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Drizly Coupons For New and Existing Users

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When it’s time to cut loose and have some fun, the last thing most people want to do is drive down to the liquor store before they enjoy their R&R.

With Drizly alcohol delivery service, you’ll never have to stress about who’s going to make the beer run.

The generous selection of Drizly coupons for new and existing users makes their service a no-brainer for folks who want to skip the trip to buy booze and save some cash doing it.

We’ve searched high and low for all the best Drizly promo codes, including free delivery, cashback offers, and instant discounts.

Our guide to Drizly promos will also explain Drizly’s referral program, which lets you earn voucher codes every time one of your friends uses your link to save on their orders.

Is Drizly Delivery Free?

Drizly does not offer free delivery without a coupon.

The Drizly delivery service costs $5 and a $1.99 service fee in most markets, but that may vary according to where you live.

For the price, you can order from the entire store inventory, whether you need a 12-pack of your favorite beer for a kickback with buddies or a bottle of white wine to enjoy with dinner.

If your neighborhood liquor store is out of select products, you can still get a Drizly deal on ground shipping from popular stores outside the local area.

Drizly offers delivery from a new store when select items are out of stock to make things easy.

While there are no Drizly vouchers for you to receive free shipping, you can still apply other promo codes to your order.

Apply Drizly promo codes for $5 or more off your entire order to save some cash, even if you can’t enjoy free shipping.

Does Drizly Have Free Delivery?

Are you interested in having alcohol delivered but don’t want to pay the fee?

With a Drizly coupon code for free delivery, a driver will bring your entire purchase to your door without extra fees.

Simply enter a delivery discount code when you checkout, and you’ll get $6.99 off of your total purchase price.

That takes care of the service fee, too!

New Drizly coupons pop up around the web, on social media sites, and in your email inbox all the time, so check there often for a discount coupon code.

Types of Drizly Promo Codes

You’ll never have to pay top dollar for your drinks, thanks to Drizly’s promo codes.

With a discount code, you can get a great deal on beer, wine, and liquor from one of your local Drizly store partners.

New customers and longtime fans can easily find a Drizly coupon online through the website or 3rd-party sites, like Honey.

One thing to keep in mind, though, before you use these coupons is that most liquor stores have a $30 minimum order.

That means that you may have to add another product to your cart to up your total after you apply your discount code to meet the store’s requirements.

Drizly Promo Codes for New Users

If you’re new to the Drizly experience, you can save a little green on your first transaction right through the website.

When you sign up for your account, you’ll receive a Drizly coupon for $5 off your first transaction of $20 or more.

New customers can also type in the promo code HELLO at checkout if the email doesn’t appear in your inbox.

Drizly Promo Codes for Existing Users

Existing users can still score Drizly coupons if the promo code isn’t specific to new customers.

Because you can only use one Drizly promo code per order, be sure to search around for the best offers available online before settling on the coupon you want to use.

In case a particular code doesn’t work, here are several more we tested on January 16, 2021, that worked during checkout:




$10 off your order


$7 off $30 or more


Free delivery


Free delivery on orders $25 or more


$5 off $20 or more


$5 off $30 or more


$5 off $30 or more


$5 off $30 or more


$5 off $30 or more


$5 off $30 or more


$5 off $30 or more

How to Apply a Drizly Promo Code

When you’re ready to get your liquor store ordered directly to your door, be sure you apply a Drizly promo code before checkout.

  • First, sign up for an account. Head over to the Drizly homepage and click “Create account” in the top right corner. You can sign up with your email address or through other services, like Facebook and Apple.
  • Once you’ve added your account credentials, the site will ask for your phone number. You’ll get a text from Drizly with a verification code to type into the site.
  • The final step for a new user account is typing in your address. If Drizly does not operate in your area, the site will have a pop-up notification indicating this.
  • Stock up on the items you would like Drizly to deliver.
  • Click on the cart icon to review your order summary.
  • Under the order summary, you’ll see the product subtotal, delivery feed, sales tax, service fee, tip, total, and a white button for adding promo codes. Click that button!
  • Type your promo code into the box, then click the red “APPLY” button.
  • Your new total will reflect the promo code discount.
  • If you decide to try out a different code, you can also remove the last one applied by clicking “Remove” in your order summary. This resets your order to pre-discount price, so you can type in a new promo.

You can also check out the official Drizly promo page for the latest offers.

You should also be aware that some state laws prohibit customers from using coupons or free delivery promotions for liquor deliveries.

Others- including Alabama, Mississippi, and Utah- don’t allow delivery services for liquor at all.

If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to use a Drizly promo code even though your purchase qualified for the offer, contact the Customer Experience Team, and they will apply the discount to your account.

Don’t wait around too long to use your coupon code, though!

Expired Drizly coupons won’t apply to your purchase, so if it’s past the expiry date, you’ll pay the total order price.

Other Ways to Save on Drizly

Just in case you can’t find any promo codes, you can still rely on the Drizly new customers’ referral program for a coupon code.

vector graphic showing a person using a drizly coupon when ordering something through the service

Drizly Referral Program

Drizly offers two referral programs: Driz for Biz for commercial purchases and their standard program for individual customers.

If you need to keep your office well-stocked with adult beverages for your next mixer or employee social event, Driz for Biz offers corporate specials with plenty of perks:

  • One-click office fridge reordering
  • A White Glove Team of concierges to help you find the perfect selection of drinks
  • PDF receipts
  • Client gifting with bulk discounts during the holiday season
  • Services available nationwide

Drizly also has an easy-to-use referral program for home orders that generates a $5 off code to share with your friends.

Each time a buddy uses your specific code, you’ll score a $5 discount on your account, too.

Drizly Military Discount

Unfortunately, Drizly does not have a military discount available at this time.

Cashback at Drizly

Unlike some other delivery services, Drizly doesn’t offer cashback for purchases.

There are a few options for users who want to double up with cashback and a promo code, though.

Services like UPromise and Ibotta partner with Drizly to put money back in your pocket on your first purchase.

Drizly Student Discount

While there is not an official Drizly student discount, of-age college students should check back frequently on the service’s website and social media profiles for the latest promo codes.

If you sign up for texts, the service will occasionally send you messages with a Drizly promo code.

You can also stay tuned for Drizly coupon emails, especially before local events or holidays, like Black Friday.

Alternatively, you can check out the Grubhub student discount and save on that competing service.

How to Get Credit on Drizly

Invite a friend to use Drizly and get rewarded!

The service’s referral program gives you and your buddy a promo code for $5 off your next order.

That’s a pretty great deal, especially if you have lots of friends who want to spend less time shopping and more time relaxing.

We’ll walk you through how to use the referral program on your desktop and smartphone.

vector graphic showing a hand holding a smarphone with the drizly app on the screen wondering how does drizly work

Use the Drizly Referral Program

If you have a few friends you think would be interested in alcohol delivery via Drizly, new customers can use your referral code to nab a voucher code for $5 off their total purchase.

For participating in the referral program, you’ll also get a $5 savings credit Drizly coupon code every time someone uses your link.

How to Refer a Friend on Drizly

Share the convenience and savings with a buddy!

You can get a Drizly discount code referral link through the desktop site or the app.


  • Sign in to your Drizly account.
  • In the left-hand corner, click the drop-down arrow by your name.
  • Click “Invite friends, get $5.”
  • You’ll land on a page with a custom referral link. Copy this link and send it to a friend.
  • After clicking the link, they’ll see a Drizly coupon code to enter at checkout.


  • Open the Drizly app on your smartphone.
  • Tap the “Account” icon on the bottom bar.
  • On your Account page, click the “Refer a Friend” icon.
  • Choose how you want to share your code. You can choose from Text, Facebook, Twitter, or any other messaging service through the “Share” option.
  • When they click the message, they’ll end up on the same Drizly promo page as they would on the desktop site.

Wrapping Up

With Drizly, you’ll never have to stress about ending the party early!

This convenient service makes your life easier and more refreshing by delivering your favorite alcohol to your home.

They are very generous with their coupon code offers, and frequent deals are available for eagle-eyed bargain shoppers.

Just in case you’re searching around for other delivery service bargains, don’t forget to check out our promo code guides for Instacart, Grubhub, and Doordash.

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