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7 incredible Electric Scooter Tips and Tricks you didn’t know about

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Congratulations on owning your new ride!

Having an electric scooter helps you to be more environmentally conscious, save more time that would otherwise be spent on traffic, and gives you a new hobby to keep you more occupied (think of those upcoming group rides). 

For the past 3 years, I have been riding electric scooters as my favorite PEVs.

I have devised different electric scooter tips and tricks that every serious rider needs to know.

All these are from personal experience and you won’t necessarily find them anywhere else.

Read on for further elaboration. 

Please note that these are not scooter riding tips, but tricks that you can use on your electric scooter for a better riding experience.

We have a blog post on riding in this write-up.

My top 7 electric scooter tricks

1. You can make your electric scooter charge faster

The charging time is a critical factor to consider as you purchase an e-scooter.

Under most circumstances, you will see the manufacturer saying a specific model will fully charge in 12 hours with the usage of a standard charger and within say 5 hours with the usage of a fast and standard charger, specifically for those models that come with dual chargers. 

If your electric scooter comes with dual charging ports, we recommend that you use dual chargers to make your ride charge faster. 

EMOVE Cruiser Dual Charging Ports

Another tip to make your e-scooter charge faster is by using the original chargers.

Yes, a charger may have the same specs as the original but then for some reason, it may not optimally charge the scooter.

If you are traveling for fun rides, it’s worth it for you to carry your original e-scooter chargers. 

If one of the original chargers or both get spoiled, it’s worth it for you to also reach out to the manufacturer so that they may send you replacements.

That way, compatibility won’t be a burning issue. 

For more electric scooter tips on how to charge your e-scooter faster, we have provided an entire guide which you can read in this article. 

2. You can extend your electric scooter’s range

A good example here is the Dualtron Storm, EMOVE RoadRunner, and the TurboAnt X7 Pro e scooters. 

These 3 models are known for having a swappable battery feature, which means extending the range is possible.

When we take the example of the Dualtron Storm, you will find that you can achieve a top range of 59 miles.

When you swap the battery, you find that you can extend the range to 108 miles, which is incredible. 

EMOVE RoadRunner removable battery
EMOVE RoadRunner removable battery

Extending the range by swapping the battery calls for buying an extra battery, though.

An electric scooter battery is one of the most expensive components and as such, you may need to go for a long-range ride from the get-go if you won’t be in a position to buy an electric scooter with a swappable battery. 

If you are on a budget, you may also buy some long-range rides such as the EMOVE Cruiser but at the expense of the top speed.

(The EMOVE Cruiser has a top speed of 32 miles per hour and a top range of 62 miles). 

Another great way to increase the range is by riding the scooter in a power-saving mode for some e-scooters.

This isn’t particularly true for all models since we have seen some models such as the Inokim OXO. 

For this model, the faster you go, the better it saves energy.

For instance, you will hit a top range of 100km when you ride the OXO in the ECO Mode but 110km for the sport mode!

If you don’t worry about getting dirty, you can also add an extra battery to your scooter.

This requires some technical know-how for the customization to be perfect.

A parallel arrangement of the extra battery is more perfect than when you consider a series arrangement. 

Lastly, you can consider putting off any unneeded electronics as you ride.

I understand that your electric scooter can have sick lights you bought just the other day and you would like to command your authority but then if it’s not at night, you can forgo that for more range. 

Likewise, you can plan not to charge your phone and opt to save the battery power instead.

These small sacrifices really add up and could help you travel more miles ahead. 

3. You can ride your electric scooter faster

Depending on where you are, you may opt to ride your e-scooter faster than it has been rated. 

One of the most common ways to make riding an electric scooter faster is by removing the speed limiter wire.

Some models come when they have already been speed-limited and if you won’t remove that limiter, then achieving high speeds isn’t a nightmare. 

Removing the limiter makes the range drastically lower and can land you in trouble for overspeeding (so it depends on the legal status of your state). 

It’s easy to remove the speed limiting wire in some models such as the Zero 8 scooter.

For other models, switching to the SPORT MODE automatically removes the speed limiter, while for others, you can reset the default hardware and you will end up with unlocked speed governors. 

We have compiled an entire guide that will help you to unlock the speeds of your electric scooter by unplugging the speed limiter and also arm you with more electric scooter tips around the same topic. 

4. Customize your electric scooter the way you want it 

Who said that you only need to stay with your scooter the way the manufacturer delivered it to you?

Riding is a hobby to some of us and customizing our rides is part of the game. 

One of the best ways to start with customizing your e-scooter is by adding a better grip tape to your scooter.

The scooter is yours and not the manufacturer’s.

As such, those writings on the deck don’t matter a lot if that’s not your taste.

With a better grip tape, you will also be adding comfort to your legs while riding and to some degree, your safety.Â

The Suabo Grip Tape illustrated on the deck below is currently one of the most stylish.

E Scooter Grip Tape

After adding a grip tape, you may also get in touch with a designer and have them inscribe your 3D pic or whatever else you would prefer on your deck.

Boy, don’t you wish to be more unique? 

Another customization tip is the handlebars of your e-scooter.

You don’t have to maintain the handlebars that came with the scooter by default.

Instead, you can buy better handlebars to enhance the grip and modernity.Â

Also, you can use handlebar grips for better grip as pictured below.

Electric scooter handlebars

Do you hate stem wobbles? Getting electric scoter with a damper such as the YUME X11 is a sure path to having a stable ride. However, since most models come without steering dampers, you can make a couple of holes in yours and attach a damper.

The Krace steering damper is one of the loved models today.

Gold YUME X11 with damper

Lastly, you can upgrade the controllers.

Sine Wave controllers are currently among the best in the market.

They make riding quieter and more comfortable as compared to most in the market today. 

5. Waterproof your electric scooter

While some scooters such as the EMOVE Cruiser are among the most waterproofed in the world (with an IPX6 rating), you can make it more waterproof.

This also applies to the other rides. 

Waterproofing an e-scooter makes it less affected by splashes of water and as such, you can end up protecting the electrical components from complete damage. 

One of the most common ways we use to waterproof an electric scooter further is by the use of duct tape (I like using the EdenProducts tape).

You will only need to apply the duct tape on any visible gaps on the deck but then check carefully not to cover some crucial holes such as the exhaust. 

The crucial purpose for waterproofing any cracks with duct tape is to protect inner components such as the wires from moisture and water.

If the duct tape doesn’t come with your favorite color, you can opt to use some pain to give it your preferred stylish look.

The only time where the tape can be a problem is when you cover a crucial hole for aeration. 

If you don’t see any visible cracks on the deck or would prefer not to apply the tape on your scooter, then it’s crucial for you to cover the charging ports with the tape when you are riding in rain or snow.

Uncovered charging ports may lead to improper functionality when they come into contact with water. 

For more enhanced functionality, you can also Loctite the screws and bolts to make them stronger.

This is so because any of these two can actually break and leave behind a hole, which could lead to having water getting inside your scooter.

(Loctite Threadlocker 242 does the work for me).

6. You can increase the battery’s life

Taking care of an electric scooter battery will undoubtedly increase its overall life.

Since the winter season is when most electric scooter owners store their gadgets for long, it is also the season that can completely break your battery. 

Before you start storing your electric scooter for the winter, ensure that you have charged it for anywhere between 45 and 80%. 

After a month, take back the battery and charge it to a maximum of 75%.

Repeat the charging schedules each month until the winter is over.

Charging and discharging the battery is one of the leading causes of having a faulty battery and as such, ensure that the recommended percentages are considered each month. 

For more tips on how to take care of your stored electric scooter in winter, we have an entire blog post talking about just that. 

7. Avoid too much heat 

While it’s generally hot in the summer, it’s vital to ensure that you avoid too much heat.

One of the ingenious ways to go about this is by avoiding leaving your ride under the sun when it’s extremely hot.

Extreme heat ends up provoking the loss of pressure and in the worst-case scenario, the tires’ external surface can melt. 

Most manufacturers state the best riding conditions and some talk of factors that compromise optimal riding for their e-scooters and as such, it’s worth it for you to follow their pieces of advice. 

In summary: Electric Scooter tips and tricks

Following the right measures helps you to enjoy riding your electric scooter while also enabling you to maintain your ride as best as possible.

We believe that our electric scooter tricks have opened up your mind further. 

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