phone number for dashers if you need help in becoming a dasher, accepting and completing deliveries, accessing special types of orders, getting dasher perks, or staying protected from COVID-19.

How the dasher support number works

Some of the reasons to contact the dasher number include:

  • Adding or updating bank information
  • Adding or switching vehicle dash type
  • Updating account password
  • Protecting account information
  • Early access scheduling

DashDoor runs secure background checks on Dashers.

Potential you may have could include:

  • Information about Dasher Activation Kit
  • Dasher signup
  • Process of background check
  • Status of background check
  • Length of background check
  • Suspension of background check

Ultimately, if you are already hired as a Dasher but need support in understanding the Dasher app, you may also call the DoorDash phone number to ask any of the following:

  • Updating bank account
  • Using Dash Now home page
  • Using pick-up and drop-off information
  • Pausing a dash
  • Using mapping services (Google Maps or Waze) with the Dasher app

Alternative: Dasher chat

They also have a dedicated automated support chat for dashers with an average waiting time of 1 minute.

Merchant Phone Number

Contact the DoorDash phone number for merchants if you have questions or concerns regarding partnering with DoorDash, updating menus, and android tablet or hardware support.

How the merchant support number works

The merchant support caters to a wide range of concerns.

If you have problems regarding partnering with DoorDash, you may call them to ask any of the following:

  • Activating your restaurant in DoorDash
  • Availability of DoorDash in some areas
  • Promotions
  • Restaurant relief fund
  • Setting up with DoorDash
  • Merchant terms of use
  • Removing a store from the platform
  • Inquiries about DashPass
  • Also, you can manage your account information by accessing the merchant support numbers.
  • This allows you to change important information, such as:
  • Updating store hours and closures

Merchant menu build guide

  • Updating menu on DoorDash app
  • Photos guide
  • Editing description of an item on the menu
  • Editing prices
  • Creating new menu categories
  • Temporarily deactivating an item from the menu

On the technical side, you can call the merchant support number to take care of issues that include:

  • Information about SquarePOS
  • Accepting orders in Order Manager
  • Overview of tablet Order Manager
  • Contacting a customer
  • Canceling an order
  • Creating a test order
  • Signing up for a tablet
  • Downloading Order Manager on device
  • Returning an issued DoorDash tablet

Alternative: Merchant portal

If you need help updating your store details, such as operating hours, menu, address, or giving your employees access to the account, the easiest way is through the Merchant Portal.

The merchant portal allows you to update various aspects of your account, such as the following:

  • Updating or Resetting Portal account details
  • Adding Users to the Merchant Portal
  • POS Integration Store Hours
  • Updating Non-POS Restaurant Hours
  • Updating Dasher Pick-up Instructions
  • Downloading Order Reports
  • Downloading Summary Reports
  • Deactivating the Store
  • Updating your menu on DoorDash
  • Reporting Health and Safety Emergency

If you need to report an emergency, you may contact DoorDash Support.

You need to provide the following information to ensure that DoorDash can address your concern as quickly as possible.

  • Your full name
  • Your contact information
  • Your email address

The full details of the emergency situation, accident, legal concern, or safety issue that you need to report

See more information on the company’s website at doordash.com.

Best Practices for Contacting Support

vector graphic of a man holding a cell phone talking to a DoorDash customer support rep after calling the DoorDash phone number

As a customer, it is important to remember that customer service is a two-way street – you get excellent service if you treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.

For effective customer support when using the DoorDash phone number, you should always remember to:

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Sometimes, it’s fun to hear ourselves talk.

However, when we seek help, try to listen and understand first before voicing out your ideas.

It’s all about seeing things from their viewpoint since they know more about resolving your problem.

Respect the company’s rules.

For example, imagine your gift card expired yesterday.

If you want the company to honor it, feel free to inquire.

But don’t get mad if they say no, as company rules are in place for a reason.

Separate the person from the company’s rules.

As a person asking for support, this is one of the most challenging parts, even for fair-minded people.

The person you are speaking to is not the one who created the rules or policies.

It’s true that some company rules can be frustrating, but do not shoot the employee or the messenger.

Separate the person from the performance.

All of us mess up on occasion.

But accidents and negligence are two different things.

Often, the person we talk to over the phone is trying their best to do a good job.

Learn to be polite.

Manage your expectations.

It is your prerogative to expect excellent service.

But, try to adjust your expectations based on the realities of the business you deal with.

If you complain to a manager of Chick-fil-A that your burger is wrapped in paper and not with fine China, you must learn to get a grip.

Give the company a chance to solve your problem.

If you are concerned about resolving your issue, give the company a chance to fix it before hanging up.

Don’t make threats.

If your issue isn’t resolved the right way, don’t make threats.

Threatening to report them to your social media followers or the Better Business Bureau isn’t productive.

Never draw that gun unless you mean it and absolutely must go down this path.

Don’t be rude.

Raising your voice, showing utter contempt for the agent’s help, or making unreasonable demands do not make you powerful.

Instead, you’re just showing you’re a bully.

Never push them around just because you think you are powerful.

Say please and thank you.

Let’s go back to the basics.

Be polite whenever possible.

Remember your mother’s advice and say please and thank you whenever you want someone’s help.

Be patient.

This is the golden rule.

If you want your problem solved, be patient.

How DoorDash Works

DoorDash is a food delivery app that is available to all iOS and Android users.

The company currently operates in many cities, such as San Francisco and across the U.S.

It works with hundreds of thousands of restaurants and manages the food delivery and delivery fees internally.

Food orders placed through DoorDash don’t involve the delivery services from individual restaurants.

DoorDash has its own Dashers that provide delivery service.

They are paid through a base salary, tips from customers, and completing ‘challenges.’

This system makes it easy for restaurants since they don’t need to hire their own drivers to deliver their orders.

With the rapid growth of DoorDash, they continuously improve and optimize their workflows through developing models and algorithms to address the challenges of on-demand real-time logistics systems.

DoorDash stands out from other delivery apps, such as Grubhub, Postmates, and Ubereats, because it provides the lowest cost service.

It has excellent food delivery service with helpful recommendations to customers.

Customer Support Is Important

Today, companies like DoorDash that come out on top understand the return on investment (ROI) of excellent customer support.

They consider customer support as a vital feature to business success rather than an inescapable cost.

That’s why as a customer, a dasher, or a merchant, it’s essential to start on the right foot, and knowing which DoorDash phone number to contact is a crucial step toward resolving your problems.

Have some concerns? Contact DoorDash customer support today and get the help you need.

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