Free Uber Ride Tips | Ways To Get Uber Credits & Promo Codes

Wondering if it’s possible to get a free Uber ride? If you are a first-time rider, congratulations! Uber gives away a $15 off for all Uber first-time users. For trips after that, getting a free Uber ride is a little bit harder. Be ingenious to get credits — make good use of Uber promo codes for existing users and follow these other tips below!

Free Uber Ride | Ways To Get Uber Credits & Promo Codes

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Free Uber Ride Tips | Ways To Get Uber Credits & Promo Codes


1. Your First Ride’s on Uber!

Your first ride's on Uber! | Free Uber Ride Tips

As mentioned earlier, Uber has been giving away a $15-credit for first-time users. This is a promotional tactic to get more riders, and it’s one that people should take advantage of! Here are some codes you can use to claim this credit:

  • 3SEO

2. Flat Rate Promos

How I keep chill in traffic is to take an Uber 😉 #uberflatrate

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How would you like it if all of your Uber rides for a month were charged at a flat rate? Having to pay, say, just $2.99 for all your rides will save you some serious bucks. Uber sometimes creates these kinds of deals at the beginning of the month. The tricky thing is, these promos are often unannounced or sent to selected users only. To combat this, sign up on deal sites and turn on notifications for flat rate promos available in your city. Make sure to check online for this kind of deal by the first week of every month.

3. Friend Referrals

This method is not a secret, nor is it hard to do. Sending out referral codes to friends or colleagues is a good way of saving Uber credits. Exhaust your contacts to rake free credits!

Tip: You can customize your referral code to increase the likelihood of your friends using it. See how to do this here.

4. Tag- along With a First-time Rider

Tag- along With a First-time Rider | Free Uber Ride Tips

If you are part of a large group, with several non-Uber users, you can take advantage of this very simple “trick.” Share your referral code with them, earn your free credit, and share a ride with your friend.

5. Special Events Codes

Be informed of public events in your city — concerts, music fests, shows, etc. — because Uber usually gives out promo codes for these. If you’ve heard of a big event happening near your location, try to check their websites for Uber promo codes. Holidays and other occasions are also a good time to take advantage of Uber codes.

6. Be on The Look Out

Be on the look out | Free Uber Ride Tips

Uber provides good deals and codes to existing users from time to time. Your app will usually display these deals through notifications. Unfortunately, there is no proven method to attract these codes.

7. Get Refunded for Your Grievances

If you’ve had an unpleasant ride, you can contact Uber support and report unsatisfactory Uber rides. You can complain if your ride was unsafe or your driver took an impractical route. If your complaint is valid, they’ll give you a ride credit as compensation within 24 hours.

Note: This isn’t something we recommend on doing just to get a free Uber ride. Only report valid complaints.

Get to your destination on a budget with these Uber credits and promo codes! Learn how in this video:

Getting free stuff is always fun. These are a few ways to save a couple of bucks on your Uber bills so that you can ride more often for less money.

Which of these items are you currently doing to earn extra Uber credits? Do you have other tricks you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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