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Elon Musk Shows Off Two Mysterious New Vehicles in Tesla Promo Video

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The internet recently tore its own ears off debating Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s leadership style this week when he cut investors off during a Tesla quarterly earnings call, calling their questions “bonehead” and “boring.” Amid the controversy caused by Musk’s conference call behavior, Tesla stock briefly dropped, causing Musk to buy up nearly $10 million of his own company’s stock just to silence the haters. Now, in a move which has everyone realizing Musk likely knows what he’s doing and has a few cards up his sleeve, Tesla has released a promo video featuring some mysterious and intriguing looking vehicles and technology. What might Musk and Tesla have in store?

From the looks of it, possibly a new Roadster. The sleek new video was released via Musk’s Twitter account this week and has already caught the internet by storm. Amidst a backdrop of bass-heavy electronic music, the video consists of a rapid-fire montage of various Tesla vehicles and technologies being produced and tested. Most interesting of all, though, is a shot of the interior of an unidentified vehicle. The dash and control panel are conspicuously empty and sleek except for a central touchscreen. The vehicle is believed to be the second-generation Tesla Roadster, slated for 2020.

Earlier in the video, around the 0:15 second mark, another unidentified Tesla vehicle is teased hiding under a black shroud. It’s currently unknown what model the car might be, but many believe it could be the upcoming Tesla Model Y, an upcoming crossover set to be released in 2020.

Elon Musk might make a fine electric car and reusable rocket platform, but the guy’s best talent is undeniably his ability to stay in the headlines. Nearly every move Musk makes is pored over, criticized, hyped, and debated over by members of the press and public alike. And why not? The dude is like a real-life Bond villain – well, a Bond-villain-in-the-making, before the horrible industrial accident which turns him evil. Let’s hope we see that Model Y before that happens.

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