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If you’ve been looking for an affordable alternative to Uber or Lyft, Getme Ride is worth checking out.

This app-based transportation service is a new player in town, yet not lacking in features or options.

Here’s a look at how it works, the cost of using the service, and how to use it for a ride.

What is GetMe Rideshare?

GetMe Rideshare is a ride-hailing and delivery company that started in Dallas back in 2014.

GetMe is different from other ridesharing companies because it features a unified platform that combines rider and driver options in one app and available cities.

Eventually, GetMe Rideshare will feature GetMe deliveries so users can access riding, driving, and delivery services through one app.

GetMe offers four ride options for individuals to purchase— economy, premium, accessibility, and carpool.

GetMe Rideshare Ride Types

Getme Ride rider service options include:

  • Getme Economy: Typically in a 4-seater vehicle and is the most affordable rider option for individuals
  • Getme Midsize: Seats up to six passengers for a single ride
  • Getme Van: Ideal for a group of six to possibly eight passengers, especially those carrying big airport baggage or moving items
  • Getme Lux: A more premier rider option involving a more high-end vehicle and for those wanting a more comfortable ride
  • Getme Tow: A backup service for passengers who need a last-minute tow for their broken vehicle

Like Lyft and Uber drivers, Getme Ride drivers can charge fares while getting paid through the app.

Where is GetMe Rideshare?

According to the GetMe Ride website, GetMe rides are available in New York City, San Antonio, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and across cities in Texas like Alamo City.

GetMe Rideshare has headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and took over as a major ride-hailing company in the state after the city of Austin engaged in legal battles with Uber and Lyft.

The website and app let users type in their address or city to ensure that GetMe is available for riders in their location.

According to the GetMe Rideshare website, the company seems to be expanding and will soon be accessible in many more cities across the globe.

Additionally, the Google Play GetMe description explains that rides are also available in Florida, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Turks Island.

How Much Does GetMe Rideshare Cost?

Users pay right on the GetMe Ride app, and the app provides upfront pricing.

Pricing varies by location and how far away your destination is.

Like other ride-hailing services, GetMe rideshare is significantly cheaper than public transportation like taxis.

For users who want to use GetMe rideshare, the website provides an estimate based on your location and destination.

The ridesharing app allows users to pay conveniently in-app, so GetMe users do not have to use their wallets.

What Are the Average Ride Wait Times for GetMe Rideshare?

The average wait times for GetMe Rideshare depend on location.

However, users report that the wait times are comparable to other ride-hailing platforms.

In terms of differences in wait times, what makes GetMe unique compared to Uber and Lyft is the 24/7 service available for passengers.

Recently, Uber and Lyft consumers have complained about longer than normal wait times across the country.

According to an article by CNBC, the costs of Uber and Lyft rides increased by 92% between 2018 and 2021.

Additionally, many riders have reported that wait times have been longer than normal because of a shortage of drivers.

What are GetMe Rideshare Drivers and Cars Like?

Passengers who use GetMe Rideshare will notice nothing different in both driver and vehicle compared to other rideshare options.

Some vehicle options on GetMe Rideshare are cheaper, while some are more expensive.

The size of the vehicle determines the price.

However, drivers and cars are considered safer compared to Uber and Lyft ridesharing services, which we will get into later.

So, users of GetMe Rideshare can expect drivers and cars to be more secure than Uber and Lyft.

Pros and Cons of GetMe Rideshare

Like any ridesharing company, there are pros and cons of GetMe Rideshare.

The company has remained somewhat lowkey, so there have not been many complaints yet.


  • 24/7 service available
  • Safer than competing ridesharing platforms
  • Conveniently pay in-app
  • upfront pricing
  • No lawsuits and follows city regulations


  • Available in fewer cities
  • Drivers report in-app technical issues
  • Not well known as Uber and Lyft

Is GetMe Rideshare Better Than Lyft, Uber, or Safr?

It depends on who you ask.

Uber and Lyft are available virtually everywhere.

GetMe Rideshare is not.

When it comes to pricing and wait times, GetMe rides are easily comparable to Uber and Lyft.

On the other hand, the pay seems to be slightly better for drivers.

One of the unique features of GetMe Rideshare is safety, which we will touch on more in the next question.

Compared to Safr, a ride-hailing company that also markets itself as a safer alternative, there is not much of a difference.

However, Safr has a target audience of women drivers and riders.

What Makes GetMe Rideshare Safer Than Other Rideshare Apps?

One of the selling points of GetMe Rideshare, especially over any other rideshare option, is safety.

The media has reported horror Uber and Lyft ride stories.

Additionally, Uber and Lyft have engaged in several legal battles regarding safety.

This leaves riders scratching their heads over whether Uber or Lyft is safer.

GetMe Rideshare requires every person who wishes to be a driver to undergo a background check.

Uber and Lyft have both failed to require adequate lawsuits for their drivers.

Back in 2016, lawmakers and the city council in Austin introduced legislation that required fingerprinting for all drivers for safety reasons.

According to CNBC, Uber and Lyft left the city, frustrated by the new regulations.

According to Business Insider, in 2019, over 30 women sued Lyft, claiming that they were sexually assaulted or kidnapped by a Lyft driver.

The women alleged that the company did not do enough to prevent this from happening.

In 2017, the New York Times revealed that Uber developed a software program that allowed drivers to avoid giving rides in locations where the services were illegal.

Amidst the chaos among popular ride-hailing services, new companies like GetMe Rideshare emerged.

So far, GetMe has had a squeaky clean legal record.

GetMe requires every person who wishes to be a driver to get a background check.

Drivers must also take a safety screening online before they are approved and meet the minimum requirements.

Can I be a Driver For GetMe Rideshare?

vector graphic showing a getmet driver vehicle driving down a city street

Anyone can be a driver for GetMe Rideshare if they have a clean background check and pass the safety screening minimum requirements.

Drivers hired are considered freelance contractors.

Compared to other rideshare companies, GetMe offers several nice incentives for drivers.

Drivers create their schedules and receive discounts on fuel, vehicle maintenance, cell phone bills, and more.

Additionally, GetMe prioritizes safety for drivers, not just riders.

Drivers have access to 24/7 driver support and insurance coverage.

All riders must be verified with their personal information and phone number.


Getme Driver: Everything you need to know

GetMe Rideshare FAQs

Whether you want to become a driver or use GetMe ride-hailing services, check out these frequently asked questions about GetMe Rideshare.

Is GetMe Rideshare similar to Uber or Lyft?

Yes, GetMe Rideshare is similar to Uber and Lyft.

However, GetMe Rideshare is a younger app and provides safety incentives for both drivers and riders.

The pricing, wait times, and services are similar to Uber, Lyft, and other ride-hailing platforms.

Will GetMe Rideshare be coming to my city soon?

The GetMe Rideshare website allows users to plug in their city and zip code.

The website will tell you if GetMe services are available in your city and zip code.

Additionally, the website will disclose information detailing when services may expand to your location.

How do I download the GetMe Rideshare App?

The GetMe Rideshare App is simple to download.

If you have a smartphone, the GetMe Rideshare app is available on the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store.

The GetMe Rideshare website and social media provide links for apple and google play users to download the app.

Final Thoughts

Overall, GetMe Rideshare offers better safety features than Uber and Lyft.

The company is younger than other ridesharing companies, and it seems like the company has learned from Uber and Lyft’s mistakes.

GetMe Rideshare established itself in 2014, following Uber in 2009, and Lyft in 2012.

The few-year age gap seems to have made all the difference.

The company has not engaged in any legal battle, abides by city regulations, and will likely continue to grow as major ride hauling companies continue to embark on controversy and raise safety concerns.

Additionally, ride-hailing platforms will continue to transform transportation as individuals use these platforms more and public transportation and the yellow cab less often.

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