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Facedrive: How This Ridesharing and Food Delivery App Works

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Are you tired of waiting for your Uber to take you and your friends to a party?

Is your Door Dash delivery always incorrect?

If you are tired of poor ridesharing and food delivery service, there is another solution on the market – Facedrive.

What is Facedrive?

Facedrive is a business that offers responsible services to nearby communities with a focus on sustainability.

This application combines ridesharing, food delivery, health appliances, and multi-faceted delivery protocols with efficient and eco-conscious practices.

Instead of waiting thirty minutes for your delivery, with your Uber driver idling in congested traffic, Facedrive utilizes technology focused on accomplishing its goals through sustainable and fair practices.

Since its inception in 2016, Facedrive has been focusing on socially responsible transportation possibilities for health tech services, food delivery, ridesharing, and e-commerce products.

How Does Facedrive Work?

Facedrive has a strong commitment to keeping communities connected through sustainable and eco-conscious practices.

Users can easily order a rideshare service to get from Point A to Point B by using the Facedrive App.

They can also access Facedrive health tech services, food delivery, grocery delivery, and other e-commerce products.

Users can simply download the Facedrive app and begin ordering whatever they need!

Plus, drivers have the flexibility to choose between eclectic, hybrid, or gas-powered vehicles to alter their carbon footprint and reduce emissions from their public or private transportation.

Providing drivers with the personalization of choosing their respective vehicles can help them feel good about making conscious decisions that help the environment.  

What Services Does Facedrive Provide?

Facedrive offers numerous services for users that offer flexibility and versatility more than other rideshare or food delivery apps.

By providing users with ridesharing, food delivery, grocery delivery (even cookies and potato chips!), and e-commerce delivery, users can have a one-stop-shop from the comfort of their own home or office.

Facedrive prides itself on efficient flexibility – check out the variety of services offered (which may soon reach the global market):


Facedrive uses a scaling platform to deliver fast and on-time services to users, limiting the wait time and promoting customer satisfaction.

By keeping an eye on public emerging markets, Facedrive can stay on top of the market changes and adapt its services to accommodate the ebbs and does of the industry.

Users can easily download the Facedrive app to begin ordering their first rideshare car.

Like other car share apps, users can select their destination, pick-up time, and track their driver during their pick-up route.

Food Delivery

Facedrive lets users order food delivery at the tap of a button.

Instead of having to open another app to order your favorite foods or leave your apartment on a rainy day, you can use Facedrive Foods.

Facedrive Foods offers local, affordable, and eco-friendly delivery methods to get you that much-needed burrito bowl!

With over 5,000 local and national eateries across Canada, Facedrive uses over 3,500 driers to make sure you get your food right on time.

Users can browse between different categories of food, search eateries based on the time of day, and select top-rated local eateries in their local area.

Plus, users can then check out online and track their driver through the Facedrive app to avoid any missed deliveries!

Grocery Delivery

Lastly, Facedrive offers a grocery marketplace for all of your home and food needs.

Facedrive Marketplace lets users decide between categories of home needs, such as dairy foods, pantry items, cookies & snacks, meats, kitchen supplies, personal care, pop & drinks, and much more!

Users can browse between hot products, choose their respective category, or search for an item on the app to get their favorite “pop” delivered to their door in just a few minutes.

After adding their item to the cart, users can check out online, track the driver, and wait for their local grocery delivery.

Does Facedrive Actually Help the Environment?

Facedrive uses only sustainable practices to provide top-of-the-line services without increasing carbon emissions in the process.

Facedrive uses EcoCRED, a project that focuses on reducing greenhouse gasses and supporting further sustainability projects.

EcoCRED recognizes that everyone’s daily lives are filled with creating emissions, whether you are riding your mo-ped, driving your car, or catching a lift on the local bus.

So, how can individuals and businesses reduce carbon production and limit climate change?

Purchasing EcoCRED helps plant trees to offset your daily carbon emissions, like driving to work or taking the bus to the nearby shopping center.

Facedrive works together closely with this eco-focused company to become a carbon-neutral business by offsetting carbon dioxide, offsetting their vehicle fleet, and offsetting employee work.

Where is Facedrive Available?

Facedrive is available in numerous Canadian provinces and cities across North America (plus a new foothold in the United States).

The main cities of operation include:


  • Ontario
  • Nova Scotia
  • Alberta
  • Quebec
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • British Columbia


  • Washington DC

How Much Does Facedrive Cost?

You might think that just because Facedrive is effective at offsetting carbon emissions, delivering on-time products, and helping the Covid-19 health product shortage crisis, it may also be expensive.


Think again!

Luckily for users, Facedrive is inexpensive – when compared to Uber, Facedrive has competitive prices that can make other ridesharing apps obsolete.


Passengers can choose between a range of vehicles for their needs, which vary in price, ride type, and carbon emissions.

Even so, ordering an SUV is just slightly more expensive than a smaller sedan, making trips with larger groups more cost-effective and eco-friendly than other options!

Check out Facedrive’s prices to see why it is competitive with other ridesharing apps currently on the market today.


  • Base Fare – $2.50
  • Per minute – $0.18 cents
  • Per km – $0.81 cents
  • Service Fee – $2.75


  • Base Fare – $5.00
  • Per minute – $0.35 cents
  • Per km – $1.50
  • Service Fee – $2.75

Cancellation Fee – $5.00

  • Facedrive’s cancellation fee is competitive with other ridesharing apps in the industry.

Driving for Facedrive

Driving for Facedrive is a beneficial occupation for drivers and local communities alike.

By providing your neighbors with easy access to local services, you can feel good about your job.

Plus, working for Facedrive means more money in your pocket in a shorter period!  

Driver Requirements

During the application process, drivers will realize if they have the necessary background information and requirements to apply for this feel-good job.

The main driver requirements include:

  • 21+ years old
  • Local driver’s license (ex: Ontario G Driver’s license or equivalent)
  • Birth certificate or equivalent (Residency card, SIN card, visa and work permit, passport, citizenship card)
  • Proof of vehicle registration
  • Proof of insurance with 3+ years of driving history
  • Background check for criminal or driving records

Vehicle Requirements

There are numerous vehicle requirements for drivers who want to begin working with the Facedrive company to ensure the organization maintains its green policies.


  • Vehicle model must be seven years old or newer.
  • A 4-door vehicle with opening doors
  • 5-8 seats
  • Local license plate
  • All-weather tires during the winter season (December 1 to April 30)
  • No cosmetic damage
  • No rebuilt vehicles or salvaged cars
  • Passes a vehicle inspection


  • 7 years old or newer
  • 4door vehicle with opening doors
  • Eight seats
  • Local license plate
  • Winter tires
  • Good condition with no cosmetic damage
  • No rebuttal vehicles
  • Passes a vehicle inspection

Pros and Cons

There are numerous benefits of driving with Facedrive to earn a little cash on the side or make it your full-time gig.

However, before beginning your new occupation with Facedrive, it is essential to know the downsides of this job as well.


  • Earn more money –  Drivers can earn up to 90% of the ride fare and keep all their tips.  
  • Fast payouts – Tired of waiting for your check to clear? Facedrive has simple and fast payouts deposited into your bank account.
  • Driver support – Trouble on the road? Don’t worry. Facedrive offers 24/7 customer service support.


  • NO surge pricing – Although riders will love this quality, drivers will earn less money during high-traffic times. Drivers will miss the big percentage boosts that come from drying during peak hours, where there is a huge demand for drivers and fewer drivers working. However, the company balances customer satisfaction with driver happiness by canceling surge pricing to maintain high levels of customer retention.
  • Maintain your own vehicle – Drivers must maintain their own vehicle and keep their inspection up-to-date while working for Facedrive. Driestar is responsible for the cost associated with the inspection renewal, which can add up over time.

How Much Do Facedrive Drivers Make?

There are numerous protocols involved within the Facedrive company, which contributes to Facedrive workers earning more than other competitive ridesharing apps.

According to Commercial Drive HQ, some of the best benefits of working for Facedrive includes:

  • 85% to 92% of the fare paid directly to drivers
  • Tipping allowed
  • Driver dashboard displays earning reports and hourly summaries.
  • The most active drivers earn company shares.

How to Sign Up for Facedrive

Both riders and drivers need to know how to seamlessly sign up for Facedrive to begin using this eco-conscious app in no time.

Riders Step by Step Instructions

Fortunately for riders, the sign-up process is quick and easy.

Just like downloading and using any other app, riders only need to search the app in the app store and begin working away!

  • Download the Facedrive App on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Allow Facedrive to use your location.
  • Choose the Language Setting
  • Choose whether you would like Facedrive to send you Notifications.
  • Create your Login information
  • Choose your city
  • Browse between Food and Ride options in your location

Drivers Step by Step Instructions

Drivers must fulfill a few steps before they can begin working for Facedrive to earn money, help the environment, and enhance their local community.

The basic steps include:

  • Filling out the application form
  • Register to become a driver
  • Fill out the necessary information.
  • Complete the background check
  • Earn your PCT license
  • Accept rides and begin working!


As you can see, Facedrive is quickly giving the big food delivery and rideshare giants a run for their money with their eco-conscious practices and promises of top-notch delivery services.

With the ability to order groceries delivered straight to your door, meal delivery, or rideshare to somewhere in your local city, new riders have the flexibility of getting from Point A to Point B in no time – and can feel good about offsetting their carbon emissions in the process!

Try Facedrive today to make a difference.

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