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EMOVE Cruiser Problems, Troubleshooting, and 7 Incredible Tips 

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The EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter is rated as one of the most water-resistant electric scooters in the world today. 

Featuring an IP rating of IPX6, some of the sellers claim that you can ride the Cruiser in rain and snow owing to how water-resistant it has been manufactured. 

However, like all e-scooters, it’s important to know how to take care of your Cruiser to maintain its optimal functioning regardless of the riding conditions you subject it to. 

In our today’s blog post, we are going to look at how you can troubleshoot some issues affecting your Cruiser and great tips to keep you enjoying your ride.

Read on. 

We have featured the EMOVE Cruiser as one of the best electric scooters for food delivery due to its long range and certified water-resistance rating.

Are there some common EMOVE Cruiser problems?

EMOVE Cruiser is undoubtedly made like a tank.

With a weight limit of 352 lbs and with a functional LG battery that can hit more than 55 miles of range, it’s easy to overlook if there are some problems to know. 

While there are no really major issues associated with the manufacturing design of the Cruiser, there are a couple of isolated complaints about some components. 

Below are some EMOVE Cruiser problems we have gathered around and the different ways how you can troubleshoot them:

1. Throttle’s dead zone

an image of EMOVE Cruiser Throttle

Some EMOVE cruiser owners say that the thumb throttle has a dead zone, which makes riding a bore.

While there are others who say that the dead zone is a safety feature, you need to know that how you handle the thumb throttle plays a vital role towards making it extremely responsive. 

If you have the old Cruiser and are finding the thumb throttle to go on and off without gradual increase, then you can troubleshoot the dead zone problem by positioning your thumb in such a way that you can gradually move it gradually even when you are riding on an uneven road surface. 

Thankfully, EMOVE Cruiser 2021 has a finger throttle and as such, there is nothing such as a dead zone. 

If for some reason, you would like to change the thumb throttle, then it’s so simple.

Most thumb throttles come with only 3 wires.

An important point to note, though, is that the default thumb throttle comes with factory wiring and as such, just cut the three wires and solder the new throttle wires. 

Cut the original throttle wires
image of solder the Throttle wires

We highly recommend the Yungeln Scooter Thumb Throttle for its ease of use and responsiveness for this job. 

The advantage of cutting the wires from the old thumb throttle instead of replacing it wholly is that you save on damaging the controller board. 

Also, please note that if your e-scooter is still under warranty, you will void it if you do the throttle replacement. 

If for some reason, you are interested in switching from thumb throttle, then a trigger throttle is also an awesome choice.

Among the common disadvantages with the thumb throttle is that the thumb easily slips on bumps and can get sore if you ride for say an hour+. 

You will easily max out the speed at up to 33 mph with the trigger throttle but it’s a pipedream to go for that much with the thumb throttle!

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2. Insufficient lighting

At some point, you will find yourself riding at night or when the weather isn’t crystal clear.

This is where bright lights come into play to necessitate proper riding. 

While the EMOVE Cruiser comes with a stock headlight, it’s a fact that it isn’t bright enough and as such, you may need to get a more bright one. 

We recommend that you add a brighter light along with the cruiser’s headlight for better visibility.

The Victagen Bike Headlight is a perfect choice owing to its specs such as its 5000 Lumens.

3. Power cut outs

Cut outs suck while riding.

One of the leading reasons for the e-scooter cutting out is a failed battery. 

If your battery fails, then it means there is a problem with the Battery Management System (BMS) or the battery is dead.

Repairing the BMS or even replacing it is easy after watching the relevant YouTube videos. 

With a failed battery, though, the best thing to go about it is by taking the scooter to the seller for diagnosis.

Thankfully, Voro Motors provides a warranty for the battery and they should take care of it if it’s indeed the problem. 

If you can, we insist that you shouldn’t ride your electric scooter in rain, especially if you have not done much about waterproofing it. 

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4. Noise at the front end

It happens sometimes that the EMOVE Cruiser can make a clunky-klunk noise while riding. 

To solve this noise, you have to remove the 3 front-end bolts holding the black cap in place and fix them.

While you may feel that these bolts are strong enough, it happens sometimes that they are bottoming out in the socket before they even touch the cap and hold it down in its right place. 

EMOVE Cruiser Noise
Noise comes from the circled part

After removing them, just cut 4 millimeters off their length and this will make them reach the cap as expected.

A Dremel with a cutting wheel will help you in reducing the bolt’s length.

You can as well go with your bolt to the nearest hardware store and get a shorter one to get the job done. 

image of EMOVE Cruiser Front End Part

5. Rusted components 

It’s said that the EMOVE Cruiser is water-resistant.

However, I will tell you for free that this scooter isn’t fully waterproof and as such, I don’t recommend riding it in rain for long. 

If your EMOVE Cruiser has never gotten into contact with moisture, then you need to ensure that you waterproof it before riding underwater.

You can best waterproof your Cruiser by applying Silicone to all of it, including the Display and throttle. 

The reason for saying that the Cruiser isn’t entirely waterproof is that after opening the front cover, you will see that the circuit boards are exposed.

Also, some of the soldered connections are exposed as well. 

When these come into contact with water, rusting occurs, which could lead to an EMOVE Cruiser scooter not turning on

You can further waterproof the circuit board that has been stuffed inside the shrink wrap by squeezing some dielectrical silicone.

This silicone grease also helps towards keeping dust at bay. 

Lastly, as far as waterproofing is concerned, it’s important that you remove each and every bolt and blue Loctite them.

While Voro Motors does a great job at loctiting the T-bar screws and brake bolts, you should focus more on the front axle screws.

Loctiting not only leads to better water resistance but also keeps the screws tight. 

6. Loose charging port

While a loose charging port isn’t a very common problem with the Cruiser, it happens sometimes that with time, the charging port can become pretty loose. 

While it may charge as expected, remember that you are dealing with electricity and as such, the only way to troubleshoot a loose EMOVE Cruiser charger is by starting by Unplugging the connection from the charging port first and then tightening it completely. 

If it doesn’t tighten properly, then please be sure to order another charging port instead of risking it away.  

7. Loose bolts

The EMOVE Cruiser comes with a lot of bolts and as such, it’s important that you tighten them occasionally.

This is expected for a scooter that goes for tens of miles and it’s worth it if you keep on tightening these bolts once every week. 

Tighten the bolts numbered 12 to 14: EMOVE Cruiser bolts
Tighten the bolts numbered 12 to 14

Another thing for you to note is that the Cruiser comes with many screws and should you decide to unscrew any of those, be sure to be as gentle as possible.

These screws aren’t as thick, which makes them break relatively fast.

It would help if you have some spare ones so that you can replace them when need be. 

Do we recommend the EMOVE Cruiser?


The updated EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter has addressed most of the problems we had seen in the old models.

As such, we recommend it to those who are more interested in range than neck-breaking speeds.

If you decide to go with this budget king of range, you can use ES-ARENA as your coupon code and save $50.

You can then use your savings to get your Loctite to ensure the bolts are in great shape.

In Summary

Under most circumstances, the EMOVE Cruiser is a trouble-free ride.

However, you need to know how best you can troubleshoot any problems it may pose to keep on riding.

What’s more important to note is that you are supposed to blue Loctite the screws and bolts and keep on checking if they are still tight after a week of riding. 

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