Drivers: If You Haven’t Given Lyft a Try in A While – You Should Now

I’m a member of several driver groups here in New York, where I drive.  I remember this one driver, in particular, who was steadfastly Uber-Only.  No matter how many times I recommended to him that he should sign up with Lyft as well, he adamantly refused.  He said, “I stay plenty busy with Uber and I don’t need any other apps complicating my life!”

So, I was shocked one day recently, when I noticed that he had posted a Lyft trip he had done that week.  Then, he began recommending Lyft to other drivers!  What in the world had happened, I wondered.  This was a complete 180 for him.

He told me that he had heard from other drivers that they were getting a lot more trips on Lyft than they had in the past.  And he had noticed he was waiting longer in between calls on Uber than he had in the past.  So, he signed on with Lyft and gave it a try.  He related that over the last couple of months he started doing more and more trips on Lyft and fewer on Uber.  He also told me that he had noticed the time between pings on Uber had gotten longer and longer.  So, he used Lyft to stay busy.

It had not escaped my notice that Uber has gotten a ton of horrible publicity over these last few months.  But, I was skeptical that all that would filter down to the public and actually cause a noticeable shift among riders from Uber to Lyft.  But, as reported here on Ridester, Lyft’s market share has indeed increased.

I was curious though, if the shift has been large enough for drivers to have actually noticed.  So, I went online this week and posed the question to different drivers groups from around the country.

The first message (below) is from a woman in Chicago who told us that she’ll get a trip to the airport on Uber, but she’ll flip on the Lyft app after she drops the passenger off and she’ll get a trip out, sooner on Lyft than on Uber.  And apparently from what she says, not just a little sooner, but a lot sooner!

The next two respondents say Lyft isn’t busy at all in their areas.  One is from a rural area of Michigan and the other is from Asheville, NC.  It makes sense that Lyft wouldn’t be too busy in smaller towns as they’ve just recently begun moving into more of these areas around the country.

Below, Amy says, they both have their days.  Some days Uber is busier and other days Lyft is busier.

John, below, says he averaged $30 per hour on Lyft for two hours this past week.  Apparently, he didn’t get any trips on Uber that day.

Again, in a smaller town, Mark tells us that Uber is much stronger in Grand Rapids.

Denine tells us, that she kept busy exclusively on Lyft this year – something she had not been able to do in the past.

Jenkins says Lyft has grown this year, but like Uber, they’ve added more drivers than they need.

Two people from Nashville say Uber is king in the suburbs.

Lyft fares well in Detroit, but not so well in other parts of Michigan.

Judging by all this, I would tell drivers they should give Lyft a try if they haven’t in a while.  It may keep them busier now than it has in the past.  It obviously varies from market to market, but you should at least try it out where you live – especially if you’re in a major city.  And especially, if you’ve noticed the wait time in between pings increasing on Uber.

Do you drive for Lyft in addition to Uber? Which one do you think is better for drivers? Let us know in the comments below!