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Elon Musk Hires Tesla Interns Who Solved Production Issue

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If anyone is going to save the world someday, it’ll be Elon Musk. At the rate he’s going, he should only be a few years away from building a fusion-powered flying exoskeleton enabling him to punch incoming asteroids off of their collision courses with Earth like some sort of Ferrous Man. I mean have you seen those videos of the SpaceX rockets landing on their own? If you want to see what real magic looks like, check them out.

Aside from his companies’ technological wizardry, Musk himself frequently makes headlines for his bold, against-the-grain business strategies and sometimes adversarial attitude towards the Wall Street financiers who (partly) fund his companies’ research. Tesla has also come under fire for what some have described as horrible working conditions at Tesla factories, a charge Tesla describes as “an ideologically motivated attack.”  Musk is back in the headlines this week, this time for hiring two Tesla interns who discovered an improvement for the beleaguered Model 3 production line. Is this just a ploy meant to sweeten Tesla’s public image?

According to Tesla watchdog, interns Mark Comeau and Matthew Lane from the Memorial University of Newfoundland were hired when they found a solution to issues facing the Model 3 production ramp. Musk is known to personally visit the Tesla factory floor to stay informed with the production process, enabling the interns to “crash a meeting” with Musk and Tesla VP Doug Field to present their solution. Musk liked it so much that he hired the pair on as full-time Tesla employees.

Tesla and SpaceX have already broken the molds of their respective industries, and Musk himself continues to show that he is far from a traditional CEO. One question remains, though: do Musk and Tesla have what it takes to take on established automakers in Detroit?

Let’s hope so. These gas prices are killing me. 

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