Farmers Insurance: Is It the Best Rideshare Insurance for Drivers?

In the world of auto insurance, Farmers Insurance continues to be one of the top companies for rideshare drivers. They provide additional coverage to a driver’s personal auto policy and protect them from any insurance lapses. That way, rideshare drivers can be sure they are fully covered every time they’re out on the road. Continue reading and find out why Farmers Insurance might be the best choice for rideshare drivers!

Farmers Insurance: A Driver’s Partner on the Road

1. Farmers Insurance is Rich in History

Before choosing a rideshare insurance company, a driver needs to know a little bit of the company’s history and background to make sure it’s reliable.

Farmers Insurance has been serving Americans since 1928. They were recognized in the 2015 Fortune 500 list and have served 10 million households nationwide.

Farmers was the first mainstream carrier to offer rideshare coverage, so drivers can be certain knowing that this company knows what they’re doing, and has their back.

2. Farmers Insurance Availability

Farmers is a leader in providing insurance coverage to rideshare drivers. It is currently available in 29 states and continues to match the demands of drivers when it comes to rideshare insurance.

3. Farmers Insurance Provides Seamless Protection

Farmers Insurance Provides Seamless Protection | Farmers Insurance | Is It the Best Rideshare
More often than not, a driver’s personal auto insurance does not provide coverage when they are working as a rideshare driver for companies like Lyft and Uber. In addition, these rideshare companies are only liable when a passenger accepts a ride. However, with Farmers, they provide drivers with what they call “gap coverage.”

Once the driver logs into the rideshare app, the rideshare company’s full commercial liability only starts when the driver chooses to accept a rider and ends when the rider reaches his destination. If an accident happens while waiting for the next rider, it only covers the medical expenses and the damages to others if it is the driver’s fault. In such cases, the driver needs to pay for the damages out of pocket.

Farmers Insurance connects these gaps by extending the driver’s personal insurance coverage. It means when the driver chooses Farmers Insurance, they are fully covered when using their car —this includes everything from personal use to using your car as a rideshare vehicle.

Then again, the driver needs to know that during the time they accept the ride until the rider exits, it is the rideshare company’s insurance policy that will apply.

4. Farmers Insurance is Affordable

For those who drive full time, Farmers Insurance is the way to go. The driver only has to pay around $150 per month, and Farmers Insurance rideshare endorsements adds an average 25% to their premium.

5. Farmers Offers Discounts

Drivers can use discounts and save more money when they bundle it with other types of insurance. They also give discounts to some occupations such as doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, teachers, etc. Drivers can contact Farmers agents to get a quote and other information about rideshare insurance.

My Take

It is always important to have an insurance company that can meet the drivers’ needs. There are a plethora of insurance companies out there a driver can choose from, but not all offer what Farmers Insurance can provide for rideshare drivers when they’re on the road.

Wider coverage and affordability are definitely the things to focus on. Not to mention, drivers can enjoy more discounts when they sign up.

Get the best protection and happy driving!

Want to know more about Farmers Insurance? Watch this video from Jim Kreisman as he reviews the new Farmers Insurance Rideshare Endorsement that addresses the “gap.”

Already have a Farmers Insurance? Another company you like better? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!