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DoorDash Promo Codes for Returning Customers

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If you’ve used DoorDash, then you know it’s one of the best on-demand restaurant delivery services out there.

All you have to do is open up the DoorDash app, browse the list of local restaurants, and select your food from the menu.

From there, you just place your order and wait for a DoorDash delivery person to bring the order to your doorstep.

It’s an addictively easy process, one that’s sure to keep you coming back for more deliveries.

Unfortunately, it can also become an expensive habit if you use the service frequently.

You have to pay something for that convenience, and it comes in the form of delivery fees and service charges.

To help offset some of this cost, you can use one of the many DoorDash promo codes out there.

However, most of these discount codes only apply to new DoorDash users.

If you’re not a new customer, it can feel like you’re out of luck when it comes to DoorDash coupon codes.

There is still hope, though. There are promo codes and discounts that you can use even if you’re not a new user of the platform.

You just have to do a bit more work to get them.

Why to Use DoorDash Promo Codes as an Existing Customer

Using those first few free credits that you get as a new DoorDash customer is quite satisfying.

You may be able to offset the delivery fees enough that you end up with free delivery. At the very least, you can get a respectable discount of your first order.

The reason that DoorDash offers so many discounts to first-time users is that they need a way to draw people in and get them to try the service.

As in all forms of business, it’s much easier to sell to existing customers than it is to get new people to buy.

Therefore, it’s in DoorDash’s best interest to make it as easy as possible to try the platform.

If they can draw you in with a great discount, you’re likely to stick around.

This also explains why there are fewer discounts for existing users.

By offering discounts to first-time customers, DoorDash may end up losing some money.

That’s okay, though, as they can write it off as a marketing expense.

Once you’re a repeat customer, however, offering you the same discounts could start to hurt DoorDash’s bottom line.

They therefore reserve the best discounts for new customers.

When you’re no longer a first time user, it’s tempting to give up altogether on finding DoorDash discounts, since working promo codes are are scarce.

You shouldn’t give up, though, as you can continue to get excellent discounts as an existing user.

The key is to change the strategy you use.

As an existing user, there are two types of discounts you can get: special promotions for your city and referral discounts.

Let’s examine each in more detail.

1. Special Promotions

While DoorDash doesn’t shower existing users with discounts the way they do with first-time users, they do sometimes offer special promotions for existing users.

These tend to either correspond with certain holidays (or special events) or exist to promote a particular business.

For instance, a fast food restaurant might decide to promote themselves through offering free delivery during lunch.

Or, DoorDash might try to get more people to order by giving a discount to everyone who orders on Halloween.

If DoorDash (or a company they work with) thinks that the increase in brand awareness or sales is worth the potential lost money that comes with a discount, then they’ll offer it. Otherwise, discounts for existing users will remain elusive (as they tend to be).

There’s no real way to predict these special promotions.

The best approach is to enable notifications for the DoorDash app and watch it closely for information about promotions in your area.

You have to be diligent, as these special promotions tend to be short-lived.

You should especially be on the lookout during holidays, as discounts are common during these times.

We also suggest following DoorDash on social media, Social media is a great way to contact DoorDash customer service, but they’ll also often post information about discounts there.

Here are links to DoorDash’s social media accounts:

  • Twitter: @DoorDash
  • Instagram: @doordash
  • Facebook: @DoorDash

2. Your DoorDash Referral Code

This promo code works no matter how many times you’ve ordered from DoorDash.

Okay, so it’s technically not a promo code, but it can help you get a discount.

One way that you may have gotten a discount as a new DoorDash user was through signing up using an existing user’s referral link.

It probably said something like “Here’s $5 off your order.”

Now that you’re a DoorDash user, you can do the same.

This time, however, there’s no limit to the number of discounts you can get.

Each time someone uses your referral code to sign up, you’ll earn DoorDash credit that you can use for discounts off DoorDash orders.

If this credit ends up going into the hundreds of dollars, that’s just fine with DoorDash due to all the new customers you’re bringing them.

So how exactly do you find this referral code?

To access it, you’ll need to open the DoorDash app.

From there, tap on the menu icon in the upper lefthand corner.

Then, tap where it says “Get $X.00 Credits.”

; DoorDash Promo Codes for Returning Customers

The precise amount of referral credit you can earn will vary based on your market.

In this instance, it’s $7.00, but it won’t necessarily be that for where you live.

Once you’ve tapped on the button, you’ll see a screen like the one below:

DoorDash Promo Codes for Returning Customers: referral code menu

So that’s how to get to the code, but the key is to get people to use it.

You don’t want to just spam people with it.

Rather, you need to be deliberate and creative.

Creative Ways to Share Your Code

Here are a five ways to creatively share your referral code and get more people to use it.

1. Send the Code Via Email

It’s easy to overlook email as a method for sharing your referral link.

After all, does anyone really use email anymore? In fact, it’s still a popular method of communicating, especially about business and for promotional deals.

You can tap into this method yourself by sharing your referral link.

But the key isn’t to just send the email as it is. If you do this, it will probably just look like spam.

Rather, you should take the link and put it into a thoughtful, personal email that you know the recipient will read.

Pick a catchy subject line like “Thought you’d enjoy getting DoorDash free delivery” or “I figured out how to get free shipping off your first order from DoorDash.”

Then, in the body of the email, include a brief explanation of your experience with DoorDash and all the benefits that the referral code will offer your friend.

Here’s a template you can use:


I know how much you love ordering takeout, so I thought you’d want to know about this cool service I’ve been using. It’s called DoorDash, and it lets me get food delivered super quickly and easily. I can pick from a bunch of local restaurants (like our favorite Mexican place).

I have this referral link that we can both use to get a discount on delivery. All you have to do is click the link, sign up, and then we’ll both get $5 in free delivery credit.

Here’s the link: [YOUR REFERRAL LINK]

Enjoy the food!

This is just an example to get you started. You should tweak the details to make it personal.

Tip: we’ve put together a few guides that show you how to share your credit link in our Lyft promo code guide and our Uber promo code guide.

2. Send the Code Via Text or Another Messaging App

Messaging apps are very personal, so they’re a good way to get your friends the referral link and have them quickly take action.

You have to change your strategy a bit compared to email, however. Specifically, your message needs to be shorter.

Here’s the default message that DoorDash creates when you go to share the link via SMS, Facebook Messenger, or another messaging app:

“You should try DoorDash, it’s an awesome food delivery service.

Get $7.00 off your next order when you sign up with this link: [REFERRAL LINK].”

This isn’t a bad start, but we can improve it.

Let’s tweak it a bit to make it focus more on your experience with the app:

Hey, I’ve been using this cool food delivery service called DoorDash. Thought you might like to try it as well. If you sign up with this link, we’ll both get $7.00 in delivery credit: [REFERRAL LINK].

It’s a subtle change, but it places the emphasis on your experience (and it sounds less formulaic than DoorDash’s default message).

3. Post the Link on Instagram

This can be a bit tricky, as Instagram limits you to just one link in your bio.

But you can discuss your experience with DoorDash as much as you want on Instagram, referring people to your bio for the link to get a discount.

In fact, Instagram offers lots of opportunities to show what your experience with the service is like.

You can post pictures of food you had delivered via DoorDash on your Instagram story and then tell your followers to visit the link in your bio to get a discount on their order.

Showing the delicious food you can order is a lot more persuasive than just talking about it, so be sure to use the visual aspect of Instagram to its fullest.

4. Facebook and Twitter

We’ll cover Facebook and Twitter together, as they use much the same principles for sharing your code.

Of course, you have more characters to use on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean you should ramble on and on.

This is especially true since Facebook will shorten the text of your post anyway if you get past a certain length.

DoorDash generates the same default message if you go to share your referral link through the app:

You should try DoorDash, it’s an awesome food delivery service. Get $7.00 off your next order when you sign up with this link: [REFERRAL LINK].

Once again, this message doesn’t make much sense for Facebook or Twitter.

It sounds like a computer wrote it, and that’s not what you want to convey on a platform that’s supposed to be personal.

At worst, a message like this might make your followers and friends think that someone hacked your profile.

Instead, we recommend posting a picture of some food you ordered with DoorDash.

Then, include a brief message talking about it. For instance,

Just got this tasty burger delivered with DoorDash. If you’d like to get some of this deliciousness in your life, sign up with this link to get $7.00 of your next order: [REFERRAL LINK].

Feel free to customize the message using your favorite food, and make sure that the picture is as high-quality as possible.

You want the food to look appetizing and get people excited about ordering with DoorDash.

5. Word of Mouth

This last method is one that people overlook, but it might be the most effective of all.

Hearing someone rave about how much they love DoorDash is going to leave a much stronger impression than a digital message or social media post.

The best way to do this is to use DoorDash to get something delivered to your office.

When the food shows up and you’re eating it, someone is bound to ask where you got it.

This is your chance to talk about how you used DoorDash for it.

If people seem interested, casually mention that you have a referral code that can get them a discount when they sign up.

You can then proceed to share the code via text message, email, or whatever method your co-worker prefers.

Get All the DoorDash Discounts You Can

We hope you can now see that it is possible to get discounts on DoorDash orders even if you’re an existing user.

It’s not as easy as it is for new users, but it is possible.

You just have to be a bit more diligent and creative.

With enough commitment, however, you can get discounts that are even better than those that DoorDash offers to new customers.

Want to get discounts on another food delivery platform?

Check out our guides to Uber Eats promo codes, Caviar promo codes, Postmates promo codes, and Grubhub promo codes.

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