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Gett Vs Uber: Similarities, Differences and Which Is Best

Gett and Uber are two popular ridesharing companies available to take you from point A to B. But which is better? Find out about Gett vs. Uber here!

Transportation companies such as Uber and Gett have grown in popularity in the past few years.

These organizations allow individuals to offer or request transportation services using mobile apps on the Internet, usually in private vehicles such as cars and vans, rather than with traditional taxicabs or via public transportation systems.

These companies typically charge by distance traveled and may be priced competitively with public transportation, thus competing for taxis and train transport options.

Ridesharing companies are making an increasingly significant impact on the daily lives of thousands of drivers and passengers who use them every day.

Whether you need a ride home from work or a place to stay if you’re out late, rideshare companies are always available with rides within minutes of when you request them.

Gett vs. Uber: What Is It?

Gett and Uber have shown a steady growth curve in recent years, attracting more riders and drivers each month.

These companies reshaped transportation in our cities for the foreseeable future.

With different cost options to get from one side of the city to another, these companies have made getting around much more straightforward.

The next time you need to get somewhere quickly and safely, consider choosing one of these companies for your ride.

What Is Gett?

Gett, originating from Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2011 as GetTaxi, is a technology platform primarily dedicated to corporate Ground Transportation Management.

The company provides its clients with software and hardware tools to manage transportation needs.

Gett is one of the Ground Transportation Management category leaders, representing many successful international firms and Fortune 500 companies.

How Does Gett Work?

Ground transportation management involves logistics and physical movement.

This includes planning, implementing, and operating freight, passenger, or combination freight-passenger transport activities using a variety of modes to provide efficient movement of people and goods from one place to another promptly without fail.

The objective of corporate travel management is to decrease expenses and improve travel experiences for business travelers.

This service is a cost-effective alternative to traditional travel agencies, and it typically includes various benefits that are not available through other types of travel management services.

What Is Uber?

Uber is an American worldwide on-demand online transportation network company originating from San Francisco, California, United States.

The company operates in more than 10,000 cities worldwide.

How Does Uber Work?

Uber’s mobile app matches drivers with passengers who request rides using Uber’s smartphone app.

Users select a destination and send it to a nearby driver, who picks up and drops off passengers using GPS navigation.

A user can rate drivers after each trip, and drivers can also rate users.

After a ride is complete, payment is charged automatically to either the registered debit card or a linked credit card.

Gett vs. Uber: Who Does It Best?

Gett and Uber make it easier to hail a cab with just the touch of a button on your smartphone and use them without dealing with cash or credit cards.

These companies work in similar ways, but they do have significant differences.

Which one of these services is superior?

This section explains the features of each service, giving you all the information you need to choose which service best suits your needs.


Gett utilizes an algorithm that calculates pricing based on demand and distance.

Prices add up using a base rate, plus additional costs for the time of day and traffic conditions.

For example, if you’re traveling from Manhattan to Brooklyn during rush hour, expect your fare to be higher than if you were traveling at night or in off-peak hours when there is less traffic.  

The company offers businesses a transparent rate card by eliminating extreme variation and unexpected charges.

Customers can see all of these additional upfront charges before booking their ride.

Uber has a similar pricing model based on factors, including time of day and location.

You can find fare estimates in your app before you request a ride, so you know how much it will cost before you get in.

Using their fare estimator tool, you can also see how much your ride will cost.


Gett has made a name for itself as a taxi alternative.

The company has excellent reviews online on Google and Tripadvisor.

A significant number of users love how easy it is to order a car using their app.

Sheraton Tel Aviv, an industry leader in Israeli hospitality and partner with Gett Business Solutions, praises the collaboration with the technology platform.

The company provides safe and dependable rides to and from the hotel for hundreds of personnel who operate in different shifts.

The partnership has enabled the company to cut travel costs by a quarter compared to using alternative methods of transport.

Other companies enjoying similar benefits include Israir and Yeinot Bitan.

This is a good indicator that Gett is reliable.

Uber has a sizeable amount of positive reviews from its users and drivers on review sites like glassdoor.

Most people praise their drivers for being friendly and professional, and many say that they are overall satisfied with their experience.

Uber also allows you to rate your drivers after each ride.

This is an excellent way for them to improve their service and riders to ensure they’re getting quality service from their driver.

Drivers can also rate passengers, which gives other drivers an idea of what kind of person they’ll be riding with before accepting a request.

The rating system works well as a feedback method for both parties involved in rideshare services.


The main thing you want from any car service is a comfortable ride, and Gett delivers.

The company uses over 2,000 partner fleets like Lyft, Cabify, and Ola worldwide carefully inspected before Gett hires them.

The company offers different options such as economy, priority pickup, and luxury rides through partners.

Uber also offers a variety of car options for riders.

The most common ride options include:

  • Uber Green – This is a low-emission means of travel that links you to hybrid and fully electric cars.
  • UberX – Premium rides that allow you to book and schedule rides up to 30 days in advance.
  • Uber Pool – This option allows you to share a car or ride with other individuals who are going in roughly the same direction
  • Uber Intercity – An affordable option for traveling out of town.

Similarly, both companies ensure that all drivers undergo a thorough training program before driving passengers.

By providing background and conducting history checks and in-person training, Gett and Uber make sure that you can travel safely.

The companies also incorporate extra safety and hygiene measures to ensure safe and healthy rides, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their cars have numerous safety features, including working seatbelts and airbags.

Customer Support

If you ever have a problem with Gett, support is available 24/7.

Send them an email or call during business hours in several cities, including London and New York City.

The platform also includes a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section that should answer most of your questions if you ever need help.

Additionally, users have access to ebooks and blog resources to learn more about using Gett.

If you’re not satisfied with your Uber ride or if there’s a problem with your trip, the Uber customer support team is available 24/7 to help fix it.

Whether you need help with a billing issue or want to give feedback on how they can improve, you can always get in touch with their expertly trained team members through email or via the app.

Use these Uber addresses and contact information depending on your location.

Additional Features

Gett also features a visibility and control feature that allows users to get an in-depth report of all of their rides.

This is particularly useful for those who want to see how much they’re spending on transportation.

For example, you can see how much you’ve spent traveling during fieldwork versus commuting to work.

The reports break down by date, so it’s easy to see how your transportation habits have changed.

Uber offers a food delivery service called Uber Eats.

You can use it to order meals from restaurants and have them delivered to your door like its namesake.

The main difference between Uber Eats and other services is that it doesn’t require a minimum order amount or a minimum tip—making it an affordable option for those looking to save money on their meal.

Gett vs. Uber: Differences

Though similar in many ways, Uber and Gett have some key differences.

Gett is mainly a B2B transportation technology network focused on ground transportation management, while Uber centers on on-demand car services.  

Ridesharing services like Uber are popular but not well-suited for comprehensive and scheduled rides.

Gett’s technology has also spawned a new industry of third-party logistics providers that offer additional transportation management services to make sure you have a full range of options when you need them.

Gett vs. Uber: Pros

Here are the advantages of using each service.

vector graphic showing a comparison between gett vs uber

Gett Pros

 If you’re looking to impact your budget, getting ground transportation services like Gett can be a great way to do so.

Not only are these types of services significantly cheaper than taxis and other similar options, but they also allow you to schedule rides in advance and can save a lot of time if you’re running late for work or an appointment.

Gett drivers are licensed and insured, and they’re background checked.

And with Gett’s fare transparency policy, there are no hidden fees or surcharges, so you know what your ride will cost before you book it.

Uber Pros

Uber offers a convenient way to get around and pay without cash.

With just one tap, you can request an Uber ride from your phone and be on your way in minutes.

Plus, with every trip paid for through your linked credit card, you’ll never have to worry about carrying cash or getting stuck paying for a friend’s ride.

It’s easy to book and pay for a ride.

You can also see your driver’s details and ratings, while they can view your name, photo, and star rating.

Share trip details with friends and family, or meet up later.

If you lose something in your car, report it directly from the app for easy tracking.

Uber offers competitive pricing.

The pricing uses an algorithm that considers how many drivers are available, how far away they are, and how long it will take them to get to you.

This means you can usually get a ride within minutes.

The number one advantage to driving for a Uber is flexibility.

The ability to drive when you want, as much as you want, with as little or as much revenue pressure as possible is appealing.

As long as you are willing to follow local laws and regulations, there aren’t any other rules limiting your hours.

Gett vs. Uber: Cons

While these companies are convenient and easy to use, they have some drawbacks, and you need to be aware of them before requesting that first ride.

Controversial Labor Practices

While it may be a cheaper alternative to traditional taxis, rideshare companies have been under fire for labor practices, classifying drivers as independent contractors rather than employees.

This effectively allows them to avoid providing benefits such as paid time off, health insurance, workers’ compensation, and unemployment insurance.

Surge Pricing

When there is increased demand for a service, users pay a premium.

This effect is called surge pricing and may inconvenience you if you have an urgent need for transportation.

Gett vs. Uber: Which Is the Best Rideshare Company?

Consider using B2B ground transportation management systems if you’re looking for more than on-demand car services.

Gett’s platform provides customizable dispatching and tracking services.

Ground transportation management can also be more robust than on-demand car services in many ways.


Ride-hailing companies can provide a great way to get around town.

Both Uber and Gett offer convenient rides for businesses and individuals.

With that in mind, use this guide to compare how they operate, what kind of features they offer, how they differ from each other, and the cons of each service.

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