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Florida Drivers Ed: Options, Pricing, and What You’ll Learn

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People needing to complete a Florida drivers ed course don’t have to attend traffic school.

With Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) certified online courses, new drivers can study the information and take their learner’s permit test online.

What You Will Learn in Florida Drivers Education?

An online driver education course will teach you the same things as traffic school.

You’ll learn the rules of the road so you can always drive safely and follow the law.

You’ll learn how to drive defensively to lower the risk of having an accident.

Florida Virtual School offers a free online drivers ed course as a step to getting your permit.

High school students earn half a credit for taking this online class—just as they’d get for taking the course through the school system.

The credit will satisfy high school graduation requirements, too.

The course takes about two weeks to complete, but you can go at your own pace and spend up to six weeks learning the information.

It only requires about three hours a week to finish in that time, so there’s plenty of room for flexibility.

1. Real-World Simulation

You can see examples of the lessons learned without leaving your house.

The online course includes videos shot from behind the wheel.

You’ll watch videos showing how to drive on city streets and highways.

You’ll also see situations where an accident is about to happen unless you take the steps learned in the course.

Watching these real-world simulations helps new drivers feel more comfortable about driving.

You see the footage as if you were in the driver’s seat, so you have a better idea about how everything will look when you’re behind the wheel.

It also helps to see real-world examples of the lessons you just read.

2. Traffic Signs and Laws

Just as you’d learn from the handbook and traffic school, an online course teaches you about traffic signs.

You’ll learn how to identify every sign on the road in Florida.

When you know what the signs mean, you’re going to be more aware of what’s happening on the road.

Laws include understanding the effects of alcohol and drugs and why you shouldn’t get behind the wheel when you’re impaired.

Distracted driving is also an important lesson, and it covers more than just texting and driving.

It includes eating while driving, trying to search for something in the car, and more.

The class also teaches responsible driving habits like always being aware of the vehicles around you.

Defensive driving is an important skill to have so you can avoid a crash and help keep everyone safe when they’re on the road.

3. Driving Tips

Because the course is online, you don’t get real-life driving experience from the instructors.

However, you can put the tips given in the course to work as soon as you’re behind the wheel.

The Florida Safety Council offers free hours of driving lessons once you’ve completed the online course and earned your permit.

Even if you already have your driver’s license, you can take an online course to refresh your knowledge.

It’s helpful to take drivers ed classes periodically so you’re always safe when you’re on the road.

More strategies for defensive driving and avoiding distracted driving come out periodically, so you want to stay current with the information.

Complete Your TLSAE Course Online

After taking the online driver education course, you’ll need to earn the TLSAE waiver.

This certificate refers to Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education.

All drivers in Florida need this training before they can take the learner’s permit test.

Once you finish the TLSAE course online, wait up to two days for the results.

The site automatically sends your information to the state.

Then, you can go to take your learner’s permit test online or in person.

When you pass, you have to pick up your learner’s permit at the Florida DMV.

Frequently Asked Questions

The information above tells you all you need to know about taking an online course for Florida drivers ed.

In case you need a few more answers, check out these frequently asked questions.

What is the duration of a Florida drivers ed course?

Since the course is online, you can complete it at your own pace.

To ensure new drivers aren’t racing through the material without learning it, you have to wait at least two weeks until you can say you’ve completed it.

Most people dedicate two to three hours a week to the course.

At that pace, they have no problem completing it in four to six weeks.

You can do it whenever you have free time, so you might finish faster than if you were taking in-person classes.

Does Florida drivers ed include real-world practice?

No, the course is completely online, so you don’t get real-world practice with an instructor.

The class includes videos of each lesson, though.

You’ll feel like you’re in the driver’s seat when you watch the footage.

It will help you learn how to read road signs and what to do in certain situations.

After you get your learner’s permit, you can practice driving a car with a licensed driver.

You can also get six free hours of driving instruction from the Florida Safety Council.

How do you obtain your license in Florida?

You can take the online course at your own pace, though it typically takes two to six weeks to complete.

At that point, you’ll take the TLSAE training.

After taking your learner’s permit test online, you can pick up the physical permit at the DMV.

Though you can access the online driver’s ed course for free, there are fees involved with getting your permit.

That information is in the Florida Driver’s Handbook.

Ready To Start?

Taking a Florida drivers ed course doesn’t have to be a hassle because you can complete it online.

That gives you flexibility in terms of when and where you learn the necessary information.

The state makes it easy to take the test and get your permit.

Don’t put off getting a license any longer—take the online Florida drivers ed course today!

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