How to Use GoGoGrandparent, the Service That Makes Rideshare Accessible to Seniors

For sons, daughters, and caretakers alike, the GoGoGrandparent service is a revolutionary new way to take care of older people’s transportation needs.

In a nutshell, GoGoGrandparent is a way for the elderly to use rideshare services without the hassle and learning curve of how to use them. With just a phone call, your elderly relatives can use the GoGoGrandparent service to get an on-demand ride.

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GoGoGrandparent: Making It Work

To put it simply, GoGoGrandparent works by calling a hotline and booking a rideshare ride from there. Just follow the operator’s guidelines and registered users can choose a location for pickup.

It works with these two simple steps:

1. Call the hotline

Registered users just need to call the hotline at 1-(855)-464-6872. Once the user hears the phrase, “Thanks for calling GoGoGrandparent,” they can proceed to the next step.

2. Choose pickup location

  • If the pickup location is the registered home address, press 1.
  • Press 2 if the pickup location is the place the user was last dropped off.
  • If the user wants to choose a custom pickup location, press 3, 4, or 5.
  • Press 0 if the user wants to talk to an operator.

After requesting for a ride, the user needs to stay on the line to hear the vehicle information, including the time the driver will arrive, the car’s make and model, the color of the car, and the Uber or Lyft driver’s name. There’s also an option to contact the driver by pressing 3.

GoGoGrandparent Features

GoGoGrandparent offers several features including:

  • Custom Pickups: By simply pressing 3, 4 or 5, users can also choose a custom pickup. This is particularly useful if there are emergencies where one needs to pick up an older relative or loved one.
  • Scheduled Rides: Users can also set up automatic or scheduled rides for their older relatives. This helps with appointments like regular doctor check-ups.
  • 24/7 Support: GoGoGrandparent also offers 24/7 operator assistance, allowing users to book rides for their loved ones any time of the day.
  • Ride and Monitoring Updates: Users who booked the ride will get updates by the minute about the ride. Users can also ask questions via text message using GoGoGrandchild. The service is also building features such as getting a custom grocery list and setting up touch tone for meal menus.

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GoGoGrandparent Availability, Pricing, and Payment Method

Residents of all 50 United States and Canada can use the GoGoGrandparent service. As long as Uber or Lyft is available in your city, GoGoGrandparent will be able to provide you with a pickup. Of course, some areas will be able to receive service more easily than others. If your elderly loved one lives in a remote area, for instance, they may have to wait longer than if they live closer to the city.

GoGoGrandparent clients pay a $0.27 per minute concierge fee on top of the Uber or Lyft cost. The fare and booking fee will be charged to the credit card you have on file. This ensures that your elderly family members don’t have to worry about handling cash or cards themselves. You’ll choose the payment method you want to use when you sign up for the service (more info on this below).

You can check the pricing for your city by visiting the GoGoGrandparent billing page here. Just enter your zip code into the box that pops up and you’ll instantly get a price estimate.

GoGoGrandparent App Pricing

Is GoGoGrandparent Safe?

When you’re arranging transportation for your elderly relatives, you want to make sure they stay safe. This is particularly true if they have difficulty with hearing or seeing, or if they forget things easily. The wrong person could take advantage of this situation for their own benefit; this isn’t what you want in a transportation service.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this with GoGoGrandparent. All drivers for the transportation network companies that GoGoGrandparent works with have undergone criminal history and driving history checks, ensuring that they’ll provide safe transportation. Here’s a table from GoGoGrandparent that shows all the safety measures Uber and Lyft take when selecting their drivers:

How to Use GoGoGrandparent

Furthermore, the operators at GoGoGrandparent monitor the ride the entire time it happens, ensuring that your loved one is exactly where they need to be. If anything looks fishy, they’ll contact the driver to find out why (or make sure the authorities are contacted in an emergency).

Finally, you can also check the progress of the trip yourself, receiving SMS updates on when the person has been picked up, where they currently are, and when they’re dropped off. It’s almost as if you’re there riding in the car with them.

How to Sign Up for GoGoGrandparent

Users can create an account by going to the GoGoGrandparent registration page. From there, users have to enter basic information such as home address, phone number, and name. Information such as health details can also be provided to let GoGoGrandparent know about the main user’s impairments.

After the basic information, users need to enter family contact information. This information will be used by the person who will be managing the ride requests. After this, users need to input their billing information. That’s it!

Watch this video from SmarterSanDiego to learn more about the GoGoGrandparent service:

Help Seniors Get the Ride Services They Need

Senior citizens unaccustomed to using smartphones or who can no longer drive will find the GoGoGrandparent service incredibly convenient. It’s a tool that will help older adults go where they need to go and not have limited mobility due to their lack of tech savviness.

Moreover, for people worrying about the safety of their older relatives, this service will give them peace of mind for the duration of the commute. It’s a handy option to have, since rideshare companies generally don’t let you book rides for other people directly.

What do you think of the GoGoGrandparent service? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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