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Get $60 Off Your Car Rental: Getaround Promo Code for Uber Drivers

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Without a vehicle, you can’t drive for Uber.

Without an affordable car, you won’t be able to earn money.

Luckily, having the right Getaround promo code gets you a virtually free first-time ride, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Getaround, a platform that allows drivers to rent cars from local owners, is gaining traction in the rideshare world.

With an official partnership with Uber, the company makes it more convenient than ever to make money with a rental.

In this article, we’ll explain more about what Getaround is, how you can claim a hefty discount, and how you can rent a vehicle as an Uber driver.

What Is Getaround?

Getaround promo code: Homepage

Getaround is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform that connects drivers who need vehicles to nearby car owners who want to earn cash.

The platform takes a similar approach to Airbnb, allowing everyday car owners to list their unused vehicles for local drivers to browse.

Founded in 2009 ⁠— the same year Uber was established ⁠— Getaround has naturally become a helpful supplement to the original rideshare company.

The two modern transportation platforms now have an established partnership that offers Uber-ready vehicles to drivers in nine different cities (and counting).

These pre-approved vehicles are equipped with an Uber decal, airport placards, and typically even a cell phone car mount.

Getaround’s “Drive With Uber” program offers Uber drivers:

  • Hourly and weekly rentals in Boston, San Francisco (and the surrounding Bay Area), and Washington, D.C.
  • Hourly rentals in Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Portland, Philadelphia, and San Diego

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Getaround Renter Requirements

View of man driving car from backseat

Not everybody is automatically eligible to rent a car through Getaround.

The company states that its community is built on trust, and takes extra precautions to ensure car owners have plenty of reasons to trust their renters.

To drive a Getaround vehicle, you must:

  • Be at least 19 years old (25 for listings designated as “Specialty” vehicles).
  • Have at least two years of licensed driving experience.
  • Have a record that’s clean of alcohol or drug-related incidents in the past seven years.
  • Have no more than two driving violations or accidents within the past three years. Your three-year driving record must be completely clean if you’re under 21.

To qualify for rideshare-eligible vehicles through the Drive With Uber program, you must be an approved Uber driver in one of the nine eligible cities we listed earlier.

Getaround additionally states that renters’ identities will be cross-checked through 18 points of reference ⁠— including the credit bureau ⁠and your Facebook account, if applicable.

The company works with the DMV in every state of operation for routine checks to ensure that you remain qualified to drive.

Signing Up With a Getaround Promo Code

Getaround promo code page

Using Getaround’s standard sign-up link won’t unlock your access to Drive With Uber vehicles.

Luckily, the sign-up option you do have automatically comes with $60 off your first car rental — no Getaround coupon code needed. To join the platform as an Uber driver:

  1. Navigate to on your browser.
  2. Fill in the form and select “Submit.”
  3. Once you’re approved to drive with Uber, check your email and tap on the invitation to download the Getaround app. Follow any instructions that appear as needed.

Your free driving credit will automatically be applied on your first-time booking.

This is a risk-free way to try Getaround for a full day of driving before moving forward as an active renter.

If you’re not an Uber driver and made it this far into the article, we won’t leave you hanging.

Any new customer can currently receive $30 off first rentals at this active link, or find better Getaround promo codes on coupon sites like RetailMeNot.

If you opt to use a promo code, rather than a referral link, you can apply the code on your browser (after creating an account) by following these steps:

  1. Browse Getaround vehicles and select the one you’d like to rent.
  2. Start the checkout process and continue until you are on the final page, titled “Confirm rental.”
  3. On the final screen, paste your promo code in the section titled “Apply Discount Code.”
  4. Hit “Apply” and you should see your order total change before finalizing the order.

If you use a referral link to sign up, your discount will automatically be applied.

If you currently have a friend or family member who uses Getaround, you can also ask them to share their personal referral link, which they can find by logging on here.

Using their link, you’ll save $20 on your first trip.

Upon your trip completion, your referrer will receive a $20 discount code, as well.

Again, these referral code options will not give you access to Uber-eligible vehicles, and are purely for users who want a free first trip for personal use.

Once you’re an established user, you’ll also gain the option to receive promo codes for personal rentals by using your own referral link to help expand the Getaround community.

There are no restrictions on where you can share this link, so we encourage you to blast out your promo code via social media and any other online platform you have.

How to Rent a Car on Getaround

Getaround promo code: Car rental map

Renting a Getaround car is a fairly easy process that definitely takes away the hassle of traditional car renting.

To do so on the Getaround app:

  1. Enter your street address and desired rental period in the provided fields. Your rental period can be as low as an hour or long as 28 days.
  2. Toggle on the “Drive With Uber” button. Your app will display “You are viewing Drive With Uber eligible cars” under the button if you correctly turned on this option.
  3. Scroll through car models and pick-up locations near you, and select your preferred option. Selections typically cost $5 per hour or $239 per week (less in some locations and when you rent for four weeks at a time).
  4. Review booking details and finalize your booking.

Be aware that your final total won’t purely include per-hour or per-week cost, though additional costs are usually covered by Uber drivers’ $60 rental credit.

You’ll also see these charges:

  • Booking fee: This will be $1 or 3% of your final rental cost — whichever’s greater.
  • “Under 25” fee (if applicable): This ranges between 5% to 75% to your total, depending on your exact age.
  • License fee: A set $10 that covers your driving background check, for your first Getaround rental only.
  • Security deposit: A temporary authorization of $150 for new customers that will be returned within a few days of your trip completion.

When it’s time to pick up your vehicle, you can review pick-up instructions on your Getaround app, on the Trips page of the Getaround website, or on your confirmation email.

You’ll never have to meet up with the vehicle owner to exchange keys, as Getaround vehicles are equipped with technology that allows you to unlock and lock the car doors from your app.

Once inside the vehicle, you’ll find everything you need to drive — including your key and insurance card — in a lockbox.

When it’s time to return your vehicle, you’ll need to fill up the tank, restore the vehicle to its original condition by clearing personal items or trash left astray, and park your vehicle at the location specified in your app.

If your vehicle is returned late, a $50 per hour late fee may apply, though you can avoid this by extending your Getaround trip via the app or website for up to six hours.

Additional fees may accrue for improperly parked cars, messy interiors, damages, smoking within the vehicle, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getaround Promo Codes

Car driving down mountainous road

Now that you know how to get started with Getaround with the best discount for Uber drivers, you can unlock your access to Uber-eligible vehicles soon.

If you want to learn more before you start, read our answers to frequently asked questions:

1. How can Lyft drivers receive Getaround promo codes?

Unfortunately, Lyft drivers cannot receive promo codes to rent rideshare-eligible vehicles.

Getaround’s terms of service state that the “Drive With Uber” section of the app is limited to Uber drivers only, and drivers for other rideshare platforms cannot use these vehicles.

On the flip side, a standard rental on the platform is meant for personal drivers only, which again renders the vehicles unapproved for Lyft usage.

For alternatives to Getaround, consider these car rental options for Lyft drivers.

2. Do Getaround promo codes exist for current users?

Yes, you can definitely receive promo codes as a current Getaround user!

The best way to continue receiving promo codes is through referrals.

As we mentioned earlier, you can receive $20 off Getaround for every friend who signs up using your link and books their first vehicle.

In addition, you can claim $200 off rentals whenever a friend becomes a “Sharer” after signing up with your personal link.

3. Does the Getaround promotion for Uber drivers expire?

Getaround currently does not specify an expiration date for the $60 off promotion.

However, we do recommend that you take advantage of the offer soon after you sign up as an Uber driver on the platform.

This is because Getaround protects themselves by listing the offer as available for a “limited time only,” which means the company has the right to alter or remove the offer at any time.

Referral credits for personal rentals expire six months after you first receive them.

Claim $60 Off Your First Ride

When you rent a car through Getaround, there’s nothing to worry about before you start driving — not even the cost of your first trip.

This modern platform will equip you with convenience, affordability, and a car that’s Uber-ready.

You’ll no longer have to face unpleasant sales representatives at traditional car rental counters.

In fact, you won’t even have to interact with anyone but your Uber passengers.

Want to shop around before you land on Getaround? Read our Getaround vs. Turo comparison to find out if their competitor is more aligned with your needs.

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