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Garmin Dash Cam 66W: Latest [year] Buyers Guide

Last updated: June 1, 2021
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dash cam garmin review

The Garmin dash cam 66w is the successor of Garmin 65, but with a few added features. Their design is pretty much the same. Yet, the new version lacks the gold-colored ring around its focus which makes it less obvious for potential thieves. 

It also has a quite improved image sensor which may bring video-quality of 1440p.

The Garmin 66W has a very stealthy size – not bigger than a golf ball. Yet, it includes all the important functions one may need. This comes as a big surprise taking into account the size of this amazing product. 

This article offers you a thorough review of it.

About Garmin Dash Cam 66W

What makes Garmin 66W special?

The dashcam will give you the amazing possibility to shoot recordings in 2K and in 1440p resolution. The incredible panoramic 180 degrees field of you also features multi-camera Wi-Fi inter-connectivity. 

We are talking about a high-end but discreet dash cam that comes with extraordinary features and extra hardware.

The user should not worry about the availability of the footage following an accident because the software saves it. The design is so sleek that you won’t have to worry about the installation blocking the view on the windshield.

The extra-wide panoramic view is in the range of 180 degrees and provides geographic location and time on any video it captures. Of course, this is an option that you may turn off anytime you want. 

In low-light situations, this camera will prove to be of great reliability, especially with its crisp and clear 1440p footage.

Yet, we will mention some cost-cutting features of this camera. One of them is the inclusion of a 8GB SD card which you will have to replace with another one with a bigger capacity to provide you with the Premium service you were looking for. 

In comparison to other dashcams of this class, the 66W model remains quite small. Its proportions are approximately 2.2 x 1.6 x 1.4 inches. 

Installation and Mounting

On the left side of the Garmin 66 dashcam device, you will find a Micro USB Port, while on its bottom is the SD card slot. There is a smooth 2-inches display on the back of the device, as the right side of the unit has four buttons for all the unit configurations and controls.

The USB port has this specific positioning of the power cable so it can point toward the ceiling of the vehicle. 

Although there are some small gaps around the mount that allow some warm air to get out, the device only has a bottom air vent.

There is a tiny, octagonal plate that you put on the windshield and it attaches to a support arm connecting to the camera with a round joint. 

When compared to last year’s models, the Garmin 66W holds the same unique mounting system.

This mount has become very popular since it doesn’t occupy much space. Its practicality is in the simple positioning and displacement of the unit. 

This may be very convenient for drivers of convertible cars and users of several vehicles at the same time.

The Garmin Drive app will provide you with effective usage of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features. It means you can put all the recorded videos on a smartphone, tablet, or PC.  You can also change all the basic settings and configurations on your camera.

One of the most amazing options you may try is voice control. You may use it for saving videos or pictures, stopping or starting with recording videos. 

Garmin 66W is an excellent security camera, although it doesn’t serve for those purposes only. 

It has the Travelapse option which is Garmin’s version of time-lapse. It is excellent for long journeys as it wraps them up in a few minutes. 

The GPS is not embedded although you have it on board and you can watermark the videos. If present, this may help you in GPS tracking applications or in mapping locations in the Travelapse. Yet, you can locate it yourself. 

As a solid accessory for traffic safety, it provides several warnings for drivers. Some of them are alerts for a red light, aimless idling at a green light, impact, or getting out of a lane. 

The first feature we mentioned depends on the position of the vehicle on the driving map, which is quite reliable when this device is in question.

Garmin 66W has a solid system of back-up and keeps the device alive after it loses power. Some dashcams feature a super-capacitor while the Garmin does it better since it also features a battery. 

This one keeps the camera running 15 seconds by default, but it will run quite longer when in parking mode.

Voice Control Option

This is one of the most interesting options that provides voice control over your camera. If you want to save a video or a still picture, start or stop an audio recording or a Travelapse video, say “OK, Garmin”.

Auto Sync Feature

This option provides you with a wireless connection of four Garmin dashcams. If all plugged, they may offer you a complete panoramic vision of 360 degrees around your vehicle. 

Selecting the save option on one of them means saving on all other devices.

To create “picture-in-picture” videos from any perspective, use the Garmin Drive application on your smartphone. It will ease the sharing of videos with legal authorities, insurance agencies, and friends.

Extra USB Support

The package includes two power cable options that provide upward and downward routing. It also has a dual USB power adapter with which you may power your dashcam and along with phones and other accessories.

Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity

You can share, edit, and view captured files through the Garmin Drive App, which functions via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

Garmin Dash Cam 66W Review

Different from the 1080p video quality offered by its predecessor 65W, the new dashcam model captures recording at 1440p. The W stands in its name for its feature of covering a wide angle of 180 degrees.

Saying simple phrases to save a video or a still picture is how you control your dashcam which you can activate/deactivate on voice as well. The dashcam will provide automatic sync by downloading the Garmin Drive app so you may control and playback footage from four cameras.

Driver alertness comes without a question since the system of alarming is spotless. Nearby red light cameras and speed cameras are easy to avoid as you will get notifications. 

By condensing long hours of driving into short periods, the Travelapse option provides a fun way of recording and sharing.

Garmin 66W will record any accident that may occur to you, becoming your extra set of eyes. While powering your dashcam, you’ll also have the ability to charge phones and other accessories with the dual USB power adapters it uses. 

Your car’s surroundings are going to be safe while it remains in a parked state using a cable that doesn’t come in the basic package.

The package which includes dual USB power adapters also has a low-profile magnetic mount and vehicle power cables. As it comes, the documentation has a one year warranty for the main product.


  • Field of View with 180° extra width 
  • Controlled by voice
  • Automatic saving and recording of footage
  • Integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Optional Parking Power Cable and Protection when Parked
  • 2.21″Width x 1.59″Height x 0.84“Depthgarmin dash cam 66w review

You will get a much better image clarity than on the previous model since it offers 1440p. You will see more action since the field is 180 angles wide which will serve very well for documenting travels and for legal purposes.

You may also use the Garmin Drive app to review footage on your phone or you can replay them on your dashcam display. You may also save any incidents that occur because the device records nonstop in a continuous loop. 

The dashcam will make wider recordings of the environment with details such as GPS location data and detailed time.

Sometimes the very wide angle may create the phenomenon of fish-eye distortion. For the customers who may find this annoying, we offer the previous model – Garmin 56 which is actually the same device with a narrower viewing field.

A thing you may find as a disadvantage is a temperature it may develop even when it captures at lower resolutions such as 1080p at 30FPS. 

The unit becomes very hot although it may support 1080p at 60FPS. Customers living in warm areas won’t be happy to encounter such a thing.

Some attribute this to the design of the camera which is very small in size. The feeling of heat comes because the camera cannot radiate it on a bigger surface.

The camera remains in an active mode even after thirty minutes of operation in parking mode. This only means that the running time of the battery is excellent.


Is the image getting destabilized on bumpy roads?

Unlike the previous 65W dashcam, the 66W model doesn’t lose stability on bumpy and stands well on its mount. This may be a great advantage for drivers in all areas imaginable – urban areas may also have turbulent roads as more rural areas do.

Does Garmin 66W provide good image quality during the night?

It is very important for the camera to capture more details and less light so the recording can be useful for the driver. There is a bigger possibility for headlight flare to appear if the device absorbs too much light. This may cover very important details such as the license plates of the car with which you crushed.

Although you may not find the 66W to be a good servant when your vehicle is in parking mode, it will be excellent for recordings of driving during the night. This is because the device doesn’t absorb too much light which is necessary for long-term surveillance.

Does it offer reliable Parking Mode?

If any kind of motion occurs near your vehicle, the device begins recording immediately. This also requires parking mode cable which doesn’t come with the basic package. We also recommend you to hire a professional for installation. 

Parking mode is a feature enabling surveillance of your car’s surroundings when its engine is not running.

Do I have a possibility to share my drive?

If you are interested in condensing long hours of driving into minutes of highlights, you may find the Travelapse feature useful. It enables recording and sharing your videos as well.


We may conclude that the Garmin 66W dash cam offers durability and quality for the users that love recording at a wide-angle. The name of the brand symbolizes reliability and quality, while this model is one of the smallest devices of its type available on the market. 

Customers who want a narrower view may look for the previous Garmin 56 model. If you want more options to consider, check out our massive guide for the best dash cam in 2020.

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