What Is The Fasten App And How Does It Work?

As the dominant players in the rideshare game get round after round of funding, continually Hoovering up their fare share of the marker, the Fasten app is holding its own, giving Uber and Lyft a run for its money. Not too long ago, Uber and Lyft got kicked out of Austin, Texas, allowing smaller players like...

As the dominant players in the rideshare game get round after round of funding, continually Hoovering up their fare share of the marker, the Fasten app is holding its own, giving Uber and Lyft a run for its money.

Not too long ago, Uber and Lyft got kicked out of Austin, Texas, allowing smaller players like Fasten to establish a foothold in the market.

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As Fasten dominates the streets of Austin, this rideshare service just may be the next big thing in the industry.

Fasten App: An Overview

1. What is the Fasten App?

Fasten is a rideshare app just like Uber and Lyft, operating under the same convenient “tap a button, get a ride” functionality that rideshare users have come to love.

However, unlike the other rideshare companies, the Fasten App was built around the motto, “People First. Rides In Seconds.” This app not only puts riders first, but is completely built around a system that is fair for all parties involved.

The company was founded by CEO Kirill Evdakov, CMO Roman Levitskiy, and COO Vlad Christoff. The three launched the app in September 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts, then in June 2016, Fasten started to operate in Austin, Texas.

Since it’s launch, the app has been widely adapted in it’s local market and continues to gain traction as time goes on.

2. How to Use Fasten

Fasten is not too different from its rivals in terms of actually using the app to request a ride.

In order to hail a ride using Fasten, a rider must first download the app from the Google Play Store, or iTunes App store.

Through the app, a rider can request a ride, which can be either a four-seat or a six-seat vehicle. Once requested, the Fasten app will display important ride information including an estimated wait time, estimated cost, and an estimated time of how long it will take for the rider to reach the destination.

Here’s a great video that breaks down the various features within the app in real-time.

3. What are the Features of the Fasten App?

Unlike its rideshare competitors that have price surging at certain times, Fasten offers its riders the option to “boost” their ride.

This allows riders to offer higher pay in order to increase their chances of getting a ride during times when demand is higher than usual.

The Fasten app also has a real-time pricing feature, a huge difference that sets itself apart from other companies.

Upon requesting a ride, the rider will only be shown an estimated fare. While on the ride, however, they will be able to see the extra charges they incur as they travel.

This differs from the two behemoth rideshare giants, which either show both driver and rider the fare after the ride has finished, or offer pricing upfront. In contrast, Fasten incorporates a pricing system closer to that of taxis.

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4. Why Drive for Fasten?

Why drive for Fasten? | What is The Fasten App and How Does It Work?While Fasten is great for passengers, it’s also making a name for itself among the Austin driver community.

Fasten markets itself as a rideshare company that treats its drivers like customers. And it lives up to it’s motto.

Fasten takes a flat rate of only $1 for every ride completed by the driver. This is a huge difference from Uber or Lyft, which take 20%-30% of the profit from each ride a driver completes.

Even when a rider chooses to ‘boost’ the ride, the driver will still be charged the flat rate and would, therefore, earn 100% of the additional fare the rider gives.

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As if these profits weren’t enough, Fasten has decided to extend its drivers’ benefits through an anonymous tipping system.

The app offers a feature for riders to tip their driver without the driver knowing., which encourages drivers to provide a better service.

5. How to Drive for Fasten?

Hopeful drivers who are sold on the concept of a different rideshare service can, and should, give Fasten a try.

In order to drive for Fasten, one must be 21 years old or older. Having a valid in-state license is a must, plus you need a car with up to date and valid insurance.

Unfortunately, if you have previously received traffic violations, you may have slim chance of getting in. Drivers must have a clean record, and Fasten conducts a very rigorous background check.

Fasten also requires the driver’s car be a relatively new model or a sedan that can fit at least 5 people. This ensures both comfort and safety for riders and drivers alike.

My Take

Even after just two weeks of operating in Austin, Fasten was already able to present impressive metrics. Its driver-friendly charging system had drivers flocking to be a part of the rideshare company, with record signups that took the city by storm.

Fasten may only be operating in two cities for now, but they see themselves broadening their operations in the future. This is good news for the many drivers who want to download the app and join the Fasten family!

Have you tried the Fasten app? How did your ride go? Let us know in the comments!

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