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DoorDash Student Discounts: How They Work & How To Claim

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DoorDash has finally caught up to college students’ huge need for better prices.

Students now have a plan that gives them 50% off!

Since the DoorDash student discount was only announced in April 2023, however, it can be difficult to find out exactly how it works.

That’s why we gathered everything you need to know about the new DoorDash plan for students in one place.

DoorDash DashPass Student Plan

Right now, DoorDash only offers one type of discount for college students, which is a 50% off DashPass plan, although student discount codes are available through some online platforms such as Student Beans.

What Is DashPass?

DashPass is DoorDash’s subscription service which is useful for regular users.

As a DashPass member, you have an unlimited number of deliveries with no delivery fees for eligible orders, members-only discount codes and promotions, and priority customer support.

Other perks include reduced service fees, 5% cashback in DoorDash credit on pickup orders, and exclusive menu items for members.

You also get the same perks on Caviar food delivery application. And first-time DashPass members can try the subscription service for one month for free.

What Is DashPass Student Plan and Who Is It For?

As a student, you can get a DashPass for only 50% of its original price, which is $9.99 monthly or $96 annually.

That means you’d be paying almost less than $50 a year for free food delivery.

To be eligible for the DoorDash DashPass Student Plan, you have to be an undergrad or graduate student.

That means that high school students don’t have access to these discounts as of yet.

You also have to be enrolled in an American university to be able to use student discounts.

Does DashPass Really Remove Delivery Fees?

It does but with a lot of fine print.

Firstly, you only get free delivery on food orders over $12 and grocery orders over $25.

You also still pay the service fee, although it’s reduced for eligible orders.

And you also have to be ordering from eligible restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery shops that have the DashPass green logo.

How Do You Sign Up for DashPass Student Plan?

Signing up for this DashPass plan is straightforward and only requires a few extra steps.

  1. On your account settings section, tap the “Get $0 delivery fees” button
  2. Choose “DashPass Student Plan”
  3. Input your full name, college, date of birth, and email address to be verified automatically as a student
  4. Choose the annual plan for $48 or the monthly payment of $4.99

And that’s it! You’ll get a confirmation on the app, and your credit card will be charged with the amount you chose.

Wrapping Up

It’s a good thing that DoorDash is catching up to how much college students rely on it for everything from normal takeout orders and late-night snacks to day-to-day grocery items and dorm essentials.

That’s why they made such a great payment plan just for students!

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