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Gett Prices: Fees, Base Fares and More

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Need a quick, reliable way to get from one place to another?

Gett is an international travel company expert in personalized and user-oriented corporate ground transportation.

Benefits such as specifying what vehicle you want, budget specifications, and driving radius all work together to provide the user with the best experience.

Gett partners with several transportations companies such as Lyft and Curb to further broaden their ground transportation and connect customers to a network of international travel options.

Gett works well with corporate clients who need to get their employees from one place to another.

Their app integrates all of their benefits into one easy-to-navigate interface that allows users to book, manage, and pay in one place.

Gett’s corporate fleet makes it easy for consumers to find a quick yet reliable ride.

What Are Gett Prices?

Gett integrates a cloud-based integration system to bring it into one streamlined place.

There Gettuses its Ground Transportation Management (GTM) to show comparisons between services all over North America and internationally.

Gett vs Rideshare

Rideshare is similar to Gett, as it is a carpooling company that provides ground transportation fleets for a varying amount of people.

Several companies fall under the rideshare category such as Lyft, Uber, Ola, etc.

Each of these rideshare companies usually offers an app where users can request a ride, pick what vehicle or amount of passengers they need to be transported, and then pay within the app.

These apps take several different factors in calculating prices, such as duration of the trip, time of day, and even customer loyalty.

They usually have a base fare they charge with each ride, and then other prices are stacked on top of that base fare.

Because these apps work independently of each other, they do not offer comparison pricing between other companies.

However, since Gett partners with several companies, they can compute prices between different rideshare companies.

Gett vs Taxis

Usually, taxi service fares charge based on three different factors: use, time, and distance.

For most taxis, the customer will hail the taxi without prior notice and then the fare will be calculated after the ride.

Immediately upon entering the taxi, the customer will be charged a user fee.

This is somewhat like the base fee rideshare companies charge.

This use fee is flat and does not depend on the distance or time the taxi ride takes.

The next fee depends on the time it takes the driver to get to the destination.

Traffic and weather affect the time it takes for the ride, and some taxis will charge on a minute-by-minute basis.

Sometimes if the ride is short, the customer is not charged a time fee.

Lastly, the taxi fare will calculate the distance involved.

This price varies by location, but the meter usually charges a quarter per one-tenth of a mile driven.

Oftentimes, a taxi driver also expects tips, which usually range between 10% and 20% of the total fare.

Overall, taxi prices can be pricey and inconvenient since it can be difficult to calculate prices beforehand and additional fees may be added because of external factors.

Gett, however, lets users calculate and compare prices through ridesharing before the trip is even made.

What Times Are More Expensive to Travel With Gett?

There are certain times throughout the day when rush hour occurs and traveling reaches a peak.

These times tend to be in the morning between the times of 7 am to 8 am.

This is when most businesses open and people are commuting to work.

The other time that traffic tends to be higher is in the evening between 5 pm to 7 pm when people are commuting home.

These times would be the most expensive to travel.

However, Gett’s travel management creates a flat upfront “surge” fee for trips over three miles.

Gett helps streamline pricing to help companies account for these times.

How Gett Ground Transportation Can Save You Money

Gett is first and foremost a Ground Transportation Management Company whose purpose is to consolidate carpool options and ridesharing into one place.

There are several different ways Gett saves corporations money.

How Gett Eliminates Hidden Costs

Gett uses its system to let the corporation create its own personalized transportation plan.

Gett does this in several ways.

  1. Gett allows companies to choose what vehicle types they want the employees to travel in.
  2. Gett allows companies to choose what times ridesharing should occur. This can help companies avoid the busiest time of day and cut down on costs.
  3. Gett allows companies to set a budget limit. This is the primary way companies save money with Gett. Setting a budget early can calculate the costs of rideshares before using them.
  4. Gett allows companies to set up their max and minimum ride distance.
  5. Gett allows companies to pick what locations they want for pick-ups and drop-offs.
  6. Gett allows companies to limit the area where rideshares occur.

In addition, Gett offers a comprehensive and easy-to-read view of how much is spent through ridesharing.

You only need to go through their calculator, add a few details from your business and they’ll let you know exactly how much you’d be saving.

Gett also provides an in-depth analysis of hidden fees to let the company transparently see just how much it’s spending on ground transportation costs.

Not only this, but Gett also suggests strategies for improving transportation efficiency based on customer data.

How Much Can I Save by Using Gett?

Based on three years, corporations save several tens of thousandsin various categories within ground transportation:

Ground transportation rides: $52K

Improved travel policy compliance: $27K

Ground travel processing claims: $322.2K

Expense claims submissions: $12.3K

Fraud protection: $5.9K

Saving Money Through Gett

Gett’s complete and consumer-oriented management system reduces ground transportation costs through their in-depth cost comparison and analysis through their app.

For instance, companies can minimize costs through a highly-personalized system.

Their high transparency makes them a trusted rideshare company with partnerships with some of the most popular ground transportation services in the world.

In addition, Gett’s international locations make them a perfect choice for companies globally, and their commitment to quality and understanding the transportation market makes them perfect for the job.

By utilizing Gett, companies can regain control of their transportation services and new strategies for optimizing their transportation budget, expenses, and enhancing revenue.

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