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Electric Scooter for Food Delivery: 6 Tips and Customization

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If you wish to make money delivering food with your electric scooter, there are several tips we would like to share with you. 

These will help you to do your business as seamlessly as possible. 

1. Range plays a critical role 

I love defining range as how much distance you will cover with your electric scooter before the battery’s voltage cut-off kicks in. 

As you consider an electric scooter for food delivery, it is therefore worth it for you to look into a ride that will cover the longest distance without having the battery die on you. 

The problem, though is that most long-range electric scooters are expensive.

If you can’t afford a hyper scooter that can hit close to 100 miles or more, you can opt for a high-quality budget electric scooter with a swappable battery feature. 

Some tremendous affordable rides with a swappable battery feature include: 

TurboAnt V8 TurboAnt X7 MaxTurboAnt X7 Pro
Top Range50 miles32 miles30 miles
Top Speed20mph20mph20mph
BatteryDual 36V 7.5Ah36V 10Ah36V 10Ah
Charging time4 hours6 hours6 hours
Water resistance IP54IPX4IPX4

Of the three, we highly recommend the TurboAnt V8 electric scooter since it comes with dual batteries by default.

One of the batteries is beneath the deck while the other is located on the stem. 

The battery on the stem is swappable, which means you can add another battery and keep going. 

The TurboAnt X7 Max is the upgrade of the TurboAnt X7 Pro and has its battery on the stem.

The battery is removable and comes with a lock to keep it highly secure. 

If your pockets can only reach the X7 Pro, you can also buy it, but the other two will offer the best riding experience. 

If budget isn’t an issue for you, you can opt for a premium-grade electric scooter such as the Dualtron Storm or the dual-battery Dualtron X2 which offers a world-class range of up to 91 miles. 

If you already have an e-scooter that you are looking forward to increasing its range, you can as well buy another battery pack.

Depending on the stem design, you can place the other battery there, provided you keep it in parallel to the other. 

Having two batteries or even three will make your work easier as you can ride for almost the entire day. 

2. Have a large backpack

Electric Scooter for Food Delivery

A large backpack will come in handy for you if you get massive orders such as 14-inch large pizzas. 

Additionally, the backpack needs to feature velcro straps on the sides to help you keep drinks safe. 

If you will be handling long-distance deliveries, we highly recommend that you get an insulated box backpack to deliver the food and drinks as hot as possible.

That’s a great way to take care of customer satisfaction and experience. 

3. Waterproof your electric scooter

There is currently no fully-waterproof electric scooter as of the moment.

Some scooters such as the EMOVE Cruiser have a certified water-resistance rating of IPX6, which makes them get described as the most moisture-resistant in the world. 

However, we highly recommend that you waterproof your e-scooter regardless of how the seller claims it’s water-resistant. 

Under most circumstances, you may fail to notice any physical damage to the scooter when you ride under light rains, but believe that the motor may develop rust way after you ride in the rain. 

To avoid the rusting of some electric components, it’s worth it to waterproof your scooter since you may unintentionally get caught in the rain maybe from your delivery job. 

If you have been caught up in rain, these are tips you can follow to enhance the longevity of your scooter:

  • Get a soft cloth and dry your scooter completely
  • If you suspect that there was some water that entered electric components such as the motor, we highly recommend that you open the motor compartment and dry it. After that, grease it. 

If you have a new scooter that you would like to do a food delivery job with, you can waterproof it even before you hit the road to prevent any occurrence of contact with water. 

The best way to go about it is by applying silicone to the entire scooter.

Should you also see any holes that seem like they don’t have any functions on the scooter, be sure to use silicone fillings and them up. 

4. Never leave your electric scooter unattended for long

There are many reported instances of electric scooter thefts and it’s better that you duly protect yours. 

If you are going to pick up your order, it’s worth it for you to go with your ride everywhere (provided it’s allowed). 

In the case of establishments where you are prohibited from taking your e-scooter, then check the next sub-topic.

5. Secure your scooter against theft

Lock for electric scooter

Since you can’t manage to enter everywhere with your scooter and you can sometimes get held up somewhere, it’s worth it for you to secure your scooter well. 

One of the best ways you can secure your e-scooter against theft is by locking it with a dependable U-Lock. 

In our post about how you can lock an electric scooter properly, we recommended that you identify a strong locking place on the scooter (think of the neck on the folding mechanism or somewhere similarly sturdy), get a high-quality U-Lock, and then identify a sturdy fixture such as a bike rack to securely lock your scooter. 

6. Wear protective gear

Since you will be riding your scooter for long, there are increased chances of getting involved in an accident. 

Not even that, you may also affect your health in the long term, especially in the chest if you fail to wear protective jackets. 

Some safety gear equipment you will desperately need include: 

  • A full-face helmet
  • A riding jacket
  • Shin guards
  • Riding boots

We have compiled a full list of the ten pieces of safety equipment you will need to keep yourself safe while riding your scooter. 

Customize your scooter to fit the food delivery job

Since you will need to do your delivery job relatively fast to perhaps make more money within a little time, one of the great ways to go about customizing an electric scooter is by removing the speed limiter

When you remove the speed limiter, you unlock your scooter to hit higher top speeds, but you should be knowledgeable about the local laws to prevent yourself from landing into trouble. 

The other point to note is that since most lights in e-scooters aren’t bright enough, you may need to add brighter lights to keep yourself safer at night and other road users. 

In Summary

It’s important to adequately prepare yourself for your electric scooter for food delivery journey so that you can have a seamless business.

Not only that, but you also need to be safe as you run your errands. 

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