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Where Can I get Electric Scooter Repair Services?

Having to do an e scooter repair of any kind is one of the most painful experiences of owning an electric scooter. 

The problem is that there are currently not many places that offer electric scooter repair services and some of those who do sometimes lack the service parts. 

For the more than 3 years I have owned electric scooters, finding the right places to fix electric scooters has been a nightmare. However, not anymore as more mechatronics and mechanical engineers have switched gears and employed themselves to service these rides.   

We are happy to share with you some tips to have your electric scooters repaired perfectly and the best places we know that can repair your ride to scoot as new.

Contact the distributor first

I feel that contacting the distributor should be the first step when your scooter needs some repair to be done, instead of directly going to the repair shop for help. 

If they are in your country, then you can agree with them to send the scooter for repair.

Chances are high that they will repair the ride to your expectation as they are knowledgeable about it. 

If they are in the Overseas, then you can let the seller know the problems affecting your scooter and have them send the replacement parts to you.

That way, you will be in a better position to be helped by the repair shop since most sell the parts for the scooters in their offerings. 

With that out of the way, let’s see some great places that repair electric scooters, as well as any other needful information you may need to know.

Where Can I have e scooter repair services in the USA?

1. Voro Motors

Voro Motors is one of the most reputable electric scooter sellers in the USA.

If you have a problem and would like them to fix electric scooter for you, then getting in touch with them via their Live Chat prompt is a wise decision. 

It’s important to note that Voro Motors doesn’t offer repair services at all their warehouses. 

As of the moment, they repair electric scooters at their NYC service center.

As such, you will have to package your scooter and ship it to that warehouse for fixing. 

When we reached out to find their charges, we determined that they charge from $75 per hour for the labor. 

Fixing brakes, LCD Display, light and horn buttons, and stem tightening tend to be the least expensive and the repair/replacing costs start from $37.5 since the approximated time is 30 minutes. 

Replacing all the stem components is the most expensive with the costs going up to $750. 

2. MiniMotors

If you are looking for an electric scooter repair service around New York City, then MiniMotors Brooklyn is also another ideal service center, especially when you own Dualtron, Futecher, and Speedway electric scooters. 

Not to worry, though, if you own another model, you can get in touch with the team to look into whether they can help with your ride. 

You can as well take your ride to MiniMotors NYC for repairs, component upgrades, and customization to your taste. 

MiniMotors NYC is located at 79 Madison St, Minimotors NYC.

A simple phone call or email will have you getting in touch with them. 

3. Levy Electric

If you are around Manhattan, NYC, you can have your Levy electric scooter repaired at Levy Electric

They, however, ask you to get in touch first before shipping the scooter to them so that they may determine the kind of service the scooter needs and if the spare parts are available.  

If you own a model that is not Levy Electric branded, then they ask you to get in touch with them with a detailed description of what kind of repairs you need to be done.

You must provide the spare parts for this, though. 

If you are not around NYC, you can also contact them to provide you with the addresses of repair centers near you as they have many technicians across different parts of the country. 

4. Wheelzen Rides

If you are in Las Vegas, Nevada, then Wheelzen Rides is your ultimate place to do your e scooter repair at. 

Wheelzen Rides not only does repairs but also sells electric scooters and offers rental services for scooters and other Personal Electric Vehicles. 

Their hourly labor rate, just like Voro Motors, starts from $75.

It’s important that you get in touch with them first and describe your issue so that they may know best how to go about fixing your electric scooter. 

5. Electric Scooter San Diego

If you are in California and would like to have your electric scooter serviced by experts, then Electric Scooter San Diego offers the service. 

For electric scooters that you didn’t buy from them, they currently offer brake and tire repair services since accessing parts for the scooters out of their offerings is currently impossible.

They recommend taking the scooters to them to check what needs to be fixed. 

6. Tiger Scooter

Are you near San Francisco and would like to have your scooter repaired? You can get in touch with Tiger Scooter for their repair services. 

They not only service scooters but also offer an array of e scooter parts and accessories.

Nevertheless, if you have your parts tailored explicitly for your e-scooter, you can send them along with your scooter for servicing. 

Where Can I repair my electric scooter in Canada?

Urban Machina is one of the most reputable electric scooter sellers in Canada.

In case you own a Vsett, Inokim, EVOLV, I-Max, and One Mile model, you can rely on them to fix your electric scooter for you. 

They recommend scheduling a servicing appointment so that they may determine how they can best help you with your e scooter repair. 

As of the moment, Urban Machina repairs the electric scooters they sell at their Vancouver, BC physical store. 

If you are in Toronto or Ottawa, you can also have your electric scooter repaired at the Repair and Run stores.

While they love it more when they repair major brands such as Dualtron, Inokim, Xiaomi, and Ninebot, Repair and Run also services many other models.

You can contact them first, let them know the model, and what exactly needs to be repaired. 

E Scooter Repair Services in Europe 

If you are in the EU and would like to have your scooter serviced, then Ride Fat Daddy is one of the few electric scooter shops that repair scooters across Europe.

Regardless of whether you have bought the scooter from them or other vendors, the Ride Fat Daddy team is always looking forward to servicing all the kinds of customers. 

While they also sell service parts, they also service scooters that get sent to them with their corresponding parts at no extra costs. 

Ride Fat Daddy has physical stores in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Croatia.

You can send your electric scooter to the nearest physical store and have your scooter repaired by experts.

If you are in Ireland and would like your scooter repaired as soon as possible, then Loco Scooters has a physical store in Dublin where you can have your ride serviced. 

One of the critical advantages of dealing with a company such as Loco Scooters is that they offer pick and return services for the scooter. 

Regardless of if you are in your home or office, you can have your scooter conveniently picked, repaired, and returned to where you want it.

In such an arrangement, there is no worry about the scooter getting further damages owing to transportation. 

E-Scooter Repairing in the UK

If you are in the UK and would like to get your ride back to shape, then Halfords aims to please in that sector. 

Regardless of whether you own a Halfords-branded scooter or not, they are always happy to repair any scooter that comes their way. 

However, they like it more when they begin the process by conducting a thorough process into the scooter to ascertain what might have gone wrong, especially when dealing with scooters that they don’t sell. 

Since they don’t stock parts for scooters that they don’t sell, you may need to send your scooter along with new replacements of the damaged parts so as to serve you appropriately. 

If you are around Soho, you can also send your scooter for repair at Soho Scooters.

You may need to get in touch with Soho Scooters beforehand to ascertain whether they have the parts of your scooter, especially if it’s a model they don’t deal in. 

Other helpful tips to consider

You can also repair it at the nearest electric bike shop

If you have a shop for electric bike repair services near you, you can as well take your electric scooter there and enquire if they can service your ride. 

This is applicable for basic repair services such as tire swapping, brake alignments, and any other basic electric scooter fixing services. 

However, you may need to be careful with the team handling electrical components such as the controllers, throttle, motors, and the battery, especially if they lack the needed expertise to handle them. 

Do the repairs yourself   

If you are handy enough, you can do e-scooter repair with the guidance of YouTube videos, especially when doing the basic fixes. 

It’s even better when you have a mechatronics background since you will be in a position to handle even the most complex components such as the controllers. 

We recommend that you don’t try to repair the electrical components if the scooter is still under warranty since you may void it.

The other risk is that you may end up damaging the scooter more than how it was initially. 

If you feel that you aren’t confident enough to repair your e-scooter, we recommend getting in touch first with the seller, let them know the problem, and have them offer advice on what to do next. 

For scooters that are still in warranty, you can ask the seller to send you the damaged parts so that you may ship the replacements along with the scooter to professional repair experts. 

Personal Electric Vehicle Shops

Since the demand for Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs) is surging,you can go to the nearest PEV shop and ask whether they are offering the service. 

You will be surprised to find that some have in-house mechanics who will be happy to handle the work for you. 

What’s even better is that these PEV shops are available across most major cities and doing a quick browsing will have you getting results. 

Post on Social

Posting what needs to be repaired on the relevant social media networks with say videos is a great way for you to get help. 

There are some electric scooter owners who are experts in the DIY scooter niche but haven’t monetized their skill. 

If you get one of those near you, you will enjoy it since most of these enthusiasts have the needful tool kits to necessitate the scooter repair work. 

Some of the social networks you can find such great riders include electric scooter Facebook Groups, Sub-reddits, and also searching the FB Pages of the repair centers. 

Search “where to fix electric scooter near me” on your browser

Depending on the browser you use, you can do a simple search such as, “repair electric scooter near me” and you will definitely get results. 

One of the best browsers that return tailored results for such kinds of queries is Google.

If there are electric scooter repair shops near where you are, then Google will undoubtedly help in narrowing your search. 

Luck will be on your side if you find that the nearest shops near you actually fix your specific electric scooter problems.

If they do but lack the parts, you can then order for the missing parts from the distributor. 

In Summary: Electric Scooter Repair Services

Finding the right electric scooter repair places is like hitting a jackpot.

Your scooter gets back in perfect shape and you will ride worry-free knowing that you are safe in your ride.

Before getting in touch with a repair shop, it’s worth it to contact the distributor first and see how best they can help you. 

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