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EVOLV Corsa Review

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image of EVOLV Corsa scooter

In our today’s EVOLV Corsa review, we are going to look at whether this newest EVOLV addition in the second quarter of 2022 is worth it. 

But first things first…if the range is your most important point of consideration while shopping for an electric scooter, then the Corsa may be your ultimate choice owing to its swappable battery feature. 

Not to surprise you by spilling the beans too early, we are happy to introduce to you what you will expect after getting yourself the Corsa and if it’s justified for the price it costs.

Read on for more details.

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EVOLV Corsa Specs

Stated Top Speed44 mph (70 km/h)
Stated Top Range37 miles (60km)
MotorDual 2400W motors
BatteryRemovable 60V 26Ah
BrakingFull Hydraulic Disc
SuspensionSpring coil (both front and rear)
Water resistanceIP54
Charging time7 hours
Lighting Brake, Dual Headlights, Deck, Tail lights, and turn signals
Weight99 lbs (45kg)
Weight Limit330 lbs (150 kg)

EVOLV Corsa Scooter Video Overview

Full EVOLV Corsa Electric Scooter Review

The finishing in an electric scooter plays a critical role in determining its overall quality.

There are e-scooters that have got the scooters but no matter how appealing they are, end up failing in the Control Check ticks. 

The EVOLV Corsa, though, is one of the most premium models out there with near-perfect specs. 

After taking our ample time spinning the Corsa, we will be happy to clarify even the finest details. 

EVOLV Corsa Review: Manufacturing

1. Motors

The electric scooter motor is a crucial component that serves as the power plant of your ride.

Among its critical functions is to determine the acceleration, top speed, and how e-scooters chew different types of terrains. 

For a long time, the EVOLV company had been making their rides with a single motor feature but not anymore.

From their EVOLV Terra model that gained super love upon its release, the Corsa also features dual motors, with the rider getting the option to shift from single to dual riding choices. 

While riding at the single motor feature, it provides a nominal power rating of 1200W.

For the dual motors, you can expect to hit a peak power output of a whopping 4800W. 

2. Battery

image of EVOLV Corsa battery

We keep saying that the battery is the most expensive piece of equipment in an electric scooter and once you get this right, you will have saved yourself from tons of problems. 

Featuring a 60V 26Ah Lithium battery, the Corsa aims to impress.

If you have checked into the latest details about electric scooters that have a removable battery, then you will notice that they are few at the moment. 

One great thing about electric scooters with a removable battery is that you can swap it and leave it charging.

Besides, you can also remove it to make your e-scooter more portable. 

As I was removing the battery, I also noticed that safety is a priority in this e-scooter since you have to use a PIN code to open the deck and then access the battery compartment. 

3. Braking 

We always advocate for safety and keep on asking our audience to keep wearing the appropriate riding gear.

However, we would also like to insist that getting an e-scooter with high-quality brakes is a worthwhile investment.

The braking distance is lowered and there is little to no skidding on the riding surface regardless of whether you were riding at top speed or moderate. 

The EVOLV Corsa features full hydraulic disc brakes.

In case you didn’t know, full hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear are the most expensive and likewise the most premium.

If quality means anything to you, then you hereby know what kind of brakes best fits you. 

4. Suspension

Buttery smooth suspension plays an important role towards how the ride quality feels like.

The Corsa features rear and front spring coil suspension.

This type of suspension is one of the best in the market and is great for ensuring that shock absorption is prevalent. 

In fact, while riding the EVOLV Corsa on rough terrains, I would really never feel the impact of the bumpy rides. 

5. Tires

The EVOLV Corsa is the first model they produced with 11-inch off-road tubeless tires.

This means riding off-road or across hilly terrains won’t prove to be a daunting task.

In fact, the situation gets even better owing to the fact that the scooter has spring coil suspension at the front and the rear. 

Massive offroad tires are great when you pass through grass, sandy terrains, snow-covered surfaces, or even across muddy terrains.

They are already big enough and so contribute to a better ground clearance big time. 

If you would rather ride an electric scooter with solid honeycomb tires, then you can consider going for the EVOLV Stride.

6. Lighting

It even gets more special here.

The EVOLV Corsa is their first model to feature different sets of lights.

Do you love riding at night and can’t help yourself from the beautiful lights that will sure turn heads?

Well, then the EVOLV Corsa has several lights.

These comprise two HALO LED headlights, a tail light that turns red as brakes get applied, deck lights that face the ground, and a turn signal to alert other road users and pedestrians on your intention to turn. 

7. Water-resistance 

It happens sometimes that you can be caught up by rain while may be going home from work or it’s sometimes inevitable that you have to catch a train by a specific time regardless of the weather. 

From the factory, the EVOLV Corsa comes already with a certified IP54 water-resistance rating.

For the record, this electric scooter isn’t in any way waterproof, but it is water-resistant. 

This means you can ride it under light rain without any problems but we advise where possible you avoid riding your scooter in rain.

This way, you protect the inner electrical components from developing rust. 

EVOLV Corsa Scooter Review: Features


image of Folded EVOLV Corsa Review

The EVOLV Corsa scooter has one of the most seamless folding mechanisms we have so far seen. 

Folding this beast is one of the easiest as you will only need to hook the steering mechanism to the scooter’s kick plate and you are done! You will need to pull the collar, push it upwards, and you will have triggered the folding mechanism to fold. 


The EVOLV Corsa isn’t the most portable electric scooter and as such, we can’t recommend it as the daily commuter scooter for someone who works in an upper office or who stays upstairs. 

Weighing a whopping 99 lbs (45kg) most adults will find it extremely hard to lift this beauty by themselves. 


Other than the superior brakes and bright lights that contribute to the safety of the rider and other road users, you will also need to know that this scooter also has a safety feature, where you can’t start it without its ignition key.

This is an important feature, especially in instances where you can be forced to leave your scooter unattended for some time. 


EVOLV Corsa handlebars

The EVOLV Corsa electric scooter has one of the most unique cock pits I have ever seen. 

To start with, the Corsa features a huge display strategically positioned in the mid-section of the handlebars.

This particular display has the battery, speed, gear, and time read-ons to make the rider knowledgeable on what they need.

Some of the other electric scooters that come with such large displays include the YUME X7 and YUME X13. 

Featuring a thumb throttle, you will not have any problems getting used to riding this beauty.

What I loved more about it is that the throttle has no dead zone. 

On the right-side handlebar, there are two buttons where you can use one to switch between a single or dual motor ride.

For the second button, you can select whether to engage the first, second, or third gear. 

The front brake is located on the left side while on the right side, there is the rear ZOOM hydraulic brake. 

The horn and turn signal buttons are also located on the left-hand side and this offers the convenience you would expect. 


I have always loved wide decks and fortunately, the EVOLV Corsa doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the deck size.

With a width of 10 inches (25 cm), even the heavy dags weighing up to 330 lbs (150 kg) literally won’t have to worry about their feet feeling as comfortable as possible. 

For the deck length, it comes with a 30-inch (76cm) long deck which gives you a great standing position as you brake or even accelerate. 

For the clearance between the deck and the ground, I was impressed to note that this beast has an 8-inch ground clearance.

The primary contributing factor here is the massive 11-inch tires. 

Tested Top Speed

While using my GPS Speed Tracker, I recorded a top speed of 50.2 mph (81km/h) while riding on a completely flat surface and on gear 3.

I weigh 198 lbs and I have a 3-year electric scooter riding experience. 

This means that you may or may not hit my top speed depending on the terrain you ride on, your weight, and also experience.

While the manufacturer claims that the top speed for the Corsa is 43mph (70km/h), I was able to surpass that speed by 11 km/h  (7.2 mph).

Tested top range

While the manufacturer claims that the EVOLV Corsa can hit a top range of 37 miles (60km), I was able to hit a top mileage of 71km (44 miles) before the battery reached the cut-off voltage point. 

This happened while I was riding on the first gear and as such, you may not reach  ¾ of this mileage if you will ride on the 3rd gear. 

Are there stem wobbles?

While riding electric scooters fast, it’s not an uncommon experience for you to have stem speed wobbles.

However, with the EVOLV Corsa, I can confidently tell you that this beauty doesn’t have ANY stem wobbles whatsoever. 

As such, I can confidently tell you that you don’t need any steering damper whatsoever.

It would be best to tighten the bolts and possibly Loctite all the screws before your first ride and as part of your regular maintenance routine, though.  

Where Can I Buy the EVOLV Corsa?

You can currently buy the EVOLV Corsa from Urban Machina, one of the oldest and most reputable electric scooter sellers on the Internet today.

Since they are based in Canada, they ship to Canada and to the US as well for free. 

If you desperately need the EVOLV Corsa and are not located in the US or Canada, Urban Machina requests you to first get in touch so that they may know how best to serve you.

In any case, they ship worldwide and as such, they will absolutely serve you. 

As of the time of writing this EVOLV Corsa electric scooter review, the scooter is currently on a pre-order basis.

I pre-ordered mine and received it in just 5 weeks. 

Do you also wish to receive an electric pump for free as you buy your EVOLV Corsa? Be sure to use CORSA-PUMP as your coupon code and you will automatically be eligible to receive one.

This offer is bound to change and so seize it in your earliest possible time. 

By default, Urban Machina displays the price in CAD and so it may help that you change the currency to your most preferred on their site. 

EVOLV Corsa Pros

  • No stem wobbles whatsoever
  • The massive-offroad tires make riding across any terrain enjoyable
  • Buttery smooth suspension
  • The swappable battery feature can lead to the extension of range
  • High-quality build design. 


  • The scooter is too heavy for commuter riders unless they remove the battery
  • High pricing point. 

In Summary

If you are looking for a super electric scooter that offers the ability to remove the battery and make it more portable, then the EVOLV Corsa scooter is the best choice for you.

We can confidently tell you that the Corsa is an incredible choice and buying it from a reputable company such as Urban Machina will leave you satisfied.

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