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DoorDash Referral Program: How Driver & Customer Bonuses Work

Use a DoorDash referral code to claim a bonus when signing up to drive. Learn about the promotions available, the referral program, and how it works.

Who couldn’t use a little extra money in their monthly budget?

You can refer people to DoorDash using the DoorDash referral program and attract extra income to help this month’s bills.

The process is relatively simple.

If you’re a DoorDash driver, you can invite people you know to start driving for the delivery platform.

As a customer, you can also refer other people to start getting their food delivered by DoorDash drivers.

In this article, you’ll learn the best DoorDash referral code to use when claiming a promotion, and how the DoorDash referral program works for both drivers and customers.

What Is the DoorDash Referral Program?

The DoorDash referral program works like any other type of referral system.

You get credit as a referrer whenever you invite someone else to use the company’s services or to drive for them.

In return, DoorDash pays you a fee as a thank you for bringing them new customers or drivers.

Did you Know? Many other services also offer similar programs. A great example is through the Instacart referral code, which we encourage you check out.

Why Does DoorDash Offer Referral Incentives?

DoorDash offers referral incentives because it’s one of the best ways to attract new drivers and customers.

This is true no matter what industry a company may exist in.

The most effective way to add to a company’s customer base is when satisfied customers tell their friends and associates how much they enjoy the product or service.

It’s more effective than any other form of advertising because it’s based on trust.

New customers brought in by current customers don’t need as much convincing to try out the company.

Referral Incentives for Drivers

Like Lyft and Uber, DoorDash gives incentives, so drivers become excited to join the platform and start driving for DoorDash.

The DoorDash referral bonus is a way for the company to encourage more people to work for the service.

This helps them expand their operations to new cities while also giving new drivers an incentive to make more deliveries.

On the driver’s side, the referral bonus is a no-brainer.

You get paid extra money to gain experience working for DoorDash.

Not only do you receive the bonus, but through making the minimum amount of deliveries, you gain valuable experience.

This experience will help you figure out how to optimize your delivery times and customer service in order to increase your chances of getting tips from DoorDash customers.

Signup Bonus

To get the referral bonus, you’ll need to meet the minimum requirements that DoorDash specifies.

The precise requirements vary depending on your city.

In some cases, bonuses can go as high as $750, though in our experience $300 is more typical.

Whatever the bonus amount, you’ll be required to make a minimum number of deliveries within the first 30 days of signing up to be a DoorDash driver.

The signup bonus offered by DoorDash changed in 2021.

It’s a little more confusing to understand because the bonus changes depending on where you drive.

As well, DoorDash no longer explains the details well enough on its website.

Let’s dive into the details you need to know about.

How Much Are the DoorDash Driver Referral Bonuses Worth?

The DoorDash signup bonus promises $1,000 in minimum guaranteed earnings.

However, the actual bonus dollar amount changes depending on your location.

The DoorDash bonus might end up being somewhere between $100 and $1,000.

The higher bonus amounts typically end up getting paid out in larger cities such as:

  • Seattle
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Atlanta

How Does It Work?

To qualify for the DoorDash driver bonus, you need to sign up to drive by entering someone else’s referral code.

You can also click on a referral link and then sign up from that coded affiliate link.

The DoorDash Minimum Earnings Guaranteed Promotion doesn’t work like the older offers.

Those promotions gave you bonuses that paid out in addition to income earned by driving for the delivery app.

This new promotion asks you to finish a certain number of deliveries.

You need to complete those deliveries within a specific date range.

DoorDash pays out the difference that results from earning less than the bonus amount DoorDash promised you after signing up for a driver.

For example, let’s say you came in on a $1,000 bonus amount.

If you completed the required number of deliveries within a certain period and earned only $700, DoorDash would pay you the remaining difference.

In this case, your bonus check would equal $300.

That’s different from years past when you would have earned your $700 and then received a bonus check of $1,000 for a total initial payout of $1,700.

This new bonus structure guarantees the $1,000 payout, not a bonus of $1,000.

Referral Program for Drivers

Once you’ve started making deliveries, you can start referring people to DoorDash yourself.

Under this program, you can refer your friends from within the DoorDash app using SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and Facebook Messenger.

You’ll be able to earn $300 for every friend who signs up and makes 50 deliveries within their first 30 days as a DoorDash driver.

To refer a friend, simply go to the “Invite Friends” tab within the Dasher app.

From there, you’ll be able to enter the necessary information to text, email, Tweet, post or message a referral link.

DoorDash Driver Promo Code: Get Rewarded For Driving

If you’re driving for DoorDash already, make sure to take advantage of this program.

It can be a way to seriously supplement your earnings.

And since the people you refer will also be eligible for a bonus when they sign up using your link, it’s in their interest to sign up using the information you give them.

Once you’re driving for DoorDash as a Dasher, you can use your referral code to sign up new Dashers and earn a commission after your referral completes their bonus requirements.

Restrictions apply to the DoorDash referral program for drivers that don’t apply when you’re referring people at other platforms like Uber, Lyft, or Postmates.

You can promote a Lyft driver promo code, an Uber driver promo code, and a Postmates driver referral code publicly on your blog or website.

DoorDash doesn’t allow you to promote in this way.

The DoorDash referral terms prohibit you from posting your DoorDash referral code on:

  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Job boards
  • Search engines

If you promote in this manner, then DoorDash can cancel your DoorDash account without paying your referral bonuses.

A limit of 15 referrals per calendar year also exists.

If you refer a 16th person, then you won’t receive your bonus payment.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Driver Referral Bonus?

Any Dasher that you refer to DoorDash has 30 days from their signup date to complete the required number of deliveries that qualify them for their signup bonus.

DoorDash automatically adds your referral bonus to your weekly payment amount.

This happens during the week following the week in which your referral satisfies their bonus requirements.

Referral Incentives for Customers

DoorDash customers can refer other customers and receive a referral commission for doing so.

This is a key method when it comes to how to get free DoorDash.

New Customer Account Credit

The referred customer also receives referral bonus credits for signing up as a new customer.

How Much are DoorDash New Customer Bonuses Worth?

It’s hard to say how much new customer bonuses are worth because DoorDash changes these credit amounts frequently.

One of the latest promotions run by DoorDash worked like this:

  • New customers received up to a $30 bonus credit
  • The referring customer received up to a $15 bonus credit for each person referred

The new customer bonus credits ranged from $5 to $30 based on where the new customer lived.

The referring customer received $5 to $15 depending on their referred customer’s first order total.

Current DoorDash Promo Codes
  • $5 off any order $20 or more: G4E7B3EP
  • $6 off any order of $30 or more: COLUGQAB
  • $5 off any order from a Greek Restaurant: GOGREEK
  • $5 off your order, no minimum: MYBROTHER
  • $15 off any order of $30 or more: ENJOY15OFF
  • $7 off your first purchase: wL59WQ
  • $5 off a pickup order of $10 or more: 5PICKUP
  • 15% off a pickup order: PICKUP15OFF
  • $5 off orders: Automatically applied to a new customer’s first three orders

Many of these deals are limited-time offers. For an updated list, check out our guide to DoorDash promo codes.

How Does It Work?

You’ll find your unique referral link inside your DoorDash account.

Open the app, find the link and use that to share with friends and family.

Only new customers qualify for the bonus structure.

This means they never opened up a DoorDash account before, or they never linked their credit card or phone number to a DoorDash account in the past.

New customers must place their very first DoorDash order right away on the referral signup page to quality for bonus credits.

The referring customer will receive an email that confirms their friend or family member made a qualifying purchase.

Each person should see their credits show up in their

DoorDash accounts within 24 hours after placing the qualifying order.

Referral Program for Riders

DoorDash allows you to refer up to 25 customers who live in the same country you do.

This means a customer in the United States can’t refer a friend or family member who lives in Canada.

Different regions also have different qualifications, such as the required minimum order that the new customer must make to trigger the bonuses.

You can refer more to 25 people, of course, but you’ll only receive bonus credits for the first 25 people you refer to DoorDash.

Similar to the driver referral program, you need to work the DoorDash Customer Friends and Family Referral Program exactly how the name implies.

You should only refer to DoorDash people you know personally.

DoorDash doesn’t allow its customers to advertise the referral program.

You aren’t allowed to post your referral link anywhere that goes out to the general public.

This includes places such as:

  • Coupon sites
  • Craigslist
  • Backpage
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Google

You’re also prohibited from buying paid ads and promoting the customer referral program that way.

DoorDash reserves the right to deny referral credits for any referred customer and for any referring customer if the company believes that the order came from any restricted advertising method.

The only acceptable way to share your referral link is to text or email it to your friend or family member.

Or, you can use the Share Your Link option that appears inside your DoorDash account.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Customer Referral Bonus?

You’ll receive your customer referral bonus for referring a new customer 24 hours after your referred customer places their qualifying order on the DoorDash app.

How to Find Your Referral Code

You can’t refer a new driver or customer to DoorDash if you can’t find your official referral code.

Here’s where to find those links.

As a Driver

You can download the official DoorDash Driver app on the App Store or Google Play Store for free.

  • Open your Driver app on your smartphone
  • From the home screen, press “Dash”
  • Find the “Refer Friends” option and tap it
  • You’ll see the current DoorDash bonus promotion on the next screen
  • Tap the “Invites” tab
  • You’ll find your Dasher referral code on the next page
  • You can send it off via text, Facebook, Twitter, or email

As a Customer

Make sure you choose the correct DoorDash app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

  • Don’t download the DoorDash Driver app.
  • Find the DoorDash Food Delivery app and download it to your smartphone.
  • Open the Food Delivery app on your smartphone
  • Tap on the “Account” tab
  • Find the “Refer Friends, Get $” option and tap it
  • Your referral page will pop up next
  • Look for your referral code
  • Share it via email, text, or social media

Places to Share Your DoorDash Referral Codes

You can share your DoorDash referral codes via text, email, or social media.

Make sure you share only with people you know.

Don’t promote it in the restricted ways described above.

How to Sign Up With a DoorDash Referral Code

If you want to get credit as a new driver or customer, you must make sure you sign up through your referrer’s referral code.

If you don’t sign up that way, then you can’t qualify for your new driver or new customer bonus.

Your referring driver or customer won’t receive their bonus either.

As a Driver

To claim your bonus, sign up using the link that the referrer sent you.

Once you’ve completed the application process, passed the background check and completed your orientation, you’ll be eligible to start making deliveries and working toward your bonus.

Provided you meet the requirements to claim the bonus, no extra action is required on your part.

The bonus will appear in your account as soon as you’ve met the minimum requirements.

To check the status of your bonus, go to the “Earnings” tab in the Dasher app.

Note: You cannot retroactively apply referral bonuses.

Assuming you sign up using a link that someone sends you, this shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s worth mentioning to avoid potential frustration.

DoorDash has recently streamlined the process so that all you have to do is enter your information; the sign up page automatically includes the information of the person who referred you.

As a Customer

You must do the same thing.

Sign up directly from the link your friend or family member gave you.

Click on it from your email, text message, or from the social media platform they shared it on.

Note: You Can’t Apply Promotions Retroactively

You cannot retroactively apply DoorDash sign up bonus codes to your account.

You must enter the phone number of the person who referred you when you sign up.

If you don’t do this, you can still sign up for the service, but you won’t be eligible to receive any referral bonuses.

Luckily, DoorDash has recently updated their system so that as long as you’re using a direct referral link, the relevant information such as the referrer’s phone number will be automatically filled in.

Wrapping Up

We hope you now have a better understanding of how the DoorDash referral program works, as well as how you can get in on the action yourself.

For both new and veteran drivers, the referral program can offer substantial monetary benefits, so be sure to take advantage of it.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to earn your new driver bonus!

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