Get Paid Everyday!

Uber is finally about to get in on the act – the act of paying drivers daily.  But it looks like they’re at least 6 months away before rolling out their new program nationwide.

In the meantime, there is another service offering to pay drivers every day.  It’s called DailyPay.   I recently wrote about Clearbanc, but I’ve talked to a lot of drivers since then and a lot of them are using Daily Pay and seem to like it, so I thought I’d write about it here.

DailyPay puts cash in your bank account each day for the money you’ve earned from driving that day.  They charge a little less than Clearbanc, they charge $0.99 a day up to $150 in earnings.  They charge $1.49 for any day you earn more than $150.

They deposit the money directly into your bank account.  When you sign up, they will ask for your Uber account login information.  This is so they can connect to your account to track how much you’re earning.  You’ll also be asked to login to your Uber account to update your payment information to direct Uber to send your weekly earnings directly to DailyPay.  Obviously DailyPay has to get paid by Uber after they’ve advanced the money to you!  So don’t worry about that part of the process.  I know it can feel a little risky to do this, but don’t worry because DailyPay will be sending your earnings directly to your bank every day you drive.

If you sign up using This Link (or any of the links above) you’ll get the first two weeks of service free!  That could be a $14-$21 savings depending on how often you work and how much you make!

I’ve been getting paid daily for several months now and all I can tell you is – it sure beats getting paid weekly!

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