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The 10 Must-Have Electric Scooter Safety Gear

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Electric scooters are undeniably fun to ride.

They are eco-friendly and require minimal effort to operate and maintain. 

However, one of the most overlooked things before taking the gadget for a spin is wearing the appropriate safety gear. 

Some have gotten severely injured while others have met their death while scooting.

This owes to the fact that some riders don’t put on ANY safety gear.

The other percentage comprises riders who put on some sort of personal electric scooter safety gear, but inappropriately. 

Today, we urge you not to become a statistic.

Some fatal electric scooter accidents are 100% avoidable and in this blog post, we are going to let you know what you desperately need to keep your safety and that of other riders at par.

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The Electric Scooter Safety Gear you Desperately Need

  1. Full-face helmet
  2. Elbow pads
  3. Knee pads
  4. Gloves
  5. Wrist guards
  6. Impact shorts
  7. Riding jacket
  8. Shin guards
  9. Riding boots
  10. Riding pants.

1) Full-face Electric Scooter Helmet

How much do you think is your head, jaws, teeth, lips, eyes, ears, et al.?

Priceless, right?

Well, as you shop for an electric scooter helmet, know that there are more than 10 reasons to wear it. 

And not just any other piece of helmet.

Full-face helmet! In fact, it is mandatory to wear a helmet when riding an electric scooter and it would be best if you familiarize yourself with the local laws before you even think of riding without one. 

One of the many benefits of wearing a full-face helmet and not any other is the fact that it properly protects the head, the neck, the jaws, eyes, ears, face and dental formula from a fatal impact. 

Screw the piece of advice that the helmet you choose is dependent on the weather, the top speed you are riding at, or even the riding conditions.

Remember that your fall may be orchestrated by other road users and not necessarily you. 

As the rule of the thumb, keep in mind the value of the safety your head or face, the hospital bills you may incur after wearing the wrong helmet, or even the agony you may leave behind in case you die from brain damage (nothing here but tough love). 

Among the most common brands that stock the best full-face helmets is BELL.

I currently use the Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet.

The primary reason why I love this helmet is the fact that it’s well-fitting and I can comfortably chew my gum without worrying about tightness. 

Another lovable feature about the Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet is the fact that it’s DOT approved and comes with a clear visor.

However, those who love tinted shields can separately order their visor.

2) Elbow pads

When one falls, elbows commonly tend to be on the receiving end of soreness and injury.

As you ride your electric scooter, it is prudent to go for high-quality elbow pads that assure you that your elbows are generally safe. 

In the worst-case scenario, elbow injuries can lead to breakage and heavy blood loss.

Salvaging the situation can lead you to be hospitalized, wearing a bandage, massive pain, and interfering with your day to day safety. 

I use the G-Form Pro-Rugged Elbow Pad and I am happy that these serve me well.

They are made from the recognized Armortex technology and have a ventilated mesh that keeps the rider dry and cool for the best comfort. 

3) Knee Pads

If you have ever had a painful kneecap, then you can perhaps think of how the pain would turn further excruciating after suffering a patellar fracture.

Knee injuries are common types of accidents attributable to unlucky falls from an electric scooter and landing with the knee. 

A great way to prevent yourself from this happening is by buying a functional knee pad.

One of my beloved pairs of knee pads is the 187 Killer Pads Pro Knee Pad.

This pair of knee pads is the lock-in cap system to align the cap in the best position. 

4) A pair of gloves

Your fingers deserve some love.

Not so?

Well, a pair of gloves enhance the safety of your fingers.

Additionally, riding for a long period can cause your hands to sweat and this is where gloves come in. 

The problem with riding when the hands are already sweaty is that the handlebars may slip and this could potentially lead to an electric scooter accident. 

I use and recommend YISEVEN Men’s Sheepskin Leather Motorcycle Driving lined Gloves.

These gloves are made from high-quality leather from goatskin and are available for kids to big dawgs. 

5) Wrist guards

Protecting your hand doesn’t end at wearing a pair of gloves.

You will need high-quality wrist guards to prevent your wrist from twisting. 

I use the 187 Killer Pads Wrist Guard and they offered me some quality service.

What I love most about the 187 Killer wrist guards is their thickened splint that aptly protects the hand’s base from having an unanticipated impact. 

6) Impact shorts

Your hips and thighs deserve to be taken care of and wearing a pair of Impact Shorts will get the job done. 

I recommend the Leatt Brace Men’s Standard Impact Short.

What I love most about these impact shorts is the fact that the chamois comes in a dual-density foam and this, in turn, enhances more safety to the hips and thighs. 

7) Riding Jacket

A riding jacket comes really handy when you are scooting at relatively high speeds.

It protects your chest from the effects of strong wind and coldness, especially during winter, rainy and nighttime rides. 

One of the best riding jackets is the Mens Titanium Motorcycle Leather Jacket.

Among its adorable features is the perforated leather on the back and chest.

Besides, it has sliders that protect the elbows and shoulders.

8) Shin guard

You will need to protect your shin and tendons and investing in quality shin guards could be what you are missing out on. 

Pure leather shin guards rock as they offer Return on Investment without compromising on quality.

Among the sickest shin guards, you will find today are the Venum Elite Standup Shinguards.

These are made from premium skin tex and high-density foam. 

9) Riding Boots

Wearing the right riding boots is a critical measure towards ensuring that your feet and ankles are safe. 

Besides, there are higher chances that wearing any other type of shoes can cause you to lose grip on the deck relatively fast and thus leading to your instability. 

The HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Unisex-Adult Electron Motorcycle Boot makes the cut for the best electric scooter riding boots.

Among the most adorable features of these boots is that it’s 100% pure leather with the outsole and welt being constructed by Goodyear, a renowned company synonymous with quality. 

10) Riding Pants

To crown your safety gear, you will need to wear a pair of riding pants and Alpinestars Men’s Missile v2 Motorcycle Riding Pant is among the best.

What’s fantastic about this pair of riding pants is the fact that it has a zipper on the rear for greater fitting and also ventilation. 

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