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Electric Scooter 20 MPH: The Definitive Guide of 2023

If you want to conveniently get from point A to B on an electric vehicle, a 20 MPH electric scooter could be your best choice.

While that speed isn’t ultra-fast, it’s not sluggish either.

Most models in that speed class tend to be affordable options under $1000, and while they are innumerable, only a handful of options are worth the purchase.

From our experiences having owned and ridden these models, we only found five worthwhile.

The Best 5 20 mph electric scooters for each use case

EMOVE Touring: The best 20 mph electric scooter overall

EMOVE Touring

Best For: Those looking for a budget-friendly scooter for heavy adults

Top Features:

  • 48V 13AH LG 
  • 25 mph top speed
  • 32 miles of ample range. 

The EMOVE Touring adult electric scooter is among the highest-weight-limit affordable units for heavy adults.

Riders can buy it in different color options such as Red, Black, White, Purple, or Orange to complement their looks.

The specifications that make the Touring stand out among its competitors are as we tabulate below:

Top Speed25 mph
Top Range32 miles
Electric Motor500W; Rear
Battery48V 13Ah; LG
Suspension Rear spring, dual front springs
Hill climbing ability15°
Braking Rear drum + regenerative braking
Weight39 lbs
Weight limit308 lbs

Why the EMOVE Touring scooter?

Branded battery cells

The EMOVE Touring electric kick scooter is one of the few models under $1K with a premium branded battery.

With a 48V 13Ah LG battery, buyers can rest assured that this premium component won’t break down on you months after use.

And just so you know, an electric scooter battery is the most expensive component, and having one that doesn’t need replacement soon after purchase is perfect for your wallet and peace of mind.

Front pneumatic and solid rear wheels 

Commuters loathe it when punctures affect their tires, and the situation is even worse when they face flat tires on both wheels.

EMOVE decided to diversify the risk of this happening and included an 8-inch air-filled front and 8-inch solid rubber tires on their Touring model.

Triple suspension system

Undoubtedly, electric scooters with solid tires have poor ride quality.

Since the Touring has a solid wheel at the rear, EMOVE had to improve the ride quality, so they included a rear spring and 2 more at the front to handle different terrains better.

Even at 20 mph, electric scooter riders can enjoy enhanced shock absorption, all thanks to the triple suspension and the shock absorption provided by the front pneumatic tire.  

Fast charging time

A charging time of between 3 and 4 hours to go from 0 to 100 is one of the factors making this model one of the fastest-charging e-scooters for adults. 

Unlike most single-charging port scooters that fully charge in over 10 hours, you won’t have to wait the whole day to juice up your Touring and possibly beat your deadline.

High weight limit

The Touring has a load capacity of 308 lbs, so it can comfortably handle heavy adult weights.

Again, if you aren’t near the scooter’s weight capacity, you can carry some luggage and still have the ride move properly to your planned destination.

EMOVE Touring Pros

Weighing only 39 lbs, this scooter’s seamless folding mechanism makes portability easier

The combination of pneumatic and solid tires diversifies the risk of flats happening

The premium branded LG battery has a high discharge rate and a longer life span

The long and wider deck is handy for riders of different sizes and feet lengths to move comfortably

The headlight, front, and rear lights are bright enough to make visibility better at nighttime.


The EMOVE Touring features a rear drum brake, which isn’t the best for sudden stopping power

The solid rear wheel has poor traction offroad.

TurboAnt V8: The best 20 mph scooter for range

TurboAnt V8

Best For: Those looking for the best 20 mph scooter for range

Top Features:

  • 450 W motor
  • 50 miles top range
  • 275lb load capacity

If you look forward to owning the best electric scooter for a long-range that can go for a max speed of 20, the TurboAnt V8 e-scooter is well-suited to your interests.

One of the few dual-battery scooters today, the V8 is loved for its outstanding 50-mile range on a single charge.

Even better, riders can swap one of the batteries and extend the range to be more.

These are the ultimate TurboAnt V8 specs:

Maximum speed20 mph
Maximum range50 miles
Battery capacity36V 7.5Ah for each of the two
Motor 450W
Charging time4 hours
BrakingDisc + electronic brakes
Water-resistance ratingIP54
Tire size9 inch
Weight47.62 lbs
Weight limit275 lbs

Why TurboAnt V8 electric scooter?

Dual batteries

A long-range electric scooter is the best choice if you have a longer distance to cover.

The TurboAnt V8 has dual 36V 7.5Ah batteries, making achieving up to 50 miles maximum range possible.

When the two batteries charge in parallel, they will run from 0 to 100 in just 4 hours, getting you going quickly.

Sizeable tires

Since the TurboAnt V8 scooter comes with 9-inch tubed air-filled tires, riding it in different terrains feels excellent, as shock absorption is outstanding.

Better still, this scooter features dual spring suspension at the rear.

Coupled with the sizeable tires, suspension when riding off the road feels more agile.

Cruise control

Depending on how much speed a rider feels comfortable riding, they can engage the cruise control and save their finger from getting tired.

When the Cruise control option is activated, the scooter maintains a specific speed limit, making the rider relax their fingers from pressing the throttle.

Different riding modes

If you are a beginner rider or wish to achieve the most range without caring much about the max speed you will ride, the V8 allows you to engage the ECO mode.

While at this, the scooter won’t go past the 6MPH speed limit.

For riders who love balanced worlds of speed and range, you can select the Standard Mode and ride at a maximum speed of 9 mph.

If you don’t have any consideration for range, you can floor the throttle to 20 miles per hour, and while at that, you will be in Sport Mode.

TurboAnt V8 Pros

Riders can maintain their current speed thanks to the cruise control feature

Since this scooter has a minimalistic design, it can perfectly fit across most compact spaces  

Riders can select to go slowly, moderately, or at a higher speed thanks to the 3 different riding gears

Its frame is made from aluminum alloy, making this scooter durable

The anti-skid 9-inch wide deck is expansive enough for riders of different feet sizes to cruise comfortably.


This scooter is heavy

The display is relatively hard to see under sunlight.

Varla Falcon: The best e-scooter for foldability

Varla Falcon

Best For: Those looking for a foldable e-scooter

Top Features:

  • 500W hub motor
  • 22mph top speed
  • 265 lbs maximum load

If a flawless folding mechanism means anything to you as you look for a relatively fast electric scooter, the Varla Falcon is suitable.

With its properly sheathed cables, the design is minimalist, and keeping it in tight spaces, such as in a car’s trunk, is easier than most 20 mph e scooter models.

Find its specifications below:

Max Speed22 mph
Max Range 25 miles
Battery48V 10.4Ah
SuspensionDual springs
BrakingDisc + electronic
Weight50 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs

Why Varla Falcon?

Great folding mechanism

Varla uses a modern folding mechanism for their Falcon model, and the scooter can be folded or unfolded in just 3 seconds.

While this model isn’t ultra-portable, most adults won’t have a problem lifting the unit and keeping it in a car’s trunk.

Durable aluminum alloy frame material

The Varla Falcon e-scooter has a durable frame made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy.

With this one, there is little to no chance of the scooter breaking on you.

Tubeless tires

This scooter has a 9-inch tire size.

These tubeless pneumatic tires are a perfect size for raising ground clearance and offer better puncture resistance.

Dual suspension

The Varla Falcon scooter has dual springs as the suspension type.

These two work independently, making the suspension on different terrains better.

That way, shock absorption on rough terrains or bumpy roads is better.

Varla Falcon Pros

The Varla Falcon’s electric motor produces 26 Nm Torque, making the scooter maneuver different raised terrains better and faster. The scooter has a 19% hill-climbing ability

This 20 mph e-scooter has an efficient Battery Management System to prevent overcharging or short-circuiting the battery

Riders can buy the Falcon in either Red or Blue, giving them the ability to select the color that best supplements their looks

The headlight and taillights are bright enough for nighttime riding

Its sizeable 25.98” long and 7.09-inch deck is expansive enough to properly place the two feet.


Considering its perfect folding mechanism, this scooter could be lighter

The weight limit could be higher to accommodate heavier riders.

TurboAnt X7 Max: The best budget 20 mph top-speed scooter

TurboAnt X7 Max

Best For: Those looking for a budget-friendly 20 mph top-speed scooter

Top Features:

  • 32 miles top range
  • 350 W motor
  • 275 lbs weight capacity

Are you interested in an electric scooter that can go 20 miles per hour but at a fraction of the cost?

The TurboAnt X7 Max scooter has been a top seller since its launch in July 2022 and its low pricing is one of the contributing factors.

Going for below $600 and with specifications known for a real adult scooter, the X7 Max is an irresistible unit.

You can look at its specifications in the table below:

Max Range32 miles
Battery36V 10Ah
Hill climbing ability15 degrees
Ground clearance 5.3 inches
Tire size 10-inch
Lighting3W Headlight, Red rear lights
Braking Electronic + Disc brake
Weight34.2 lbs
Weight Capacity275 lbs

Why TurboAnt X7 Max?

Removable battery

The TurboAnt X7 Max has a removable battery conveniently placed on the scooter’s stem.

Even better, this batt is swappable, and riders can get another to always up their battery level and get going whenever necessary.

A battery lock is conveniently engulfed on the stem always to secure this component in its proper position.

High load capacity

If you are a heavy adult interested in spending less and gaining more from an e-scooter, nothing should stop you from owning the TurboAnt X7 Max, as it has a weight limit of 275 lbs.

You shouldn’t worry about the frame material, too, as this ride is made from a sturdy aviation-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy.

Massive pneumatic tires

The TurboAnt X7 Max has 10-inch air-filled tires, which helps raise the scooter’s ground clearance.

With a ground clearance of 5.3 inches, this scooter easily rides over speed bumps, and accessing different terrains is easier.

Again, these sizeable tires are ideal for offering a better shock absorption mechanism and have some simple rims to make tube repairs smoother.

Safety features

The X7 Max has an electronic + disc brake for added stopping power.

Again, it has a 3W White LED front light and a Red LED tail light for proper nighttime visibility.

Its bell is similar to those found on an electric bike and is loud enough to alert other riders or pedestrians on a sidewalk to stay safe.

Different riding modes

 Like the TurboAnt V8, the TurboAnt X7 Max has 3 riding modes. These are ECO, Comfort, and Sport.

Riders who aren’t in a hurry and 6 mph seems perfect for them can engage the ECO mode to keep the battery level moving slowly, while those who wish some safe and comfy speed can select the “Comfort” mode to go at a maximum speed of 9 mph.

Riders interested in pushing the X7 Max to its limit can engage the Sport mode and get literally flying.

TurboAnt X7 Max Pros

The thick stem is perfect for eliminating wobbling at the full electric scooters speed

The swappable battery feature is handy for riders who wish to extend their range and cover more distance on a single charge

The IPX4 water-resistance rating is ideal for when riders get caught up under light rains

The air-filled tires make shock absorption better and raise the scooter’s clearance from the ground to reduce scratching, especially on bumps

The brakes and the lights are vital features that keep the rider as safe as possible.


This scooter lacks a suspension system

The kickstand could be more durable.

Varla Pegasus: The most reliable electric scooter that goes 20 mph

Varla Pegasus

Best For: Those looking for a reliable 20mph e-scooter

Top Features:

  • Dual 500W motor
  • 28mph top speed
  • 25 miles top range

If reliability is your leading scooter purchasing factor, the Varla Pegasus model might end your search.

To begin with, this scooter’s frame is manufactured using a Magnesium-Aluminum alloy frame, one of the sturdiest manufacturing materials available.

For the tires, the front is an 8-inch solid fat one, while the rear is a 9-inch vacuum puncture-resistant tire.

These are the crucial Varla Pegasus specs:

MotorDual; 500W each
Battery48V 15.6Ah
Top Speed28 mph
Top Range25 miles
Minimum charging time7 hours
SuspensionDual spring
Braking Dual disc
Hill climbing ability25°
Weight66 lbs
Weight Limit280 lbs

Why Varla Pegasus

Dual disc brakes

We didn’t award the Varla Pegasus as the most reliable ride for no reason.

Reliable brakes contribute to an e-scooter being a more reliable ride, and since the Pegasus features the disc type, you can rely on this model for the utmost stopping power.

Dual suspension systems

The Varla Pegasus has dual springs as the primary suspension type; with these, you can be sure that conquering different terrains is easier.

Even better, you can ride inclined surfaces of up to 25 degrees, and thanks to the scooter’s climbing ability and the suspension, the motors won’t be pushed to their full limit just yet.

Dual motors

Riding in dual-motor mode helps ease the burden on a single motor, improving the component’s longevity.

Since the Varla Pegasus has dual 500W motors, the scooter even has a higher top speed than 20 mph, making it easier to pass on bumpy riding conditions.

Massive LCD Display  

The Varla Pegasus has a sizeable 4.6-inch smart LCD Display and noting factors such as your riding mode, speed, range, and battery status is easier.

This is one of the electric scooters with the biggest display systems.

In fact, Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro is one of the electric scooters with the biggest displays and is only 4 inches.

The Pegasus one is 0.6-inch larger.

Varla Pegasus Pros

The big display is visible enough even under direct sunlight

The dual headlights and a taillight are bright enough to make visibility during nighttime riding better

The thumb throttle is strategically positioned for easier acceleration

The wide silicone deck is expansive enough for big riders to keep their feet more comfortable

The agile acceleration comes in handy for speed enthusiasts.


Water resistance could be better

The scooter is heavy for most riders to lift it.

5 Vital factors to consider when buying a 20 miles per hour scooter

1. Intended purpose

What’s your primary purpose for selecting an e-scooter with a maximum speed of 20 mph and not any other speed? Is it because you fear going faster or just want a convenient last-mile transportation aid to get from point A to B?

Your intended purpose for using such a scooter should direct you to make an informed decision.

2. The scooter’s load capacity vs your weight

We always root for buying an e-scooter with a higher load capacity than your weight by at least 30 lbs.

For example, if you weigh 220 lbs, buying an e-scooter with a 250-lb weight capacity is a great idea.

You must avoid overloading your scooter as the specs, such as the top speed and top range, will reduce significantly as you approach the ride’s weight limit.

Again, you will avoid straining the components, giving the scooter more longevity.

3. Range

You will need a scooter that won’t leave you on the way owing to a dead battery, and considering a longer range one than the amount of distance you intend to cover is a wise idea.

4. Build quality

One of the ways to be safe is by owning and riding an e-scooter with a durable frame.

Aluminum alloy is a sturdy frame-making material; if you get a scooter with one, it’s a great choice.

The stem should also be durable, as any wobbling will possibly lead to you losing control and eventually getting involved in an accident.

6. Foldability and portability

You need a scooter that has a great folding mechanism.

Again, it should be portable for you to conveniently store it even in tight spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 20 mph fast for an electric scooter?

For riders not used to riding electric scooters, 20 mph feels fast.

As such, we ask that you wear your riding safety gear to be on the safer side.

What is the cheapest 20 mph scooter?

We find the TurboAnt X7 Max to be the most affordable 20 mph e-scooter for adults.

What is the best 20 mph scooter under $500?

The TurboAnt X7 Max has a starting price of $479.98, and we find it the best electric scooter under $500 with a 20 mph top speed.

Is there a 20 mph electric scooter with seat?

Most 20 mph electric scooters support seated riding, but none comes with an integrated seat.

You must buy a separate removable seat and attach it to your scooter.

Wrapping Up

An electric scooter with a 20 mph can be a handy companion for your commuting needs or if you want to run some errands.

It’s, however, worth it for you to go for the model that will offer the most convenience and at a considerable price.

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