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GoGoGrandparent Guide: Help Seniors Request Food and Rides With This App

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Ridesharing and delivery apps may be a convenient service, but when you aren’t super tech-savvy, navigating these platforms can be a struggle. GoGoGrandparent helps senior citizens access food, rides, and medication with one phone call.

While many of us may have grown up with cell phones and laptops, many older adults — perhaps including your parents and grandparents — may not have the experience they need to easily navigate smartphones. This means apps like Lyft, Uber Eats, and Instacart may involve a massive learning curve. At the same time, seniors are sometimes unable to safely drive or run errands on their own.

We’ll walk you through how GoGoGrandparent can help you out and how you can sign up. Using this service, you can help your elderly loved ones or clients get the resources they need without making any mistakes. After all, the last thing you want is for them to accidentally splurge on an Uber Lux ride to the grocery store.

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What Is GoGoGrandparent?

GoGoGrandparent — now sometimes known as GoGo or GoGo Grandparent — is a service that allows users to request Uber or Lyft without a smartphone in the United States and Canada. Since its launch, it has expanded from a rideshare space to help customers request on-demand meals, groceries, medication management, and more.

When a user calls the company with a specific need, GoGoGrandparent acts as a concierge managing all of their relevant bookings. GoGo is not a transportation service itself — nor is it able to help in emergencies — but its call center is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week to ensure your loved one gets what they need.

GoGoGrandparent offers several features including:

  • Custom Pickups: By simply pressing 3, 4 or 5, users can also choose a custom pickup. This is particularly useful if there are emergencies where one needs to pick up an older relative or loved one.
  • Scheduled Rides: Users can also set up automatic or scheduled rides for their older relatives. This helps with appointments like regular doctor check-ups.
  • 24/7 Support: GoGoGrandparent also offers 24/7 operator assistance, allowing users to book rides for their loved ones any time of the day.
  • Ride and Monitoring Updates: Users who booked the ride will get updates by the minute about the ride. Users can also ask questions via text message using GoGoGrandchild. The service is also building features such as getting a custom grocery list and setting up touch tone for meal menus.

In addition to booking and managing services on your behalf, GoGo team members proactively check in with users every single week. During this call, they can take requests and let you know about any local specials on services you or your loved one might need.

Despite the name of the brand, GoGoGrandparent is available to anyone over 18. It is designed especially for the needs of people more than 50 years old, but it can also be a great concierge service for anyone who prefers making phone calls or anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone or data plan.

To learn more, visit

How GoGoGrandparent Works

Whenever a user wants to request a GoGoGrandparent service, they simply need to dial 1 (855) 464-6872. They should hear “thanks for calling GoGo” and be able to dial the extension they need. Below, we’ll explain the different services available as well as the extension for each.


GoGo team members can help customers book Lyft or Uber rides (up to 100 miles) at any time of the day or night. After dialing the company phone number and hearing the welcome message, users simply need to press “6” to reach an employee who will book a custom, on-demand trip. Customers will be asked to provide their pick-up location and desired drop-off location.

GoGo estimates that Uber or Lyft drivers arrive within 15 minutes of making the request, but users will receive a call four minutes before their ride’s arrival so they know when to be at the pick-up location. The concierge company usually requests UberX rides unless a higher-tier service is specifically requested and up to three friends wish to join the ride.

Your loved one’s concierge will always contact the matched driver to ensure any necessary accommodations can be made. If you’re listed as an emergency contact, a GoGoGrandparent employee will act as a monitor and send you text message updates about your family member or client’s trip progress.

When the customer is ready to return to their last pick-up location (from their last drop-off location), they can call and press “2.” GoGo will already have their previous ride information on file. Customers can also press “1” to book a ride to their home address if it’s different from their last pick-up location.

Users can also press “0” to schedule rides in advance and press “3,” “4,” or “5” to request rides to custom-saved locations, which can be set after the sign-up process.

Food Delivery

When a user wants to order from a food delivery service, they only need to call GoGo and press “7.” A team member can then make and manage a request through top food delivery services like Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and Postmates.

During this call, the concierge will likely ask for the local restaurant the user would like to order from, what they’d like to order, and where the order needs to be dropped off.

Grocery Delivery

Customers can request grocery deliveries just as easily. When they press “8,” an employee can take note of the requested shopping list and drop-off address. The company uses services like Instacart, Shipt, and Walmart for grocery delivery, so you can request same-day (and even next-hour) deliveries.

Medication Management

If assistance with prescription pick-up and drop-off is necessary, GoGoGrandparent can help customers make arrangements. Users can simply press “0” to talk to an operator about their needs and options.

How Much GoGoGrandparent Costs

A GoGoGrandparent membership, which provides convenient access to all the services listed above, costs $9.99 per month. On top of this subscription fee, you will pay the final cost for each request (as charged by the vendor) plus a 27 cents-per-minute concierge fee. For example, a five-minute ride to the grocery store usually costs about $8-$10 (based on local Uber rates), plus about $2-$3 in concierge fees, including the time spent booking the ride and waiting for the driver.

The concierge fee is charged from the time you submit each request until the time the request is fulfilled by the driver, and employees monitor the process the entire time.

Users will always receive a quote before the booking. After the request is fulfilled and before the credit card on file is charged, GoGoGrandparent will email or call the customer about the final cost.

You can use a prepaid card to reload the GoGo account balance in place of a credit card or debit card. In this case, a $50 minimum deposit is required. For any other user, the monthly membership fee is waived when a $25 deposit is made.

Customers who want to use GoGoGrandparent without joining can do so, but they are required to pay a $12 concierge fee per ride instead of the heavily discounted fee that members pay.

How to Sign up for GoGoGrandparent

When you’re ready to sign up your family member or client for a GoGoGrandparent membership, you can head to this registration page to fill out and submit the requested information.

You’ll need to provide the full name, home address, and phone number of the person who will use the service. You can also add information about the user’s disabilities as well as any aids (like service dogs and oxygen tanks) they use.

You can then add your contact information and opt in for ride updates and emergency alerts. Then, you can enter your billing information or the user’s billing information — whoever’s paying for the membership and services. You can also complete the full sign-up process by calling the GoGoGrandparent phone number.

After successfully setting up the account, we recommend calling GoGoGrandparent at 1(855) 464-6872 to create up to three custom locations. These are destinations the user might frequent, like doctor’s offices or a local grocery store. You can then request these locations by pressing “3,” “4,” or “5” after dialing the main phone number.

How to Contact GoGoGrandparent

Even after your client or loved one is set up with GoGoGrandparent, you can always reach out to the company by dialing its primary phone number — again, it’s 1(855) 464-6872 — and pressing “0.” This phone number is open to all callers around the clock every day and night.

If you have questions while receiving updates on a trip, you can easily text them to the operator. You should receive a response shortly from a real person (not a bot).

Frequently Asked Questions

GoGoGrandparent is a great option for users who want to connect to modern services but don’t have the skills or technology to do so. To learn more, read our answers to these frequently asked questions.

Is GoGoGrandparent safe to use?

When you’re arranging transportation for your elderly relatives, you want to make sure they stay safe. This is particularly true if they have difficulty with hearing or seeing, or if they forget things easily. The wrong person could take advantage of this situation for their own benefit; this isn’t what you want in a transportation service.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this with GoGoGrandparent. Trip safety is guaranteed by Uber or Lyft, who both perform background checks and vehicle inspections. Rideshare companies insure every ride, and GoGo monitors the whole trip.

Here’s a table from GoGoGrandparent that shows all the safety measures Uber and Lyft take when selecting their drivers:

How to Use GoGoGrandparent

Furthermore, the operators at GoGoGrandparent monitor the ride the entire time it happens, ensuring that your loved one is exactly where they need to be. If anything looks fishy, they’ll contact the driver to find out why (or make sure the authorities are contacted in an emergency).

Finally, you can also check the progress of the trip yourself, receiving SMS updates on when the person has been picked up, where they currently are, and when they’re dropped off. It’s almost as if you’re there riding in the car with them.

Should users tip their rideshare driver or delivery driver?

Tipping at least 15% is always recommended. The only exception is if you receive an order from Walmart, which is not a gig economy service and does not expect tips. Tips should be made through cash because GoGoGrandparent manages the online request — you don’t have virtual access to the drivers.

Can requests be canceled?

After a customer places a request by calling GoGoGrandparent, the request can be canceled by calling and pressing “9” as the extension. GoGoGrandparent’s operator fees still apply, as do cancellation fees for the service requested. Cancellation fees for rideshare services usually range from $5 to $10.

Can users bring walkers or wheelchairs on board a rideshare ride?

GoGoGrandparent requires rideshare customers to be able to board vehicles on their own. Lyft and Uber drivers can usually only assist with boarding your mobility equipment, but wheelchairs and walkers are usually not a problem. GoGo can keep a note in your file about mobility and medical equipment needs so they can reach out to your matched driver ahead of time.

If available in your city, you may be able to specifically request UberWAV, which makes boarding with a wheelchair extremely easy.

Help Your Loved Ones Gain Independence

Helping your parents, grandparents, and other elderly family members sign up for GoGoGrandparent is a way to show you care — even if you live hundreds of miles away. This service is a great way to help them safely and conveniently access transportation and delivery services without navigating gig economy apps.

You may also have kids in your life who have transportation needs. In that case, consider these four Uber for kids services to connect your children to trustworthy drivers with childcare experience.

5 thoughts on “GoGoGrandparent Guide: Help Seniors Request Food and Rides With This App”

  1. I think this is going to be a wonderful option for my mom who is 88 and doesn’t drive anymore! She doesn’t have a smartphone so this is great!

  2. I think this is going to be a wonderful option for my mom who is 88 and doesn’t drive anymore! She doesn’t have a smartphone so this is great!

  3. Does your service allow more than one stop on a ride. For example, I sometimes need to go to the bank and the pharmacy and the grocery store the same ride.

  4. I want to know also if stops are included i.e. going to more than 1 place in one trip (bank , grocery store, pharmacy, etc.?


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