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How To Use The Gas Buddy Card To Save On Fuel

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Gas Buddy is a tech company that focuses on saving you money at the pump.

If you already have a Gas Buddy app, you are used to opening it to find cheap gas near you.

By comparing all the prices in the area, Gas Buddy shows the user the least expensive gasoline around.

Recently, the company introduced a Gas Buddy card, promoting even more gas savings by offering money off the gallon at participating pumps.

What is this card, and how does it work?

Here is a complete guide to the Gas Buddy card and how to use it effectively.

What is a Gas Buddy Card?

The Gas Buddy card is part of Gas Buddy’s new initiative, Pay With Gas Buddy.

The company has partnered with gas stations around the country to offer customers savings on gas prices, especially as they continue to rise.

A Gas Buddy card functions like a credit card but isn’t one.

Instead, it’s a card that links to your bank account.

It’s like a debit card, except it will save you money every time you pump gas.

By using this card in conjunction with the Gas Buddy app, you can save up to 40 cents a gallon.

How Does it Work?

The Gas Buddy card works like a regular debit card.

It pulls funds from your checking account to pay for your gas.

With a Gas Buddy card, you’ll pay for gas the same as you usually would.

Because you’re using the card, the gas will simply not cost as much money.

Gas Buddy discounts the gas after it has been purchased, so the new price won’t show up at the pump.

Instead, it will show up on your bank statement after processing the transaction (usually in 1-3 business days).

You will also get an emailed receipt every time you use the Gas Buddy card.

However, the Gas Buddy card partners with gas stations to give cardholders a constant discount on gas.

For a regular free account, you are guaranteed two cents off every gallon you pump at participating stations.

If a gas station has a discount or deal, your Gas Buddy app will send you an alert.

What Do You Get With a Gas Buddy Card?

The main perk of a Gas Buddy card is that you can save on gas anywhere you go.

Their advertised savings are up to 40 cents per gallon off.

Even though this is an extreme case, Gas Buddy members regularly save several cents a gallon when filling up.

The average savings are between 5 and 15 cents per gallon.

Savings on Gas

For regular Gas Buddy members, savings range from a guaranteed two cents a gallon to 40 cents a gallon, which varies depending on the location and any current deals going on.

Gas stations have Gas Buddy discounts throughout the year, and these are subject to change at any time.

Premium Gas Buddy members get a guaranteed 20 cents per gallon discount but the same regular cap of 40 cents.

However, Gas Buddy can be paired with other loyalty programs, saving you even more money per gallon at certain gas stations.

The app will alert you to steeper discounts at nearby gas stations.

Where Can You Use a Gas Buddy Card?

Gas Buddy cards work like debit cards but only at the pump.

So you won’t be able to use this card to buy snacks or soda inside the gas station or anything else.

However, you can use the Gas Buddy card at any participating gas station in America (and that’s most gas stations in America).

Participating Gas Stations

You can use gas Buddy at most gas stations in the United States.

Although you’ll have to check with your local gas station, an easy way to discover whether it accepts Gas Buddy is to find out whether it accepts WEX.

Every gas company (except Exxon Mobil) that allows WEX payments also accepts Gas Buddy cards.

It’s easier to list where Gas Buddy is not accepted than where it is.

If you try to pay for gas with your card at these locations, it won’t work:

  • Costco
  • Walmart
  • Exxon-Mobil
  • H-E-B
  • Arco
  • BJ’s
  • Sam’s Club

Any other station is likely to accept a Gas Buddy card.

Is a Gas Buddy Card Worth It?

With all of these facts, is a Gas Buddy card worth getting? Or is it more helpful to stick with a cashback credit card and keep using the app to find the cheapest gas around? Like all products, there are good and bad aspects to the Pay with Gas Buddy system.

Here are the main pros and cons of the Gas Buddy card.


  • Savings at every participating gas station
  • Further savings with deals and discounts
  • Free unlimited usage with signup
  • Thousands of participating gas stations


  • The customer service team isn’t very responsive
  • The app can be glitchy
  • Occasional service charges if the card doesn’t go through
  • $75 daily limit


Because the service is relatively new, there are still some bugs in the Gas Buddy system.

However, the savings from the gas make up for the occasional glitches.

The free platform works well for gas savings and is super convenient if you already have the app.

The more significant downside of the app is the lack of customer service.

If anything goes wrong, it’s challenging to get a hold of the Gas Buddy team and harder to fix your problem.

Although they offer a messaging function on the website, it will be several days before anyone gets back to you.

Does a Gas Buddy Card Cost Anything?

A Gas Buddy card is completely free.

There’s no cost for an account or the app itself.

Once you hook it up to your debit card, you might have to deal with some service fees or overdraft fees if the card doesn’t work.

However, the first tier of Gas Buddy is free.

Gas Buddy Premium is a new service offered by Gas Buddy.

Any cardholder can sign up for $10 a month and receive all the usual perks of a Gas Buddy card plus extra savings.

Through a partnership with Allstate, drivers with premium accounts have limited roadside assistance.

These perks are similar to AAA or other roadside assistance accounts.

How to Get a Gas Buddy Card?

If this sounds like a good deal, you can sign up to get the free Gas Buddy card.

The application process is simple and doesn’t take long.

It’s entirely on the Gas Buddy website and takes a few minutes to fill out.

Application Process

To apply for a Gas Buddy card, you need to go to the website and fill out a form.

The form requires personal information, such as a valid driver’s license number and your address.

Once it’s filled out, your card will be automatically approved and mailed to you.

After you receive your card, you will activate it through the Gas Buddy app, which is also an easy process but involves adding your bank account information.

Without this information, the Gas Buddy card won’t be able to access funds when you buy gasoline.

Gas Buddy will issue you a “Driver ID,” which will be used as your PIN when pumping gas.

Without this and the card, you won’t be able to use your Gas Buddy card to buy gas.

There is a $75 daily limit on Gas Buddy purchases.

Gas Buddy FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about Gas Buddy, the Gas Buddy card, and the application process.

We hope they answer your questions.

Does it still work if you forget your card?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Pay with Gas Buddy if you don’t have the card with you.

Because the card itself is the form of payment, it’s impossible to use the system without the card.

Keep it in your wallet so you’ll always have it while driving.

Does Gas Buddy check your credit?

Gas Buddy doesn’t check credit when they issue cards because the Gas Buddy card isn’t a credit card.

Instead, it takes funds directly from your account like a debit card.

Therefore, your credit will not be affected by applying for a Gas Buddy card.

Do you have to activate your Gas Buddy card?

There is no number to call to activate your Gas Buddy card.

However, you will download the app (if you haven’t already) and activate it by signing in to your account and adding your bank information.

Final Thoughts

With a Gas Buddy card, you’ll be able to save money no matter where you are in the country.

If you upgrade to a Gas Buddy Premium account, you have the added option of roadside assistance.

If you’re willing to deal with a few bugs, this app will save you hundreds of dollars every year and allow you to travel without straining your wallet too much.

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