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GetUpside Review: Pros, Cons & What We REALLY Think

Our GetUpside review will show you how the app works, from earning cash back to referrals. Get our take on if this app is worth your time.

As a rideshare driver, there are three things you absolutely need to get moving: a car, a smartphone, and a whole lot of gas.

The first two are easy to manage, with monthly payments (if any) already set into your budget.

On the other hand, gas is notorious for being a major, ongoing rideshare expense — and it only gets higher the more you drive.

That is, if you’re not using GetUpside.

If you haven’t heard of this rising app through the thousands of positive GetUpside reviews on the web, you may be missing out on big savings every time you fill up your tank.

GetUpside is a popular cash back app that plenty of rideshare drivers are downloading to profit more in their part-time or full-time careers.

In this complete GetUpside app review, we’ll show you how the platform works, from your initial download to your first payout, and how much it can actually help you save on gas (among other purchases).

What Is GetUpside?

GetUpside review: Homepage

GetUpside is a smartphone app that’s built to help you save money on gas at over 10,000 gas stations across the United States, including with major brands like Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, and BP.

Just by claiming offers in the app and paying for gas with a credit card or debit card, you can be getting real cash back (or gift cards) to supplement your rideshare income.

This mobile app doesn’t just get you cash back on your gas purchases.

It also gives you the chance to earn money back on the routine car maintenance services you need, such as car washes, oil changes, and vehicle inspections.

Beyond job-related purchases, GetUpside provides opportunities to get cash back when you’re grocery shopping or dining out at local businesses.

Whether you’re taking a lunch break between trips or running errands on your way home, GetUpside can continue to help you maximize your profits, so every Uber or Lyft paycheck goes a long way.

How GetUpside Works

Getting signed up on the app is the first step to earning with GetUpside.

This part is easy.

All you need to do is download GetUpside from the App Store or Google Play Store, open the app, and tap to sign up with Facebook, Google, or your email.

GetUpside review: App download page

Then, enter your GetUpside promo code if you have one.

The discount codes “FFTCX” and “EMILY58398” can currently get you an extra 15 cents off per gallon on your first offer.

Once your promo code is entered, select your gas grade and tap “Create account.”

You may be prompted to give the app access to your location on the next screen.

If so, tap “Enable location services” to update the settings on your Android or iPhone.

This will allow GetUpside to pull up the most relevant deals for you.

Getting Cash Back

So is earning cash really as easy as GetUpside claims?

We’ve found that the answer is yes.

To start earning money, we recommend starting by tapping the menu icon on the upper left corner, then selecting the “My Wallet” tab.

My Wallet on Get Upside

Then, tap “Add card” or “Add a new card” to submit the requested details for the credit or debit card you want to use for your first purchase.

Tap “Done” when complete.

Screenshot of GetUpside wallet

Head back to the homepage of the app and browse through the cash back offers available near you.

When you find one you like, tap the orange claim button next to it, or tap to learn more before tapping “Claim Offer.”

Gas station map on app

Once your offer is claimed, you have four hours to tap “Check In” on the app and make a purchase with your linked card.

Check in to gas station

In many locations, no further action is needed.

Your merchant will verify the purchase within two to four days, after which your earnings will appear in your GetUpside account balance.

However, some retailers — those that aren’t marked with a blue lightning icon on the app — do require you to upload receipts before you can earn.

Earning Through Referrals

While GetUpside is predominantly known for its cash back offers, users can even make a passive income on the app by referring friends to the platform.

When a friend, family member, or fellow rideshare driver uses your invite code to sign up, you’ll both get 15 cents per gallon back on their first purchase.

After this initial bonus, you’ll always get a 1 cent bonus per gallon of gas your friends purchase.

The more your network expands, the more you could literally be earning in your sleep with GetUpside’s referral program.

Cashing Out

GetUpside review: Gift card options to cash out

As your account balance grows, you’ll probably be looking to cash out soon.

GetUpside provides a variety of options when you’re ready to do so. Money can be received in the form of:

  • A deposit into your PayPal account (minimum $1 payout)
  • A mailed check (minimum $1 payout)
  • A gift card to retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, Starbucks, Target, Uber, and Walmart (minimum $10-$15)

To cash out, simply tap your account balance at the upper right corner of your home screen, select your desired payout method, and tap “Choose.”

GetUpside App Potential Savings

No GetUpside review is complete without a comprehensive look at how much you can actually save — which is actually more than you may think.

GetUpside advertises that you can earn up to 25 cents back per gallon of gas you purchase, but we’ve actually found offers for as much as 27 cents back per gallon.

This difference may not seem significant, but over time, this can add up to plenty of easy dollars in your wallet.

In addition, you can take advantage of these cash back offers just by using the GetUpside app to make eligible purchases:

  • Up to 50% back on car washes
  • Up to 40% back on other car maintenance services
  • Up to 35% back on meals at local restaurants, including some Burger King, Popeye’s, and Papa John’s locations
  • Up to 20% back on convenience store purchases
  • Up to 15% back on grocery store purchases

Beyond these obvious savings, GetUpside can also help you make smarter purchasing decisions.

By giving you an easy, visual way to compare gas prices, the platform helps you find the most affordable places to fill up, so you can save even before you receive your cash back.

GetUpside Review: Is the App Legit?

Person pumps gas

GetUpside is absolutely a legitimate app that thousands of users (including rideshare drivers) are taking advantage of to effortlessly claim rebates on their purchases.

While it should be noted that the company has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau for issues with resolving complaints, this is indicative of poor customer service, not that the company is a scam.

GetUpside reviews from customers on the same website, in addition to other trusted review sites, average out at over four stars, showing that most people are satisfied with their experiences.

We found the GetUpside platform to be easy to navigate without any noticeable bugs or issues with the offer claiming process.

While you won’t be getting rich off of the app, you will be able to use it to alleviate some of the largest expenses you face as a rideshare driver — and every little bit counts.

Uniquely built to help consumers save on vehicle-related expenses, it’s a perfect match for anyone who spends hours of time on the road each week.

As GetUpside continues to expand, with even more restaurant and grocery store partnerships, it may become an even more useful cash back tool for your personal spending, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re ready to reduce your gas expenses, and even save on the food you need, GetUpside is a smartphone app you need to have.

Read our answers to frequently asked questions to learn more:

Is GetUpside available in every state?

The GetUpside app is available in over 40 U.S. states, including thousands of cities.

You can take a look at the company’s official locations list to see if you have cash back opportunities near you.

Is there a limit to how many gallons of gas I can get cash back on?

Currently, GetUpside limits users to claiming two offers max per day.

Each of these offers is valid for up to 50 gallons of gas.

If you’re not filling up more than 100 gallons per day, you’ll be well within the app’s limits.

How does GetUpside guarantee that my credit card information is secure?

GetUpside never takes more than the first six digits and the last four digits of your credit or debit card number.

This information is only contained to verify your purchase with your retailer or your receipt.

This means that your full credit card number, expiration date, and security code are never stored on the platform.

Save Money on Every Fill-Up

By using the GetUpside app, you can watch your savings can rise at the same rate as your mileage.

This cash back app makes it easy for rideshare and delivery drivers, as well as other consumers, to decrease the expenses associated with their careers and profit more — all with minimal effort.

If you’re looking to download more apps to help you succeed in your career as an independent contractor, read about our 21 essential apps for Uber drivers.

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