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How To Use The DoorDash Referral Program To Make Money

Key Takeaways

  • DoorDash’s referral program rewards customers, dashers, and merchants, offering bonuses for referrals.
  • Dashers can earn up to $300 for new driver referrals; rewards vary by location.
  • Referrals are shared via the DoorDash app or PC, with strict rules against spamming.
  • The program has referral caps and sharing restrictions, enhancing community growth and earnings.

Understanding the DoorDash Referral Program

The DoorDash referral program works like several other referral systems in the business. With DoorDash, you get varied referral options.

For instance, there’s the Consumer Friends and Family Referral Program.

For this deal, you, as a customer, can send a referral code to a friend or family member who is new to DoorDash. You’ll earn credits while the person you referred will get a discounted offer.

Another exceptional program offered by DoorDash is the Merchant Referral Program.

In this plan, you can refer a small business to enlist in DoorDash and get up to a $1,000 referral bonus. You’ll earn this reward once the small business signs up and completes 15 orders within 60 days.

That’s not all!

There’s another referral program for dashers: the DoorDash Driver Referral Program. As a dasher, you can refer someone else to become a driver as well.

For this reason, if you know anyone applying to be a DoorDash driver, ask them for your referral to earn more benefits.

The amount you earn for all referral programs particularly depends on your location. Some areas offer a higher bonus than others.

You can typically refer up to 15 drivers before the referral system no longer applies. DoorDash driver referrers can earn around $300 as long as the driver is signed up and has made up to 50 deliveries within the first month.

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How to Refer Someone to DoorDash

After finding a future fellow dasher to refer, it’s time to send your referral.

It’s worth noting that referrals aren’t always available and subject to changes in earnings and bonuses. This usually depends on your region.

How to Refer Someone to DoorDash As a Driver

If you want to enlist a dasher and get the referral benefits, the process is relatively straightforward.

Step 1: Access Your Referral Page

Go to your account and navigate to the “Promos” tab. You’ll notice a “Refer a friend to dash” banner displayed on top. 

Below the heading, you’ll see if there’s an availability for this offer. If not, it’ll likely mention, “Currently unavailable in your area.”

If it’s available, it’ll show you the amount you can potentially earn after referring a friend to become a dasher.

Step 2: Send Referral Link

You can find the referral link via the button under the ad banner for the referral program. The app also gives you an option to send the link via SMS or email.

There’s also a Facebook share icon that would allow you to post the link on your page and reach more people.

Step 3: Complete Onboarding

All that’s left to do now is wait until your friend signs up and completes the required number of trips. The app will track all of that for you. 

Any changes made to the signup bonus for new applicants won’t apply after the referred dasher is signed in and becomes a dasher.

How to Refer Someone to DoorDash As a Customer

Earn and share benefits as a DoorDash customer by following these steps:

Step 1: Find the Link

The unique referral link will be under your “Accounts” tab. Then, click on “Refer friends, get $.” You should see your referral page.

Step 2: Share the Link

Find the referral code on the page. Copy and share it via multiple platforms and channels, including SMS, email, and social media.

Step 3: Receive the Credit

The credit will automatically appear in your account after the person you referred uses the referral coupon.

You can also access the previous referral coupons and invitations activity from the same page.

DoorDash Referral Bonus Criteria and Earnings

Before you claim your referral bonus when referring another dasher, several requirements must be met. The referred dasher must:

  • Be new to DoorDash.
  • Complete their registration successfully.
  • Finish the number of deliveries detailed in the Dasher App 30 days after signup.

Aside from the criteria of the referral bonus, you’ll also want to consider the amount you can potentially earn from each referral.

Now, there isn’t a set structure for all locations. Consequently, you’ll have to check the app.

Within cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, your referral bonus can reach anywhere between $100 and $900.

As the person getting the referral, you’ll get a signup bonus that also depends on the region you reside in.

Tracking and Managing DoorDash Referrals

After referring your friend and having them sign up, you’ll want to keep track of their progress. You can do so by navigating to your referrals page. Next, go to “Check status.” It’ll show you all of your active referrals.

The app will present to you the number of deliveries each referred dasher has made so far. The best part is that you can check in on them through the app to encourage them.

Best Practices for Successful Referrals

You might want to reap the benefits of referrals and sign-ups but don’t have someone to send your referral links to. In this case, you can leverage the power of social media.

Since you have limited options in advertising the referral link or code, sharing them via platforms like Facebook, X, Instagram, and LinkedIn is your best bet at garnering more referral bonuses.

Aside from that, try to look within your personal connections and networks. Those can come from your current workplace if dashing is a side job, or your family, friends, and neighbors. Either way, don’t restrict your referrals to your inner circle alone.

How to Claim a Referral Bonus as a New Applicant

As a new applicant, you’re likely wondering how you can claim the referral bonus, whether as a dasher or customer. Here’s how:

How to Claim a Referral Bonus as a Dasher

You can access the referral benefits by clicking on the signup or referral link your friend sent you.

It’ll automatically sign you up to claim the referral bonus later on and should appear on your referee’s tracking log.

How to Claim a Referral Bonus as a Customer

If you want to access the referral benefits as a customer, use the unique referral link your friend sent you. It could’ve been through email, text, or a link shared.

The credits will be automatically applied as you checkout with your order.

Common Misconceptions and Clarifications

Whether you’re the person referring or getting the referral, you might still have some questions or issues. Here are some:

You Didn’t Receive the Referral Credits

If you didn’t receive the referral credits, chances are, they don’t qualify for the program. They need to meet the following requirements:

  • Use the unique referral link or code you sent.
  • Are a new customer on the DoorDash app.
  • Get an order with the minimum subtotal amount. The maximum discount you’ll receive is $15.

Your Dasher Friend Has a Different Offer from the One You Referred

You might run into this situation in the dasher referral program. You referred your future dasher friend under a specific offer, but they have a different offer on display.

Keep in mind that offers are usually locked once your friend is signed in, so why would they see a different offer? Well, referral offers typically change weekly.

Between the time you sent the link and the referred dasher signs in, DoorDash might’ve refreshed the offer.

To be fair, it can take some time since they’ll need to go through the background check and after getting waitlisted, only then would they successfully become a dasher.

Another explanation is that the friend may live in a different location. In this scenario, the offer applied will be from your friend’s account.

Referral Credit Amount Has Changed

You might’ve sent a referral code to another friend, but the amount of credits you received wasn’t the same as from the previous referral.

DoorDash doesn’t have structured referral credit amounts in its program. The amount continuously changes over time.

Referral Program Limitations and Restrictions

DoorDash’s referral programs often bring highly rewarding offers. Despite that, there are multiple limitations and restrictions to consider before you can get your hands on those deals.

1. Number of Referrals

There’s a cap on the number of referrals you can give out before the program is no longer applicable.

If you’re part of the Consumer Friends and Family Referral Program, you can only refer ten customers. That only applies to U.S. and Canadian residents. Those living in Australia or New Zealand can refer up to 25 customers.

In terms of the Merchant Referral Program, you can only refer up to ten merchants before the benefits become inapplicable.

2. Sharing Restrictions

When it comes to how you can share the referral links and codes, there are strict rules enforced by DoorDash.

The only platforms or communication methods you can use to share the referral are email, SMS, and social media.

In essence, DoorDash only wants you to share the referrals to personal connections, rather than the public. Subsequently, you can’t share the referral link to public websites like Craigslist, Google, eBay, Amazon, and other coupon sites.

You’re also restricted from purchasing ads or spamming the link to strangers online. DoorDash has the full authority to revoke any credits it deems suspiciously shared.

3. Promotion Application

Referral promotions aren’t applied retroactively. During signup, you need to enter the phone number of the person who referred you to DoorDash.

If you neglect this step, you’ll lose the referral opportunity. To make it easier, you can use the link your friend sent you directly, and the referral program will automatically apply.

The Impact of Referrals on Dasher Community

Referral programs offer more than just maximized earnings and savings. They also allow communities to stretch their reach.

DoorDash organizes “Dasher Community Events,” where drivers meet, interact, ask questions, share experiences, and form meaningful bonds. Referral programs help expand these networks.

On top of that, referrals diversify the dasher community’s demographic, whether in terms of race or age. Overall, it fosters a more inclusive community for dashers.

On the customer side, referral programs are a goldmine for businesses. Over 28% of millennials won’t use a service or product unless someone they know approves it. This analysis impacts DoorDash’s overall business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DoorDash Guarantee $10 per Hour?

Unlike other delivery companies, DoorDash doesn’t offer an above-standard pay. Despite that, it does stay true to its $10 per hour guarantee. This amount is usually given per order rather than per hour. If you don’t hit that payment threshold, DoorDash tops it off for you.

Does DoorDash Pay Weekly?

DoorDash pays its drivers every week via direct deposit. All the deliveries you’ve completed between Monday and Sunday from the past week will count towards the weekly payment. The transfer process can take around 2-3 days, so you can expect to receive it by Wednesday night at the latest.

Wrapping Up

Overall, several parties can benefit from implementing the DoorDash referral program, including new and old customers and dashers, as well as small businesses.

The program’s mutual benefits allow you to increase your income as a dasher and savings as a customer. You can take advantage of this mutually beneficial offer by sending the link or code to friends and family through email, text, or social media.

Be sure to follow all of DoorDash’s referral guidelines to access the deals. Compliance aside, we highly recommend following through with this program to earn and save money from the giant delivery app.

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