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You don’t always have to browse through the list of restaurants looking for the smallest service fee. Sure, there are some that are more convenient, and some with no service fee, but they might not always be your favorite food joint. To promote sales and attract customers DoorDash often offers discounts in the form of...

You don’t always have to browse through the list of restaurants looking for the smallest service fee. Sure, there are some that are more convenient, and some with no service fee, but they might not always be your favorite food joint.

To promote sales and attract customers DoorDash often offers discounts in the form of promo codes. Some are only intended for new users and some are intended for existing customers. Apart from codes, DoorDash users may also benefit from coupons and special deals offered by restaurants within the network.

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DoorDash Discounts

A DoorDash promo code helps the company advertise. It’s a great way to attract new customers and keep existing customers interested in using the service. Not all discounts are impressive but some of them can end up saving you more cash than going to a restaurant.

Occasionally you can get free delivery from certain restaurants. For example, during the 2017 Christmas holiday, all orders above $10 from Jack in the Box were delivery-fee exempt. Even better, you don’t have to use a code for this. It’s all done automatically through the app.

Doordash coupons

DoorDash Coupons

DoorDash doesn’t just put up promo codes. The restaurants they partner with often advertise deals on specific menu items. Sometimes they have massive discounts during specific hours or on certain holidays.

To keep up with this kind of information is not at all hard. Usually, you see all the deals available on the DoorDash app. If you subscribed to their newsletter you should receive news via email too. Of course, you can also check the websites of restaurants or websites dedicated to listing deals, coupons, codes etc.

DoorDash Promo Code Reddit

Reddit is a great source of referral links and promo codes for anything you can think of. It makes sense that you will also find many DoorDash promo codes too. Individuals and businesses list their links or codes for people to use.

Most times you will find either $7-off deals or $10-off deals via referral links. What’s great about browsing for codes on such a community is that you often get to see feedback from other users. Everyone knows that there are plenty of fake codes online and people rarely know which sites to trust anymore.

From Reddit, you generally want to choose a code that has many votes. You can find free deliveries or huge discounts on your first order as a new client. Sometimes you will get them both but usually, free deliveries are found more often in deals for existing or returning customers. The service fee discount is generally reserved for new customers.

The one downside of Reddit is that not all people who list their referral links also mention if there is an expiration date or exactly how much money you save. Short of someone trying it and reporting its status, there might be some trial and error involved.

DoorDash Promo Codes for 2020

Here are two examples of promo codes that work in 2020:

  1. The code ‘TRY500’ can be used by new customers to get a $5 discount on their next order.
  2. The code ‘2VWJsBE’ is also exclusive to new users. This one expires at the end of 2020, so there is plenty of time to use it. The use of this code during checkout results in a $7 discount.

Existing customers can only benefit from personalized promo codes/coupons. Because users earn credits which can be exchanged for special DoorDash promo codes, it’s almost impossible to find one online unless someone is generous enough to donate the code.

DoorDash Promo Code for Returning Customers

Returning customers have the same benefits as existing customers. They can only use codes given out during local promotions or use credits earned from referrals. Returning customers don’t count as new users so they don’t qualify for first-time order deals and promo codes.

DoorDash Promo Code for Existing Customers

Keep in mind that some codes may also have limited uses. If you’re not quick enough by the time you enter the code at checkout it may become invalid. These codes are usually put up for existing customers only.

Although finding a DoorDash promo code for existing customers is not easy, it’s by no means impossible. Because you have already used the app, you cannot use first-time-user delivery codes or coupons. What you can do is buy codes using your DoorDash credits.

These credits are DoorDash’s way of rewarding customers for using the service and helping improve the community in some way. It doesn’t happen at random or for everyone. Just using the app doesn’t result in giveaways.

You can increase your free credits by having people join DoorDash through your referral link. Once that happens, you will receive a number of credits in your account. The actual number will vary between areas of operation.

After your referral makes a first-time order you will receive more credits based on the amount of the order. It won’t matter if the person you referred is using a coupon or code with their first order. The amount of credits you get is based on the total before any discount.

These credits are assigned a value. That is so you will know how many you need to purchase a promo code or coupon. It’s important to keep in mind that while credits do not expire, promo codes do. So, make sure you use it before it expires.

Existing customers and new customers apply promo codes the same way. Once you’ve selected your items, you have the option of using a code in the checkout section. If your code is invalid or expired, a notification will appear, and you will be allowed to either submit a new one or proceed without a code.

If you don’t plan on making an order anytime soon it’s best if you don’t spend your credits on promo codes with an expiration date. Keep in mind that promotions for existing users are few and far between. DoorDash is still more focused on acquiring new customers, so most deals are reserved for newcomers.

DoorDash Promo Code for New Customers

A DoorDash first-order promo code can be obtained by creating a new account using a referral. If a friend of yours is already a member, he or she can send you their referral link. Most of the codes you are for discounts up to $10.

DoorDash New User Promo Code

Using a promo code for DoorDash can result in a discount, a free delivery, or both. Usually, only new members benefit from large discounts. Of course, referrals are not the only way of getting your hands on a DoorDash promo code.

Certain partnered restaurants or online retailers may also offer up a promo code for DoorDash. Most codes obtained this way have an expiration date. They could last a month or just a few days, depending on the promotion. Codes given out during holidays don’t tend to last too long.

Whether you want to get your hands on a free delivery code or a discount on your next lunch order, there are a few places you can always look at for updates. People post referral links online quite often and websites like Reddit offer many listings.

You can also browse the list of restaurants available on the DoorDash app and check their websites for any promotional offers. It’s important to remember that these codes are one-time use only. Although multiple users can benefit from them, an individual user can only benefit from a code once. It’s really not that different from what most retailers do.

If you don’t have a friend who can share a referral link, you can always use one you find online. It doesn’t really matter. If all you want is a $10 discount on your first order, you can use almost anyone’s referral link. It’s always nice if you return the favor by sharing yours.

Once you’ve picked the promo code you like most, you can either spend time browsing through the comments to see if it works or use it on DoorDash and wait for their confirmation. After you input the code in the checkout section you will be notified if the code is still valid, expired, or if it is indeed intended for new customers.

TRY500’, ‘APPLE20’ and ‘2VWJsBE’ are some of the most popular newcomer codes for 2020. They work and they offer great deals.

How To Apply A DoorDash Promo Code

If you want to receive a credit towards your purchase, then be sure to follow these simple steps on how to apply a DoorDash promo code:

Step 1: Create an account

Doordash Promotions Page Step 1

Before you can apply a promo code, you will need to head over to the DoorDash website and create an account. Creating an account will take a few seconds.

Step 2: Enter your details

Doordash Promotions Page Step 2

You will need to include your name, surname, email address, and a valid telephone number. Once you have done that, you can create your account.

Step 3: Choose your food items

Doordash Promotions Page Step 3

Once you have signed up and logged in, you will be able to choose your food items based on restaurants situated near you. Once you have chosen your food items, you can proceed to the checkout.

Step 4: Apply your promo code

Doordash Promotions Page Step 4

Lastly, the most important step is to actually enter your promo code, so you can save money on your order.

DoorDash Promo Code Not Working

One of the main issues users have with promo codes is typing error. The codes on DoorDash are case-sensitive so in most cases, it’s best to copy and paste them in the checkout promo box, which should be easy enough, at least on a computer.

Another reason why a promo code won’t work is because it is invalid. There are plenty of fake codes online or expired ones. Inputting a bad code on DoorDash won’t cause you any problems. The notification that appears from something going wrong usually gives you a hint as to what the problem is.

In the rare cases when the code is valid, but it still won’t register, it means there could be a problem with the app. To solve that you should contact DoorDash customer support. They will try to fix the issue if possible.


DoorDash is a very convenient service. It lets you unwind while your food is being delivered. No muss, no fuss. The one downside is that it can sometimes be expensive. Some restaurants choose to raise prices on their menus for orders going out through a delivery service.

Because of this, keeping an eye out for potential discounts can save you a lot. Promo codes are a customer’s best friend and some deals can be quite amazing. If you’re not yet a DoorDash user, give it a try through a referral link and enjoy a nice first-time order discount.

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