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image of EVOLV Terra Review

When my son turned 17, I promised to gift him something worthwhile for his 18th birthday.

Since I am an electric scooter fanatic, I had already made my final decision that I would get him the latest e-scooter in the Second Quarter of 2022. 

After some digging, it seemed that the EVOLV Terra electric scooter fitted him as the perfect scooter for his College commuting.

What sold me to buy the Terra is that it is portable enough for him and its weight limit is great for a middle-sized adult. 

After doing some quick assembly, I decided to take it for several spins so that I could come up with this EVOLV Terra review and then let my son take it away from there. 

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EVOLV Terra Specs

Stated Top Speed31 mph (50km/h)
Stated Top Range34 miles (55 km)
MotorDual 600W motors
Battery15.6 Ah 48V
BrakingDrum brakes
SuspensionShock (Both Front and Rear)
Tire size8.5 Inches
Charging5 hours
Weight52.9 lbs (24kg)
Weight Limit265 lbs (120 kg)

Our Full EVOLV Terra Review

The EVOLV Terra electric scooter is one of the most well-rounded electric scooters in its price range.

One of the most impressive features of the Terra is the 8.5-inch solid tires. 

If you have ever battled with flats in an electric scooter, then you know that it’s a deeply disheartening situation to find oneself; having to look for slime, replace tubes, and certainly replacing the entire tire sucks big time. 

The look is highly polished, the bolts come already recessed, and the cables are sheathed.

This electric scooter has a great finishing as compared to most of its alternatives. 

To elaborate even further, we are happy to introduce the different components and how they necessitate the ride quality of the EVOLV Terra scooter. 

1. Motors

Unlike most budget electric scooters, the EVOLV Terra electric scooter features dual motors.

Producing a peak output power of 2200W, the dual 600W motors of the EVOLV Terra make the scooter reach up to 31 miles per hour top speed with the least struggles. 

2. Braking

If safety means anything to you, then you perhaps know that the brakes in an electric scooter play a crucial role in how safe the ride and other road users are. 

The Terra comes with drum brakes at the rear and front.

While drum brakes are not better than say Hydraulic disc brakes, I found the ones in the Terra practical enough and providing the needed stopping power without many struggles. 

While riding downhill, I recorded a braking distance of 3.7 meters to come from 16 mph to 0.

Ideally, a braking distance of 5 meters is great for an electric scooter to be determined as having great stopping power. 

3. Battery

Featuring a Lithium 48V 15.6Ah battery, the Terra is rated to hit a top range of 34 miles (55km). 

If you are looking for a budget commuter electric scooter with a considerable amount of range, then the high-quality battery in the EVOLV Terra scooter makes the cut for the excited you. 

4. Lights

The Terra we received had LED lights down the deck and a taillight that flashes when you brake.

The LED lights under the deck are strategically positioned lower to the ground to make other riders, pedestrians, and drivers see you from a distance. 

If only EVOLV could make an effort to include a headlight in this model, then that would rock even better. 

If you intend to do a lot of night rides, then we would absolutely ask you to customize the Terra and add a headlight.

That way, you will be in a position to be safer. 

5. Tires

Featuring 8.5-inch solid tires, the EVOLV Terra scooter is one of the best flat-resistant electric scooters in its class and the same case applies to their other honeycomb solid-tired model; EVOLV Stride. 

While riding on-road and off-road, there really isn’t any cause for panic owing to holed tubes or even damaged tires. 

However, solid tires in an electric scooter make the ride quality different from the pneumatic type.

While they are resistant to flats, the traction is sometimes poor as compared to pneumatic tires.

In fact, some manufacturers don’t offer a versatile solid tire option where you can replace them with the pneumatic type. 

While riding the EVOLV Terra e-scooter, it did fine regardless of the terrain I subjected it to.

In any case, the notion that solid tires are unfunctional doesn’t cut across every rider.

I’d recommend the solid tire option for riders who do more offroad riding to avoid gravel that can lead to tube bursts. 

What was our riding experience like?

After switching on the Terra, one thing you will notice is that it has a medium torque immediately after you hit its trigger throttle. 

If you are a beginner electric scooter rider, it’s important for you to kick start this scooter instead of pulling the throttle immediately.

When you pull the throttle, the Terra really has no dead zone and as such, it simply starts accelerating. 

When starting, Terra’s motor doesn’t make the noise associated with an electric scooter motor.

I can confidently tell you that this is one of the most silent electric scooters in its category. 

EVOLV Terra Top Speed

All thanks to the 2200W peak motor output, we recorded a top speed of 29.8 miles per hour and I weigh 81 kg (179 lbs) while using a GPS Speed tracker. 

The top speed will of course vary depending on your weight, the riding conditions, and your experience. 

I hit this top speed while riding downhill and when compared to the manufacturer’s claim that it can hit 31 mph, there isn’t much difference. 

For the acceleration, it took me 4 seconds to reach 16 miles per hour and 10.2 seconds to hit 29 miles per hour.

Most electric scooters in Terra’s class will often struggle to hit such acceleration. 

For those looking for a commuter electric scooter, the EVOLV Terra offers more than enough speed to get to their preferred destination in time. 

If you would rather ride a faster model, then the premium-designed EVOLV Corsa is right up your alley for consideration.

EVOLV Terra Scooter Review: Features 

Is the EVOLV Terra Foldable?

image of folded terran

The EVOLV Terra folds and unfolds in just 3 seconds.

Featuring a pull-lock lever, you don’t even have to be an expert to fold this beauty. 

In case you would like to keep the Terra in your car’s trunk, it’s important to let you know that this EVOLV model measures 46 x 11 x 19 inches (117 x 29 x 49 cm) when folded. 


Portability is an issue with most adult electric scooters but not so with the Terra.

Weighing only 24 kg (52.9 lbs), most middle-weight adults won’t ever struggle with lifting the EVOLV Terra. 

To make portability more comfortable for the owner, the EVOLV Company made the kick plate even more versatile.

You can use this kick plate as the carry handle and lift your beast as seamlessly as possible. 

The Deck

Do you love a massive deck? If so, then you are in luck.

The EVOLV Terra features one of the widest decks in the mid-range electric scooters today.

Providing a 55cm by 16cm worth of standing platform, it’s perfect for even the big dawgs weighing up to 265 lbs.

The grip tape used in the Terra is also high-quality and as such, you won’t have to worry about it falling apart after only a few rides. 


Great suspension matters towards enhancing the ride quality and as such, EVOLV made a recommendable job while manufacturing the Terra.

Featuring spring suspension at the front and rear, urban riding couldn’t be merrier. 

While the Terra features solid tires, the great shock suspension helps to combat poor traction and helps towards absorbing most of the vibrations while riding on the road or even offroad. 

What does the cockpit look like?

image of EVOLV Terra Handlebars
Terra Cockpit

If you have been checking most EVOLV models lately, you will notice that they feature index finger throttles.

Finger throttle, also referred to as the trigger throttle is one of the best throttles out there for enhanced comfort while riding.

This particular throttle model takes after the EY3 LCD throttle mostly present in most Dualtron models. 

The handlebars of the Terra are among the most unique we have ever seen and are among the widest we have so far seen across most mid-budget models today.

The stem is also unique and I was happy to note that you can adjust the height from 80 cm to a max of 117 cm. 

The handgrips are made of hard rubber, which makes the hands comfortable while riding and enhances their durability. 

On the right-hand side of the handlebars, there is the finger throttle, which is preconnected to the Display.

The Display showcases the Riding Mode, Battery left Speed, and Time Readouts.

On the left-hand side of the handlebars, there are two buttons; Red and Yellow.

From the Red button, you can switch from either Single motor mode or Dual. 

image of EVOLV Terran Electric Scooter Review

For the Yellow button, you can switch between the ECO and Turbo Modes depending on which speed mode you would like. 

Do you wish to access the Parameter Settings (P-Settings)?

Simply, switch off your EVOLV Terra scooter and then simultaneously hold down the Power and Mode buttons. 

How is the manufacturing quality of the EVOLV Terra?

I love polished appearances and cannot lie.

Thankfully, the EVOLV Terra is one of the most polished scooters I can find for that budget with sheathed cables around the whole scooter.

The bolts are also recessed enough in such a way that stripping is relatively harder. 

The tires are already flat-resistant and this means you can hit different terrains without having to worry about reaching your destination hassle-free. 

The brakes and braking power are good enough and the deck has a perfect size for riders who are within the stated weight limit, which means your ride won’t struggle to haul your weight. 

Where there is a huge flaw is that the EVOLV Terra lacks any IP rating.

This means you will need to avoid riding in the rain or any kind of moisture to prevent the electric components from getting damaged.

If you can, we recommend that you silicone the whole scooter as a way to waterproof it. 

EVOLV Terra Pros

  • The EVOLV Terra is budget-friendly 
  • Highly polished with a supreme build quality
  • Highly portable for its weight limit
  • Dual suspension makes riding across all terrains more comfortable
  • Fast foldability.


  • Lacks water-resistance rating 
  • The solid tires are heavy and sometimes affect the ride quality. 

In Summary: EVOLV Terra Electric Scooter Review

The EVOLV Terra is a great budget electric scooter, yet one of the most polished with a premium build quality.

If you are looking for a practical electric scooter from a brand that currently has no known issues, then going for the Terra is one of the most informed scooter buying decisions you will ever make. 

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