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What Is Getme Ride and How Does It Work?

Last updated: August 23, 2021
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getme rideshare van that is yellow

Imagine Uber as the king, who rules 68% of the ridesharing market.

Following it is Queen Lyft, second in line for the crown or to disrupt the global public transit industry.

Since Uber’s 2009 inception of the ride-hailing business model, dozens of these tech-meet-taxi startups have followed in hot pursuit.

Yet, most fail to be as fast and furious as the key market players.

Among the few (semi) successful ridesharing apps is Getme Ride.

Some car-sharing fans may have heard of it, but most know little about the Texas-born transport service.

So, get ready for Getme as our article helps to explain what it is and how it works, including key differences.

Ultimately, you’ll know whether to install the little guy as a backup when all others fail.

Read to learn more!

What Is Getme Ride?

Getme Ride is an American transportation technology company founded in 2014 and in Dallas, Texas.

It’s a virtual platform that is primarily app-based and connects passenger users (“riders”) and driving users (“drivers”) in certain eligible cities (more later).

Getme Ride rider service options include:

  • Getme Economy: Typically in a 4-seater vehicle and is the most affordable rider option for individuals
  • Getme Midsize: Seats up to six passengers for a single ride
  • Getme Van: Ideal for a group of six to possibly eight passengers, especially those carrying big airport baggage or moving items
  • Getme Lux: A more premier rider option involving a more high-end vehicle and for those wanting a more comfortable ride
  • Getme Tow: A backup service for passengers who need a last-minute tow for their broken vehicle

Like Lyft and Uber drivers, Getme Ride drivers can charge fares while getting paid through the app.

Where Does Getme Ride Operate?

Getme Ride may market itself using the tagline, Anytime, Anywhere.

Still, the company could add “in a few cities” after “anywhere.”

According to the Google Play Getme Ride app description, which was last updated in April 2021 at the time of this article, Getme Ride is currently available in the following regions:

  • Florida, United States
  • Texas, United States ( Dallas, Austin, Galveston, Houston, San Antonio)
  • The Caribbean
  • The Bahamas
  • Jamaica
  • Turks Island

How Getme Ride Works for Riders

getme rideshare van that is yellow

With “one tap of a button” in its app, Getme Ride riders can conveniently and quickly go from point a to point b.

How that works is through a few general steps:

  1. Download the Getme Ride app either through the IOS apps store or Google Play.
  2. Set up your user account, including profile photo, preferences, and payment details.
  3. Go back to the main screen to see a real-time map of your current whereabouts and tap on the ‘pickup location’ search bar to select one of five Getme Ride
  4. service options as previously mentioned.
  5. Then, input your pick-up location and the drop-off destination. As you text, the app should automatically suggest various addresses you may want. Plus, there is an option to schedule rides at a later time.
  6. Confirm everything by tapping “request car.” The app should then show you that it’s scanning for nearby drivers. Once it connects you to a driver, you should receive his profile details and contact info.
  7. Once successfully dropped off, the app will notify you that your ride has ended, ask you to tip the driver, rate the driver, and will bill you the final fare.

How Much Does Getme Ride Cost?

Generally, ridesharing prices are relatively affordable, significantly lower than regular taxis, and incredibly cheap when traveling within cities instead of city-to-city.

Getme Ride service fares are like most ridesharing apps, such that they vary and depend on the operating location.

On their main website, Getme Ride has a fare estimator to help riders understand how much a single trip would cost through using their app.

How Is Getme Ride Different Than Uber and Lyft?

To differentiate itself in general and from other ridesharing competitors, Getme Ride lists four key service benefits on their website:

  • 24/7 operation
  • No hidden fees and only upfront prices are available
  • Prioritizes rider safety by requiring all registered Getme Ride drivers to pass a background check
  • Offers convenient in-app payment instead of from your wallet

When compared with the top two ride-hailing pioneers, Uber and Lyft, Getme Ride differs in the following ways:

1. A younger Ridesharing Company

Getme Ride was founded in 2014, whereas Uber in 2009 and Lyft in 2012.

2. Available in Fewer Regions Worldwide

Getme Ride operates in two American states and more than three Caribbean countries.

3. Safer Ride-hailing Option

Getme Ride is perceived as a “safer” ridesharing service than Uber and Lyft due to its requirement for all its registered drivers to pass a background check.

In contrast, Uber and Lyft each generally have had several legal battles in past years.

In particular, they rebelled against the city of Austin, namely Proposition 1.

Both Uber and Lyft refused to enforce “extra” driver validation measures for any Austin’s ride, including fingerprinting requirements like the city council wanted.

The ridesharing companies argued there’d be “redundant” policies since their own driver inspection rules are already well established.

Consequently, the two leaders lost the case and “paused” their operations in Austin for nearly a year, making it the best time for startups like Getme Ride to penetrate and grow.

Thus, explaining their recent headquarter relocation to Austin from Dallas.

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