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7 Easy Ways To Get More Orders On DoorDash

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Becoming a DoorDash driver is an excellent side-hustle to help put some extra cash in your pocket.

The food delivery service has experienced a boom in business with the recent health crisis, which means more orders need to be delivered.

As a DoorDash delivery driver, you may be wondering how to get more orders on DoorDash.

Knowing how to work the system and efficiently deliver these orders will help you complete more orders as a Dasher.

Everything from choosing your orders to order accuracy will help you become an effective Dasher and handle more orders.

Getting more orders on DoorDash means you can set more money aside for that exotic vacation or that new pair of shoes.

Check out our advice below for 7 easy ways to get more orders on DoorDash!

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How to Get More DoorDash Orders

The more orders you deliver as a Dasher, the more money you will put in your pocket.

Take these steps into consideration when accepting and delivering orders to make the most of your delivery time.

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1. Choose Your Orders Wisely

Only choose orders that make sense.

While you want to jump on orders as they come available (DoorDash acceptance rate does matter after all), ensure the delivery time and location make sense.

The last thing you want to do is make a delivery way out of your typical delivery path.

You may also consider delivering to an area that has other restaurants so you have the opportunity to pick up an order in the area you dropped your last one.

Don’t forget that you only have 45 seconds to accept a regular order and 90 seconds to accept a batched order.

Be sure to scan all order details as soon as you have an order notification to effectively accept or decline the offer.

2. Manage Multiple Deliveries at Once

Managing multiple deliveries at once not only helps you complete orders faster, but it frees you up to take on more orders.

The best way to manage several deliveries is to accept deliveries to residential areas.

DoorDash makes it easy to manage multiple deliveries at once by using the “Add Order to Route” option.

Organization is essential when managing two deliveries at the same time.

Therefore, consider keeping post-it notes on hand to label the differing orders and keep them from getting mixed up.

By delivering to a densely populated residential area, you are more likely to obtain an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and make two deliveries at once.

3. Choose the Right Time to Work

Knowing when to work will give you an advantage over another DoorDash Dasher.

Dashing during the peak lunch and dinner times will ensure you receive enough orders to keep you busy.

Peak lunch hours are typically 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and optimal dinner hours are 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Holidays are also an excellent time to work as people are staying home and ordering in to ensure they get their to-do list done.

Get to know the areas you service to better understand when the busy times are and ensure you are available during those times.

Also, consider taking shifts during peak pay hours.

DoorDash offers incentives in the form of additional income during peak pay hours.

These hours are displayed on the Dasher app for you to pick and choose from.

To see your peak pay earnings, navigate to the earnings section in the Dasher app.

4. Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

Gambling on when orders will be placed and where you will be delivering from is a less practiced way to get more deliveries that can pay off in the end.

The best way to anticipate these orders is by placing yourself in densely populated areas and waiting for the order to come through.

The areas with a good variety of restaurants close will allow you to get to the orders faster.

However, you will want to avoid the heavily populated areas as you will face more delivery competition.

Find an area in the mid-range population and wait.

You can give yourself a bit of a head start on selecting these areas by looking up current promotions, such as free delivery or promo code offerings for restaurants, as they are more likely to get business.

5. Pre-Schedule Your Deliveries

Pre-scheduling your deliveries will ensure you can Dash in areas during peak times and dates.

These busy areas are often grayed out on the map showing that the area is at max capacity.

This type of area is the perfect spot to get multiple orders at once to make the most of your delivery times.

If possible, schedule these areas a week in advance to ensure your spot in the high-traffic areas.

Pre-scheduling not only ensures delivery options but also can help you make the most of your time in high-earning areas.

6. Give Great Customer Service

Providing great customer service not only reassures your spot with the DoorDash platform but also encourages users to keep using the platform.

It only takes one negative DoorDash experience for a user to choose a different delivery app the next time they order online.

The best way to offer great customer service is by following the rules for Dashers, looking presentable, greeting customers with a smile, providing extra condiments, and ensuring their delivery is on time.

Happy customers provide you with job security and are more generous tippers.

7. Stack Your Orders

Check your DoorDash app to compare the various marketplaces to know what spots are hot.

Hotspots are the perfect opportunity to receive stacked orders during the lunch and dinner rush.

You will most likely have the opportunity to stack orders when a specific restaurant has multiple orders going out.

This is also an opportunity when there are two restaurants close to each other that have a delivery to the same neighborhood or residential area.

You’re more likely to stack orders on weekends in densely populated areas that have popular restaurants.

8. Research the Weather and Traffic

The weather and current traffic conditions play an integral role in your success as a DoorDash driver.

You will obviously experience more traffic in big cities like New York and San Francisco than in a small local town.

It is widely known that poor weather conditions slow down traffic, making it difficult to get where you need to go on time.

While heavy traffic and poor weather slow you down as a courier, it may also encourage those at home to stay in and use DoorDash to deliver their lunch or dinner.

Keep in mind that it can take longer to deliver in these conditions, but it may be an excellent opportunity to take on more orders.

Ensure you are only delivering distances you feel comfortable driving in the current weather and traffic conditions.

9. Don’t Forget the Extras

While it may not seem like a big deal, extras such as napkins, wet wipes, plastic cutlery, and additional sauce packets can go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction.

This small gesture only takes seconds of your time and can be the difference-maker in the size of the tip DoorDash Dashers receive.

Take the time to grab the extras before leaving the restaurant to provide the best customer service possible.

10. Order Accuracy

Food delivery is all about accuracy, and order accuracy is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction.

If you deliver an incorrect order, the blame automatically falls on the driver even though you’re not at fault.

The easiest and most convenient way to ensure order accuracy is to inspect each order before leaving the restaurant.

This will ensure you get the order delivered on time and your customer receives everything they ordered.

Best Door Dasher Driver Tips

Experience as a Dasher will naturally give you knowledge on tips and tricks of the trade.

However, these tips and tricks are usually made known by trial and error.

Help avoid errors and practice the tips below for successful delivery rates.

vector graphic showing a thumbnail image for how to use doordash

1. Double Check Orders Before Leaving

A factor that plays into order accuracy is double-checking all orders before leaving the restaurant.

This ensures customer satisfaction and prevents you from backtracking to the restaurant or being the outlet for an angry customer.

Ensure the order is accurate by double-checking it before leaving and by asking any questions regarding the order you may have to the restaurant staff.

Delivering an incomplete or incorrect order will not only disappoint the customer, but you will feel the weight of the mistake instead of the restaurant.

Customers that don’t receive accurate orders often refrain from tipping their Dashers, even though it’s not their fault.

2. Grab Extras for the Customer

Before leaving the restaurant to complete your delivery, grab any extras your customers may want.

This may include napkins, cutlery, and sauce packets.

Every customer is different and has varying dining needs.

Ensure they have everything they need for an enjoyable lunch or dinner by having extras on hand just in case.

3. Separate Hot and Cold Items

Nobody likes receiving cold soup or a hot salad.

Ensure food is delivered exactly how it left the restaurant by separating hot and cold items.

By taking this step, you are increasing the acceptance rate.

This ensures customer satisfaction and gives these customers another reason to choose DoorDash for future deliveries.

To better assist in keeping hot and cold items separate, consider purchasing insulated bags.

Keep the cold product in one bag and the hot items in another.

Not only does this help separate the two types of dishes, but it also helps keep them at their intended temperature.

4. Stay in Touch With the Customer

When we say stay in touch with the DoorDash customer, we don’t mean going on coffee dates every other week with them.

We mean creating a rapport with them and keeping them updated on their order.

Placing an order and not knowing its current status or when to expect it can be frustrating, especially when it’s your lunch or dinner.

You don’t want to overwhelm your customer, but ensure you keep them updated if there are any delays with their delivery.

You would be surprised at how far a little communication can go.

Don’t keep your customers in the dark; ensure they know where their order is and when they can expect to receive it.

5. Be Friendly

As previously outlined, delivering with a smile and a friendly attitude can go a long way.

Not only does it help ensure customer satisfaction, but it also increases the likelihood of a good tip.

You may also consider making small talk while completing the delivery to connect with your customer on a more personal level.

It is vital to remember that some customers may take a simple drop-off better than engaging in small talk.

Before cracking a joke or making small talk, read the customer.

If they don’t seem sociable, be pleasant and stick to business.

If they seem a little more outgoing, create banter back and forth while making the drop-off.

You never know the type of day someone may be having.

Being friendly when making your delivery can go a lot further than you may think.

Troubleshooting: Why Am I Not Getting Any Orders on DoorDash?

Several factors may contribute to why you’re not getting any orders on DoorDash.

Check the following items to ensure you’re showing as available to take orders:

  • Your Dash is active.
  • You are signed into a dash.
  • You’re connected to Wi-Fi, and orders can come through.

Ensuring these items have the proper status and you’re available to take on an order will help the orders come through.

It is also vital you are stationed inside a starting point or near a hot spot to receive an order.

If you are outside the restaurant range, those that are stationed closer will receive those orders.

Wrapping Up

Getting more orders on DoorDash doesn’t have to be difficult.

Ensure you are greeting your customers with a smile and providing prompt delivery to generate a satisfied customer base.

Take advantage of peak pay and find the wait for orders to come through in hotspot areas.

Consider stacking orders and delivering during optimal dining hours to make the most of delivery time.

Don’t miss delivery options; follow these steps to get more orders on DoorDash.

5 thoughts on “7 Easy Ways To Get More Orders On DoorDash”

  1. Hi Brett,
    In my region drivers cannot check orders. Food comes in sealed containers and we are not to open them. We also cannot get extra condiments nor accoutrements as all items are kept behind the counter.
    It’s my understanding that this is common practice across the country and had been for quite some time.
    Hot and cold items cannot be separated by the driver, that needs to be done by the restaurant before sealing the containers.
    Please see your article titled “DoorDash Bag: An Important Piece of Your Driver Gear” in which you state “DoorDash has some additional policies to follow during COVID-19 that emphasize that Dashers shouldn’t open food containers or tamper with the food.”

  2. There is no “smiling at the customer” upon delivery. That’s a violation of not wearing your mask which is required by DoorDash. Building a rapport with customers is nonsense. Customers don’t want you to talk to them at the time of delivering their food, they just want their food, especially when up to 95% of orders are no contact. Because pandemic. Good grief. Let them know if they’re are any delays yes. Small talk? No. Cracking a joke is NEVER appropriate. It’s called professionalism regardless if you can “read of the customer” otherwise. Do not banter, “get in, get out”. Customers don’t want you LINGERING, they want to EAT.
    Not stacking an order counts against you in acceptance rate. Decline at your own comfort level of not accepting enough, as declining always counts against you. Drivers below 50% acceptance rate can get booted. Drivers below 80% completion rate of accepted of orders results in booting because you’re unreliable and useless.
    WiFi? Lol. EXTRA cutlery or condiments does not greenlight getting more tips. A cheapskate is a cheapskate. Many bags or containers or boxes of food can be sealed by merchant. SOP is that the Dasher is never to open the sealed outer bag even to inspect, and must ask “Is everything ordered included” of the merchant. This way if the merchant unseals the outer bag then can replace the seals.
    Proper Dashing is about never forgetting part of an order, notifying about delays in pickup or batching, never driving slowly in delivering an order so that it’s past the “Deliver by” time, and following the customer’s delivery instructions completely, or calling to get clarification if necessary when you arrive. Finally, be professional in handling the delivery, no matter what. If there’s an issue, contact Support immediately. That’s what it boils down to. That’s why I’m at a nearly perfect rating, mid 80s acceptance %, and either 99 or 100% order completion. Simple dedication when you’re on the clock.

  3. I’ve been delivering food for several years and with DoorDash for a year. It’s easy for me to see why DM is not getting xtra tips. Only a small percentage of restaurants seal bags, I’m in the Detroit area. So taking a quick inventory is simple. Asking staff questions, or for utinsils, sauces, again, if you stay organized, it’s simple. Of coarse, some staff is just easier to communicate with, but it is such a bad time to be in the business. I left the inside of a restaurant, to dash full-time due to the added stress and challenges that are now a part of the job.
    As far as customer conversations go, DM, you have it all wrong. Even on the phone, you can tell if a person is smiling while they speak. There are thousands of non-verbal cues that a person gives off-most are involuntary. Body language, the position of the head and body, the shape of your eyes and eyebrows, the inflection in your voice, just to name the obvious. Due to the pandemic, people became home bound. So we all got a taste to not have all the conveniences we have all grown accustomed to having. Some live this way long term. There are so many reasons a person becomes home bound. The delivery person may be the only contact that they may have with the outside world for days at a time. Customer service is what sets you apart from ALL the others! With your mentality, servers and bartenders don’t need to talk to the customers, because you believe, that customers only want to eat and drink. That is not so. The best way to increase tips inside the restaurant, is to provide an experience for the guests. There is much less time outside the restaurant, with our customers, but it is so important to smile, say hello, ask 1 question or make one comment, can change everything for that customer! Especially, in this pandemic that still lingers. Not everyone is a drop at the door delivery, therefore, there are plenty of opportunities to brighten another’s day with your personality. Even on the leave at the door deliveries, we have the option to text, or if need be, call the customer with questions or updates. The first thing I will do if I walk into a store/drive thru that has 20 people in front of me, is to text the customer waiting for food, that the store is very busy right now, but I will get on the road as soon as I can. It takes 10 seconds, and I’m just waiting anyways. I hope that everyone who reads this, can see how important customer contact can be. When needed.
    I am also very concerned about my numbers, to retain Top-Dasher status. I used to take almost every order that rang in. By if your numbers are below 50%, in any category, is not good. Especially completion rate. If you accept the order, you are bound by contract to now deliver that order. Unless you only dash a couple days a month, you can decline orders all you want. The orders still keep coming. Full time, I am delivering about 200-250 deliveries a month. So there’s plenty of room to keep your numbers in check, since the numbers only reflect the last 100 deliveries. I too keep a near perfect rating. A 4.9 customer service rating with a 99% acceptance and completion rate. At least the first of every month-to keep top dasher status. Don’t discount the impact you have on some people. A little extra goes a very long way. I love what I do! That’s the best dedication there is!

  4. How do you make any money accepting orders just for top dasher status. DoorDash claims your acceptance rate is not grounds for deactivating a dasher. I need to be paid right to make all the stress of delivery not to mention vehicle depreciation and missing better paying deliveries.


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